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TracyB,RN has 14 years experience as a RN and specializes in jack of all trades, master of none.

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  1. I was wondering if you worked at my old job.. Almost identical scenario... Then I saw in a post about NC... I'm in IL. Where I used to work, it seems as if the nurse manager is encouraged by HR & the higher powers that be, to continue this behavior.. No one had the patience to continue to deal with it...
  2. TracyB,RN

    Open Heart Team??

    For those in hearts, who had to make a choice between hearts & another service? How did you KNOW you wanted hearts??
  3. TracyB,RN

    Joliet and JJC former and current students

    Good luck at JUCO.... Graduated from there many years ago, great program. I used a PDA for calculations & stuff... had some quizzes I had downloaded. Back then, Joes & Silver didn't have any policies on PDA's. Things changed, as do policies. As far as books, I always bought new. I wanted the marks in the book to be my own (highlighting, notes in margins, that kind of thing)... I finally got rid of my books about 1 year ago. Not much else to add, except good luck!
  4. Out of the patient & directly to security, or police officer who is not so patiently waiting for the "foreign object." Check your P & P
  5. TracyB,RN

    Things you'd LOVE to say to TPTB, and get away with it!

    Leslie... "bite me" is one of my all time faves...It can be very effective when used with just the right tone... One thing I'd really love to say to TPTB... maybe we have a problem with low morale b/c our charge has the least experience out of all of us & uses bullying tactics to try & distract us all from the lack of knowledge, coupled with the inability to say no to one of the biggest bullies in the nursing profession. And to top it off, you give this same nurse a position of team leader AND nurse preceptor, & this nurse has even less experience than the charge nurse!! I guess shaking your money makers for every doctor & boosting his ego, therefore, making the doctor a happy camper, it's all ok, right?? Where's the little smilie for "barf"
  6. TracyB,RN

    Things you'd LOVE to say to TPTB, and get away with it!

    standing ovation for that one!!!
  7. TracyB,RN

    Pay for carring the beeper

    IL 5 OR's $3.50hr callpay w/ 2 hr guarantee 1 1/2 time when punching in specialty team leader pay $2/hr
  8. TracyB,RN

    What you get for nurses week

    HA! My hospital combined nurses week w/ hospital week. Had an outdoor luncheon under a tent and gave all employees an polo shirt w/ the hospital name embroidered on it... yawn.... Oh, I forgot about the free meal in the crapeteria & the free ice cream...
  9. TracyB,RN

    OR Policy Help............

    hardware... goes to path for gross exam... patient can't have it back, either. BOGUS!! absences... depends on the reason.. usually 5 occurence in 1 yr is verbal, next is write up, next step suspend, next step... seee ya Haven't done a local case in sooo long... i couldn't tell ya.. but i think our patients need at the very least a hep lock.
  10. TracyB,RN

    da vinci robot poll

    Ummm, nope. We don't even have computer charting yet.
  11. TracyB,RN

    Do OR nurses do any type of patient care?

    Things may seem quite technical, but it is considered patient care. Everything in that room revolves around the patient, who is usually unconscious. We are the eyes, ears, and advocate for that patient, regardless of how much "care" you may or may not have seen. Most of our work is done behind the scenes. When you get another opportunity to observe, pay special attention to the patient interview, the assessment, the chart review, etc etc... As OR nurses, we have honed our assessment skills. We have to. We have so little time with our patients while they are awake & they are literally putting their lives in our hands. We don't have time to review the chart at a whim. It needs to be done before that patient rolls back to surgery. What you perceive to be a a lack of care, is actually a very well planned and orchestrated nurse - patient encounter. If you are talking about things like foleys, iv's... you probably just observed some really short cases. We don't routinely insert a foley for a 1 hr surgery.... that's reserved for longer cases, total joint cases, or trauma patients (just a few examples & not an all-inclusive list.) Of course, things vary from case-case, or surgeon preference...IV's are usually by anesthesia... Look a bit harder & you'll see what you missed...
  12. TracyB,RN

    count sheets

    Wow... I can't imagine not counting, everything. Our count sheet is also part of the patient record.. scissors, clamps, & everything else included. We make time, whether or not the surgeon wants it. I guess it just depends on the room staff.. most of our docs are quite compliant and patient while we count. It's their license, as well...
  13. TracyB,RN

    which job would you choose?

    Ohhh man.. I would so pick job #2. But that's just me.
  14. TracyB,RN

    Some questions for the women

    Ha...I remember seeing that "Instead" product & thinking "uh uh, no way" Female wise, I've been pretty darn lucky & am almost so on the money when I start, I could probably set my watch to it... As far as makeup goes, usually just mascara. If I'm feeling super perky & wake up with time to spare, I might throw on some eye liner, and I use the Burt's bees lip stuff, soooo, I'm pretty low maintenance in the makeup department.
  15. TracyB,RN

    I work at Disney World now!!

    Here's the Disney link... just do a search like you would on Monster or the like... I haven't seen any openings in Orlando for awhile & when I did, hubby didn't want to go...ughgh...
  16. TracyB,RN

    OR hair advice - please do not laugh! (long-ish)

    My hair stays wet all day long... b/c I insist on taking a shower when I get home AND before going in the morning. So many patients are just so darn dirty! Not to mention spatters of ickk landing anywhere & less than stellar housekeeping. Anyway, good idea Marie, about not clipping hair up the same way every day. I get headaches everytime my hair reaches a certain length, no matter if it's in a pony, clip, bun, whatever the style. The excess weight just pulls. Guess I'll cave & go get a trim on my off day.