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TO: all of those that sent thier words and thoughts to me I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Lawsuit between myself, The Doctor that threw something at me in the OR, and the Hospital in... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    That is just awesome! Thanks for standing up for all of us nurses! That's something money can't buy.

    (Those coworkers of yours are jealous, not of the money, but that you got the balls they don't. Rather than admire you, they choose to cut you down. Hold your head high!)
  2. by   BadBird
    I am so proud of you, good for you for standing your ground. All the nurses you work with should look up to you as a true patient advocate.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    All I can say is, my hat is off to you.....you have great fortitude and I admire that. Good for you and good for the rest of us! You should be proud and hold your head high.
  4. by   fab4fan
    Way to go, Zoe!!:spin:
  5. by   baseline
    Tough Cookie. Good for you!
  6. by   TracyB,RN
    Rock On!!!!!! Thank you
  7. by   funnygirl_rn
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    TO: all of those that sent thier words and thoughts to me I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    The Lawsuit between myself, The Doctor that threw something at me in the OR, and the Hospital in which this all occured at .
    I can not give details of much of it because of the rights of the others envolved but what I can say is this.
    If anyone does something to you while you are on the job, and you know it is out of line and endangers You, Your Staff, or your patient in anyway shape or form, SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE.
    I went the channels I was sapposed to... which got me no where. The Dr will always have the upper hand, in someones demented mind. But stand your ground, go through the maze of the politics and stand your ground. After months of standing my ground I had enough and was ready and willing to pay someone who is ruthless and trained in the art of tactics well above and beyond and was hired to do my standing for me. And SHE did a wonderful job.
    I have what I set out to get. The Drs license in that state, his privledges in that particular OR taken away from him.His actions will follow him and if he does it again there will be a trace in which the person can contact me and I will expose him again. A policy in the hospital that doesnt tollerate such behavior in the OR or even in any working area where Nurses place thier licenses on the line to protect the patient at all costs. It is now in place and active in the hospital in which this event took place in.
    I do however have regrets: there were many nurses that I worked with in that hospital that thought I was going through with the case just for money. To them, I do hate that they think that way about me, It was much more than a cash settlement. I paid a price higher than they will ever know themselves.

    I have framed beside my College degrees the public and written appology from the Dr that made me be more of a person that I thought I could be. It is with his behavior and humiliation that I am now more assertive as ever for my rights just as much as my patients rights to be treated with dignity.
    I cant thank those enough that stood beside me, I now Know how that ant held up that rubber tree plant.
    Thank You
    Zoe, I loved your last paragraph. Bravo to you, that took alot of courage and I would have done the same! Your fellow co-workers should have stood up for you...as 3rd shift mentioned..they don't have the gonads! Happy holidays.
  8. by   -jt
    In my second year of nursing, & at a new job, an attending surgeon threw a full roll of paper towels at my face while at the pts bedside in the middle of rounds. He was annoyed with the housestaff & I happened to be the safest punching bag, I guess. That was when I was young & stupid - didnt know how to react & he got away with it by my nurse manager soothing HIS ruffled feathers. Im older & smarter now. G-D help the MD who would dare try something like that on me today. Congratulations for going the distance. Happy Holidays.
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  9. by   night owl
    WOW Zoe, you're a whole lotta woman! I admire someone who has the stamina and the gusto that it takes to do what you did not only for yourself, but for all nurses everywhere and for this I thank you. I sure hope this short fused pompous azz was ordered to get some anger management, because he WILL do it again until he meets up with another Zoe. I don't feel sorry for him now, and I sure won't feel sorry for him then. He deserves EVERYTHING he's got coming to him!
    When he did what he did to me , I knew of others that he had done it to and one other that took action against him. I did recieve information that he had done it to other Nurses in other states as well and thats why he was at the hospital I was at. He has had MANY classes of anger management, which to no prevail helped him with his anger in any shape or form. He wasnt a tirant by any means all the time he would have his moments of when he was a gentleman to say the least. But there were times where you could tell he enjoyed what he was doing to people that he knew he could push to thier mental limits on and off the surgical table. It was common knowledge around the OR that he did this , and even worse it was common throughout the hospital. When it happened to me, It was the first time I was actually scared of physical contact. Im not a tiny woman by any means and Im not one to tollerate much from anyone but this man scared the crap out of me, not only for myself but anyone that was in the room at the time. He lost it that bad. If he was any closer when he did what he did to me He would have done major damage to my face, but luckily Im still quick on my feet enough to duck and dodge.
    Im sure it will happen again I can lay money on it. I just hope that when and if it happens again the Nurse in the room is quick on her feet too and has the guts to pick something up to defend herself, and cracks that skull of his and she has witnesses that state she defended herself to the best of her ability. Then I hope she finds the meanest Lawyer on the face of the Earth and she nails him to the wall, like I did.
    I hope to never have to do this again, its the only time in my career I almost walked away, and found another career. What he did to me was more than mean and unjust it was cruel, unprofessional and it went for the very soul of why I do what I do as a Nurse. I have taken time off from Nursing because I need to feel that I can be who I was before this mongrel took away from me why I love this job, I dont want to be the B*tch in the OR that Drs dont want to work with because I do have a back bone, I want to be back to the Nurse that they knew could get the job done, and did it well. With everyones interest at heart not for personal gain.
    Thank you all for the thoughts, I do so appreciate it, and I do hope that nothing like this happens to you.But if it does you will think back to me and stand up for yourself as well and do what is necessary to stop the unprofessionalism and abuse done to you while You were doing your job.
  11. by   nimbex
    Along with all the other posts, you are a mentor to those that choose to fight a battle, facing very many outcomes and an uncertain possible "win". When winning comes at the expense of having been tormented through a long process.

    Many choose to never pick up the battle because of the process alone. I am so proud to be a fellow nurse, having one of my peers standing up for their rights..... teaching others, through example that wrongs do not need to be tolerated.!!!!!

    I am privately celebrating your success, which I am sure came at a high price, but I agree with you that it's worth it!!!

    Stand proud, ignore those that snub you because they lack the strenght to pick up their own battles.
  12. by   rncountry
    Zoe, so glad for you! Proud of you!
  13. by   hoolahan
    Zoe, this is the first I havd read about this, but all I can say is Thank You for defending yourself and every nurse. I worked in a hops where the doc did that to a pregnant OR nurse. In court, all those in the OR "Could not recall" anything she said. Slimy bunch of wussies! I am so glad you sent all involved a clear message, and a precedent-setter indeed! :kiss