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  1. nimbex

    Concious Sedation...on your unit??

    we must be certified, test and 3 check off's prior to being able to do. The units allowed to are; all ICU's, PACU, special proceedures, ER, L&D we have a form, we must do vs every 5 minutes during, then your usual post Q15 x 4 so on. includes GCS. Must have suction, O2, heart monitor, crash cart nearby. These patients are a 1:1 until the vs hit 30 min. appart.
  2. nimbex

    Weekend Programs

    wake med in Raleigh offers a true baylor program. fri, sat or sunday, you choose 2 of the 3 days, work 24, paid for 36 hrs, plus full time benefits and retirement. It appears you need to be in the system to bid on a position, not "in house" and couldn't get a baylor position to save my life, with excellent references and 8 years exp.
  3. nimbex

    Is this any way to retain nurses?

    No nurse, young or old is of value any longer in my facility, never was this way prior to this year, when the CEO's large bonuses grow by the financial stability of the facility. Won't close beds, taking away perks, OT bonus, working you unsafely, then sending out the natzi's to hound you, your every move if you dare to file a complaint. Refusal to close beds. I work with 4 other nurses, the second most senior has 2 years in, the other two are BRAND NEW plus we have one slot open. So I am short staffed, with half of my staff brand spanking new, patients dying, meds missed, no mentoring to the new staff because I'm watching all 10 patients, the 3 that I'm legally liable for, plus the 7 other I'm morally liable for. NO ONE CARES. The staff is too exhausted to fight, they just give up and eventually leave. Management talks a beautiful speach about shared leadership, committes, on and on...... only because they wish Magnet status. No results from the staff are occurring, we're getting stone walled from every angle and turn. This IS NOT a union issue, jt's problem is nation wide, it is the reason for our shortage. Until John Q public gets outraged from high insurance premiums with poor and substandard hospital care and speaks up demanding better, it won't change. Where is AARP?? One of the nations biggest lobby's, the elderly are suffering in hospitals due to mistakes, short staffing, waiting long amounts of time for basic nursing.... have they spoken up?? our 'coustomers" need to form a collective bargining unit and demand better from hospital administrations nation wide. Then.... Heck, Mc Donalds screws up our order and we'll demand the manager and complain.... why is the public quiet about their healthcare??? Perhaps looking at this as nursings SOLE responsibility to fix, is a view from the wrong angle.... IMHO
  4. nimbex

    i need your help

    OKAY, the whole situation stinks. I can't imagine being so close to graduating and either screwing up or getting nailed for something I didn't do, either way.... it's baaaad. Life is unfair. PERIOD. you are either going to rise above it and make it work, somehow and graduate or use this as a perpetual excuse for failure. you can't control what has already happened, you can control how you react and what you do next. However I do agree, that improved communication skills are a must to succeed in this profession. To me, all the slang and lingo bit, while fighting for your future and a carreer, can only harm you. Save that bit for the family and friends at home, you'll need to be concise, polite and professional through the process. I do wish you well, my advise is to fight this until you either win or are forced to accept defeat. If you loose, then apply at another school to graduate. If you can not afford a lawyer, contact your local legal aid, or call the nearest university that has a law school, you may find a final year student who will happily "represent you" good luck
  5. nimbex

    seasonal allergies

    My first year with them!!! ugh!!!, now have the infamous.... sinus infection, mouth,face and head throbbing soooo bad, I went to the dentist first, thinking it was a bad tooth! ....here's a soft tissue.... sniff
  6. nimbex

    How often do nurses get sued???

    I know this is a few days old but from personal experience, as soon as you are deposed.... legally swear in, with lawyers from BOTH sides, the first question asked is "do you have personal malpractice insurance", you can't lie or hide it. I've been named in a suit. As long as you follow hospital policy, the hospital WILL protect you, mine did wonderfully. If you violate policy and then are named, the hospital has no obligation to defend you. If you live on the edge and take risks, than GET insurance, god knows you'll need it. From experience, although named as primary defendent, the lawyer and plantiff will not go after your measly assetts, they want the millions awarded by jurys, or enough pressure for the hospital, with vast insurance and resources to settle and pay out. My hospital lawyer said, labor and delivery, peds, then ICU is the most often sued, L&D, is sued quite frequently. Doesn't mean you should avoid it, just follow policy and document thoroughly. if you want more info on the process fell free to pm me
  7. nimbex

    bring in the clowns!, er i mean residents!

