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  1. baseline

    My kids are sending me to the psyc. ward

    Passin thru....I Have seen posts from you that have angered and amazed me....but this thread beats the hell all........ slap them across the face? Keep your tax refund toots. You'll need it for your lawyer and get out of jail card......... Unbelievable....
  2. baseline

    Prone Positioning

    Check the Hill-Rom site. They make the Vollman Prone Positioner.
  3. baseline

    Diabetic Neuropathy & Excruciating Pain

    Does the pain in the shoulder come from the neck area? I agree with pain management clinic or alternative therapy.
  4. baseline

    'Shivers'/Uncontrollable Shaking after anesthesia?

    A taste of morphine will stop the shakes. It happens once in awhile to some of our post cath patients after concious sedation with Fentanyl and Versed. Just a tiche of MS ( 2 or 3 mgs) stops it almost immediately. Don't ask me why......
  5. baseline

    Heparin and Nitro Compatability

    They are compatible. Do it, and put in your earplugs.
  6. baseline

    Nursing is pathetic...

    I don't mind differing opinions. I don't like HIS attitude of arrogance and disrespect. Shandy's reply to his post was well-stated and respectful.
  7. baseline

    Nursing is pathetic...

    uh...nursedude? It's time you checked out of the profession and did something else. You may have had your day.....but the sun has set.
  8. baseline

    The FINAL scope thread

    She doesn't WANT to do a search. Master Cardiology.
  9. baseline

    The opposite of nursing????

    I agree that the public's perception of nursing is opposite of what nursing actually is....and it would make a GREAT paper! Very timely topic.
  10. baseline

    Does Normal Saline "expire"??

    It says it is expired. I would not choose to take someones well-being on a guess of phrarmaceutical greediness.
  11. baseline

    Nursing shortage, patient care

    I read this article. billhogan is very effectively pushing some buttons. It's from the January 2003 Consumer Reports article, "How safe is your hospital". Some of it I agreed with, some I did not. But billhogan is not giving the whole story. "After 16 years in nursing Sylvia Steiger has plenty of ideas how to improve your hospital stay. 'My biggest piece of advice is to have someone with the patient to make those obnoxious demands',she says. another tip: Bring a complete list of medicatiosn with you including name, dose and administation schedule. But she says the main quaility variable is the one patients can't control:nurse to patient ratio." It is a long article and this is just a piece of it.
  12. baseline

    Meds at bedside

    One of the major rules of passing medications. Watch the patient take the med. Period.
  13. baseline

    Nursing shortage, patient care

    I read the Consumer Reports aritcle, and I can assure you that being obnoxious as possible may get you attention, but not necessarily the best care. It is good advice to always have someone stay with you in the hospital if you are elderly, or unable to get out of bed. I personally, never complain about visitors as long as they are considerate of others, and are not there in droves. Know your medications, and bring the actual prescription bottles to the hospital with you. Keep a typed list in your wallet that your physician has looked at and approved. It helps the staff enormously. " A little white water pill" is not going to cut it......you shoud know WHAT you take and WHY you take it. YOU are YOUR responsibility. Be knowlegable about your health. Know your medical history and again, keep important information in your wallet. Know any allergies. Know your vaccination history. Participate in your care. This is not a cruise. The staff will do everything they can to make you comfortable, but their primary job is to keep help you recover and to keep you safe. Do whatever you can for yourself. Keeping active is a great way to keep from getting sicker. Move about as much as your doctor allows. Take deep breaths and cough. Wash your hands. Make sure your caregivers wash THEIR hands.( This includes your family and guests.) If you are having pain, don't wait until it is out of control. Ask for something. I am sure there is more, but I have to move on......
  14. baseline

    Job Satisfaction Rating

    7.5 Pneumonia Case Mgr.
  15. baseline

    Cold Pot????

    Thanks Erin! Hope you had a good day!
  16. baseline

    Nurses rat on nurses

    Yep. Both responses together would be correct!

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