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  1. RGN1

    'Nurses 4 America'

    With retrogression as it is I wouldn't bother!
  2. RGN1

    Differences between Canadian and USA nursing?

    Welcome to Calgary! Hope you're enjoying our lOVELY spring weather!
  3. RGN1

    Need to pass the NCLEX!!!

    Kaplan is good and so is Saunders. I was 16 yrs out school when I passed. It's about the strategies more than the knowledge. I also would really recommend the "N-CLEX Made Easy" books (both the review and the practice questions.) Those silly little cartoons really stick in your head!!
  4. RGN1

    New Grad RN Advice Please

    If there is a lesson for up and coming nursing students it is to get a position somewhere when they are training, many of our newly hired grads worked here first as N/A's then UNE's during their summer vacation and then they got casual lines as grad nurses and now they are filling RN postings as they come up. They are perfect as they know the unit, don't need orienting and kind of have the requisite experience in a way. Too late for many but worth noting for those still to come.
  5. RGN1

    Accommodation in UK.

    The real laugh is that I'm in Calgary where the weather is notorious for changing in a second! Our weather forcasters only seem to predict bad weather accurately!! Although we don't get as much rainfall as the UK & it's not a humid climate. However, I wouldn't move back to the UK ever!! In reality the weather really doesn't make much difference, if you're happy, you're happy and that's what counts. I love my house, my neighbourhood, my colleagues the outdoor lifestyle (despite the unpredictable weather) and my kids are really happy. That's what counts way more than what the skies are brewing!!
  6. Bottom line is, if you haven not been trained/certified to do something, or you're not sure about it, don't do it!
  7. It will depend on certification and the unit you are on, as I said, our LPN's, once certified, can give Narcan IV push, as many of our patients are on PCA pumps.
  8. LPN's can push narcan IV once certified at my facility, otherwise no. However, as the other poster has said butterfly/eze-set is sq & so it is is not an IV push to administer meds via that route.
  9. RGN1

    New Grad RN Advice Please

    They are recruiting again in Calgary & rural Alberta, have you checked out the website there???
  10. RGN1

    NHS or Nursing Home?

    I agree in this case, definitely go NHS.
  11. RGN1

    Accommodation in UK.

    I just couldn't resist it though - sorry!
  12. It so much depends where you work. I was in an acute medical unit where, as the senior RN, I was overall responsible for up to 16 patients!!! I had 2 nursing attendants who are trained to a higher level than you are used to in the USA, so they did vitals & assisted with care. However, my drug round alone (which traditionally in many UK hospitals is done by 1 RN) took up to 2 hours!!! We also had to clean beds & lockers when pts were discharged plus serve, give out & help pts with all meals. I wouldn't want to go back to that for all the tea in China! In the private hopistal (where I worked in med/surg) our ratio was 1:5 with no other help, it was way better though. Personally I think the UK pay is completely rubbish, especially in context with the cost of living there. I'm out of it now & can compare. Basically now it's more buck & more bang for my buck!
  13. RGN1

    Accommodation in UK.

    If you think accomodation in Australia is a rip off wait until you see some UK prices!! Spring/summer breathtaking???? Hmmmm I have other words than that for it - WET!!!
  14. I couldn't imagine trying to nurse somewhere I couldn't speak the language. I think the NMC should just make a blanket English test mandatory for all, that way they are not being discriminatory (although I believe every country should have the right to demand it's medical workforce is able to understand their language!)
  15. RGN1

    jobs for new graduates ?

    We have a male nurse! ;-) Can't think why you wouldn't trust Dancer & Prancer though?!
  16. RGN1

    work permit or permanent residence?

    You can (& should) apply for PR but you can also apply for your TWP while your PR is processed. That will get you to Canada quicker than PR and speed up you getting that PR once you are here. One of my colleagues did that. Yes you do need a job for TWP but honestly I think you should have that in place before you come anyway, it will save a lot of stress. You won't loose anything (in fact time-wise you will gain something) as your PR will be going through at the same time anyway. Just decide which Province you want & check out if they are hiring International Nurses, apply for one of the positions & their HR should guide you through the rest. Oh & steer clear of people who charge you to do this, you can perfectly well acheive it on your own. Yes, they just want your money & in my experience have often messed up paperwork. I had a 5 yr gap in my work experience but most Provinces are loooking at numbers of hours worked in the past 2-5 yrs, so I think you will be fine. There will be no school issues for your daughter. Under a TWP kids may need a study permit & under your PR she will get PR. Hope that helps!