    They travel in pairs because the are incompetent and they know it, thinking two people without a clue are better than one.... I call these guys "Dumb and Dumber" Yahoo's, they run breathless into a code....... then whip out the ACLS book, attempt to take over the charge nurse calling the code, yet require everyone in attendance to yell... "EPI" Doctor Death... this one, and YES, there is one in every rotation that wants to paralyze a patient while refusing sedation, orders Dopamine for a RV infarct instead of fluids, has the deer in the headlights look while your patient is crashing and you are forced to threaten to call the head resident as he stands there panicking in indicision. Lawyer bait, oh yeah, my personal favorite... when every statement is what do you want me to do?, just write what you need and I'll sign it, how much should I order?, just tell me what you need...... yeah riiiight buddy. (I know what to order, why don't you???) Last but not least, the ignorant butt head. when you hopefully know enough to say "you want me to do WHAT???"
  8. nimbex

    Boosting Staff Morale

    goto the library and borrow "how to make meetings work" if you wish to head a group, who works in the meeting style, it is a must!!!! it teaches how to deal with EVERY type of person, and end up with a productive meeting along with teaching many styles of meetings to taylor them to your personalities. If you are proficient at keeping meetings moving along, allowing everyone to voice opinions without being attacked and draw out the quiet person, the 4 that attend will spread the word.... than a few more, few more will come..... you can do it, it takes some learning and prep first. wish you the best, we need people like you who want to resolve, fix and take part in nursing, even better is the manager that allows this to foster.
  9. fax'em, then you wait, even for stats (i' m in the ICU, can't wait long for stats) some meds we can override in the pyxis and the pharm. eventually enters it in. usually, you wait.... wait... call the pharm... "I don't have that order, can you fax it? okay, re-fax.... wait.... wait... call the pharm. different person "can y fax the order?" "just did 3 times" pharm "well fax it again"....wait.... wait.. WRITE OUT INCIDENT REPORT ON PHARMACY... several times per shift.... wait..... wait..... nothing comes of it.... (can you fax that incident report, never got it :-) )
  10. new to a new night supervisor position, the day supervisor was very intimidated by me.... don't know why to this day. She undermined everything I did and said and convinced the staff that I was out to get her job, (well anyone new to a position comes in with a blazing get things done attitude, she sat and coffee clutched and balanced her check book), I never wanted her job, just to do mine well. My first priority was changing scheduling out of management hands to give it to the staff, hell they're working it... right??? I spent a month preparing for my presentation at a staff meeting on different scheduling options, tracks, self scheduling ect.... she convinced the staff that I had different motives, told her pet nurses that I was out to give the new people what they wanted, not take care of them like she could ect. The meeting ended up being SOOOO hostile against me, (when my intention was to have a schedule that was FAIR, done by the staff), worse yet, the manager allowed it to continue, as I suffered through personal attacks and well it was VERY bad. Hindsight taught me to get buy in and move slowly before suggesting any changes, but this continued until this RAT left to manage the step down which has the highest turn over rate in the hospital. People like this make your life at work just miserable, I chose to stick it out, still have the dents in my skull from that perverbial wall. Sometimes it's easier to leave, Sometimes the battle is worth it. To this day I look back and wonder if it was:eek:
  11. nimbex

    Bumper Stickers

    My favorite from the local PTA; you don't see the army having a bake sale for new equiptment.
  12. nimbex

    Hospital Acuities.........or NOT!!!

    we are required to enter into the computer our patient acuity's each 12 hr. shift. I haven't done it in 6 months, I charge 3 of 7 days a week.... no one has asked. think they amount for anything in my facility???
  13. nimbex


    "Closure" to me means lets put an end to this because I can't personally deal with this issue and your continuing with it makes me uncomfortable...... so END IT ". I tend to agree, although I'm not so sure it's overused as to more of the extent as what it MAY be saying, IMHO. to me, having been in management, it's a management term for "get a grip and move on already" could be wrong, worse things have happened :-)
  14. nimbex

    How much orientation do new grads need?

    more than a hospital is willing to pay, sorry to add, it takes a floor nurse one year to be able to do charge, an ICU nurse 18 months, been nursing for 8 years, seen all the short cuts and the results. makes more sense t invest at the begining if you're asking me.
  15. nimbex

    Fun THings to Do at Work

    well we play pranks on each other when the other is in charge.... not a qualifier for your committee. But our hospital has an activities committee that has a sign up board and does every sport from volley ball to soccer to baseball, they organize cruises, day trips for baseball and football major league, do day gambling trips and so forth. Plus we do so much internally in our unit like a girls sleep over, celebrate holiday's with pot luck and all chip in for the b-days.
  16. nimbex

    A job offer...

    Right out of school, I took a job consulting, teaching all the blood borne pathogens in hospitals, infection controll classes and med administration for group homes, GREAT $$$$, set my own schedule.... Didn't give me a bit of clinical exp. Just like you're worried about. Nursing is so flexable, you can do SSOOOO much with your degree. if working with children and teaching is important to you than you should follow your heart. Not every nurse is a floor nurse, research, teaching, managers, school nursing, clinic nursing, on and on. But as you said, you are interested in the local hospital'l offer, be true to yourself, your instructor should be proud of that!!!!!, maybe thank her and ask for a reference. Good luck at the start of an exciting career!!