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This may not belong in this forum but it will have nursing issues involved. On October 30th my 9yo child was ran down by another child on his mountain bike. I say ran down because this is what he... Read More

  1. by   jimthorp
    I'd teach my daughter the anatomy of the patella and how to swing a nice piece of hickory with accuracy and power...
  2. by   gauge14iv
    Altho - I probably would go after the 1000.00
  3. by   RGN1
    What about the local press? Might not exactly get your money back but maybe richer readers will feel sorry enough to at least help pay the bills?? I know it sounds crass but it usually works here in the UK!
  4. by   clee1
    The ONLY thing you can do, and it won't solve your immediate issue, is to lobby your state legislature for changes in the law that provide for such paltry damages.

    ALSO, you could mount a campaign to oust that worthless DA.

    Pyhrric victories, to be sure.... but it might help the next family facing your situation.

    As to revenge, don't even think about it! It'll just cost you more. However, I think I'd teach my daughter about what happens when you jam a broomstick into turning bicycle spokes

    As to the juvenile delinquent that attacked your DD (and that's what it was - an attack), on his current path, he'll wind up in prison in a few years anyway. I just hope he doesn't wind up killing somebody first.
  5. by   santhony44
    I think I'd go after the $1000 even if I never actually saw a penny of it. Teach your daughter that this isn't revenge but an attempt at making him face the consequences of his actions.

    As others have said, though, he'll eventually face much worse consequences.

    I'm so sorry this happened to your daughter. A broken bone is bad enough when it's your own fault, this is horrible. In the long run, though, she'll be fine. The boy won't.
  6. by   gauge14iv
    and you could put the money you do manage to get in a college savings acct for your daughter.
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    I think I would be beside myself!!!! I don't know what to tell you to do and don't really have any advise for you ...But I'd figure out someway to handle it to get some justice. I'm sorry your baby has to go through this.
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    LOL this is just what I was thinking...

    I keep the bat for minor offenses and the shotgun for major offenses,,LOL just kiddin people (well not really).....

    Quote from jimthorp
    Sounds to me like some country justice is in order!
  9. by   Lacie
    I'd be calling and writing my state attorney's office, calling the newspapers, and anyone else who would listen. Just because the child was only 9 years old doesnt mean he shouldnt be held responsible for what he did. He not only could be charged for the assault but for trespassing etc. Maybe abit of facing a judge for a royal arse chewing and a night or two in juvie would do him abit of good if not scare the tar out of him. I understand your plight as I lived in rural areas of Kentucky and same old crap when it comes to the local attorney's etc. Particularly if it's election time LOL. And you are right if you have the cash in small areas then they get the protection (most those who have the money dont and are in hock up to thier necks actually lol). I would still pursue in small claims court for the medical bills. It would be worth the $50.00 just to see the kid show up in court.
  10. by   walkingrock
    i can only try to imagine the rage you must feel, as a parent for your daughter's trauma, and for the financial loss. :angryfire i don't know how one works through that...i believe, though, that the poster who spoke about her experience, and it's counterproductiveness is right on. if you can figure out a way to use that rage in a productive way to make life better for your daughter or to prevent something similar from happening to someone else, it could be healing. i'm so sorry this happened to your family. life certainly isn't fair, and one has to decide where to spend one's emotional and financial resources. i hope i don't sound like i'm preachy...i certainly don't feel like that; i just know from my own personal experience, that there's only so much a person has to give to something, and one can be "consumed" by something like this, to the point of being "used up".
  11. by   nurseangel47
    Can we say civil suit action? What keeps you from filing a claim against them in regards to the medical bills at least? If folks can go before "judge Judy" wannabes on tv show to collect miserably frivolous cases, (I HATE those shows, by the way!), it seems that you could find an attorney that would listen to the unfairness of the situation, sue for all medical expenses, and I mean sue, go for the lien against their house if that's all they've got!,
    and get something in the juvenile court about that gangsta-in-training on wheels that purposefully did that to your daughter! How enraged I would be and know that you are! How dare that little scoundrel purposefully cause such bodily harm to will be the torture of pets/animals, no doubt he's already done those and is now moving up to the torture of humans!, and that is the groundwork for the sociopathology of future murderers in our animal kingdom genus! It is a proven fact that children who torture/maim/kill animals soon move on to do people next later in life.
    If he isn't stopped and/or punished, learn to feel remorse, he will become hardened to any feelings of same and probably become a murderer eventually....or at least a criminal without a conscience, truly not feeling what it is to be sorry or have empathy for anyone or anything. Sad. He should be forced somehow to pay and feel the pain for his actions. I hope that you will soon find a way to deal with this in the justice system or with an eye for an'd be very hard for me to sit on my hands on this one. If no one in the legal aspect of civility will deal with it. I'd at least demand and obtain, somehow, the young monster's bicycle, the means by which he destroyed your little girl's arm! Ooooh,,,,,this makes me livid!
    Sorry for the rant. It is just insane what parents let their kids get away with! Oh, for the spankings and other reprimands we use to inflict to teach children the errors of their ways!
  12. by   Valanda
    Please don't follow this, but when I lived in a little rural town in texas (population 400) justice for this sort of thing was dealt out by having another kid (around 12) beat up the offending 9 yr old.

    Just the sort of thing older brothers/cousins are for...
    If we're speaking of rural country law anyway.
    Not that I condone this, but it seemed to work in that place.
    You didn't mess with the little ones cause of fear of the older kids making you pay for it.
  13. by   Lovely_RN
    That is outrageous! I am fuming over here. :angryfire You are a better person than me because I don't think I would be able to control myself. I know that you have to let it go because there is nothing that you can do that falls within the law but man does that suck! Those parents are going to learn the hard way when that little bastard becomes a teen and makes them the target of his rage.