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gauge14iv has 23 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER, HH, NICU, now FNP.

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  1. NP Practice Owners

    Forum for sharing information about starting and operating a nurse practitioner owned practice
  2. prescription pads

    Shred them!
  3. SC ia enforcing the "don't call yourself a Nurse"

    Happens all the time - some people keep these charades up for years apparently...
  4. Why are so many nursing related things childish?

    Let's put it this way - you can have fun and be professional, but cute does not serve "the cause". Here's a video that demonstrates it pretty well - It depicts a doctor, not a nurse, but the end perception on the part of patients is the same. Warning...
  5. Why are so many nursing related things childish?

    "If nurses want to be taken seriously they need to quit wearing holiday socks and act like the intelligent educated professionals they are" Don't remember who said it but it has stuck with me and served me well!
  6. Another Five Star Management Decision!

    The doctor will write an order to "weigh daily"
  7. PCTs scope of practice in Texas . . .

    Me too - we took a special 12 week class offered by the hospital for nursing students, and we were able to do foleys, assist with sterile dressing changes, phelbotomy, set up equipment like a chest tube unit or infusion wamer etc, pretty much everyth...
  8. Ridiculous isn't it? If WE need a glossary to figure it out, how is anyone who isn't a nurse supposed to figure it out? The KISS principle applies here :)
  9. Pet Nurse?!

    In texas, this is illegal, in fact they made one vet clinic chain stop! It should be reported.
  10. Any nurses have opinions on working at Tenet Hospitals?

    Tenet left their staff stranded the longest in NOLA. Even when HCA/Columbia was sending their own private rescue choppers in, Tenet was holding out. Nope. Wouldnt work for them. On principle alone.
  11. OMG will I get sued if I continue to work here?

    NOT reporting this facility can jeopardize your license too! You have a legal obligation in most states to report this type of thing
  12. ENA position on treatment of family members?

    Some state medical boards (like Texas) have policies on treating of friends and family members - start there, because whatever goes on in a facility will need to at least mirror whatever the state's position is.
  13. Hate being a floor nurse- happier as NP?

    I don't know about slowing down as an NP! I run just as hard during a days work these days, and faster, but without all the manual lifting and labor intensive tasks. More decision making while on that run for sure. Some days are busy and easy, others...
  14. Just get out of nursing already

    Heh! A sense of humor will take you almost everywhere you want to go!
  15. Just get out of nursing already

    The beauty of a career in nursing is you are not limited to a single type of job. I have been in nursing in some form starting out as a nurse tech for 20 years now. I have been an RN for 17 of those 20 years, and an NP for the past 4 years. I have w...