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I just finished dealing with staffing. I received a very angry call. "Where are you. You are scheduled to work today. You have to come in". I explained that my copy of my work hours says I'm off,... Read More

  1. by   Antikigirl
    Oh my! Ummmmmm screen your calls!!!!! I don't ever answer my phones until they are screened, have been doing that for 5 years because of my hubby being called in for mandatory overtime (see post uner mandatory). Everyone that knows us knows they have to speak on the answering machine before we pick up, or call my cel phone (and a number I don't know will not be answered).

    I would speak to your human resourses or charge nurse and explain that this is unexceptable and you are not very trusting now of people calling you if you were to accidentally make a mistake and are scheduled to work. That someone has cried wolf, and now you are leary. That being honest and saying they had a shortage and needed your help and ASK you to work would be fine, but a bold lie like that is not acceptable to a professional! That would so tick me off!!!!

    Yep, I got use to not using my phone...I use messenger, cel phone, and screening calls at home as part of my lifestyle and job now..LOL!

    Oh yeah, and my hubby (paramedic) use to come home and immediately drink a beer so that he couldn't go if called in! Not healthy, but a common practice sadly (this was during the mandatory overtime spell).
  2. by   barefootlady
    At my last hospital job we had this happen time and again by a particular supervisor. She was reported time and time again for lying to nurses and saying the copy of the schedule was right in front of her and you were supposed to work. Only after reporting and being told she had put you on the schedule did the duped nurse know you were doing extra low pay duty. Finally nurses from several units went to the DON and the Administrator and told them her lies had to stop or else. It was treated as "so what". On one unit 6 nurses gave their notice in one day. On another unit a total of 15 quit in 3 months. Now, the supervisor is gone, but they lost 21 experienced, hardworking nurses because they would not take steps to correct her behavior. Our HN told us not to come in until the unit CN or she herself called us. So we did just as she said. Our unit was short at times, there were some who loved the OT and took every minute they could get, but generally, we managed to cover ourselves.
    Behaviors like this are only able to continue when administration supports them. Get the ID, you owe no one an explanation if it is truly a day off and you chose not to answer the phone.
  3. by   meownsmile
    This sounds so familiar. Although they dont call and try to get us in there under false terms, the short pay period does. You can always count on them not calling you if your on your long pay period and they may have to pay you overtime.
    Thats ok though,, they didnt fall off the turnip truck last night and neither did I.
    I just dont take any extras, i just tell them no,, dont give any excuses period, they dont need or deserve a reason. NO is enough.
  4. by   unknown99
    Caller ID is the way to go!!!
  5. by   stidget99
    Just saying "no" should be enough but frequently it is not. Some have called me several times in one day trying to get me to work. And, I had to answer the phone because a family member was in the hosp. And to the above poster, I've never been accused of having a drinking problem. This is the way that I have opted to handle it. It works for me and keeps things smooth at work.
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I agree w/ the others here- caller Id and Just Say No.
  7. by   Gompers
    It isn't about caller ID and saying no - this is about LYING. I'd have that staffer reported and go straight to human resources and my unit manager. Even with caller ID and answering machines - had you gotten a call that said you were supposed to work, you'd still call back just to be sure. I just can't believe they can get away with stuff like this!!!
  8. by   UM Review RN
    Isn't it unethical to lie to a co-worker about something like this?

    I'll just bet this is a company that teaches ethical behavior in orientation, and maybe Corporate needs to know that the ball is being dropped here.

    Get caller ID and voicemail. It's well worth the few extra bucks to be able to take the message when you're feeling up to it.

    I decided to get it because I was always feeling blindsided by questions that I didn't anticipate, and voicemail gave me a chance to think my response through a little better.
  9. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from RN4NICU
    I understand it is their job to get people to come in, but lying to someone to try to make them think that they have made a mistake with their schedule is just unacceptable. Grab a few annual bonus dollars out of the CEO's pocket and call an agency for a nurse, for heaven's sake!! You should only treat your staff in the manner described by the OP if you no longer want to have a staff.
    I would promptly call this staffing person's supervisor, and let them know that this sort of behavior is inexcusable, and that you wish disciplinary action upon the individual. These are things that cause nurses to quit or not work ANY extra hours at all.
  10. by   NurseCard
    Unbelievable!!!!! Makes me thank my lucky stars that I work where I do. My hospital doesn't even have a staffing department anymore, but when we did... I'd hear of staffers doing/saying some ridiculous things, but NOTHING like that!!!!!!

    Y'all keep posting stuff like this... it makes me like my hospital more and more and more...
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Folks: No one should have to hide behind caller ID and answering machines. I always pick up and when I say "no", it means just that. I don't play hidey hole games with anyone. Thank Goodness I work in a place such tactics are not tried. I would not be able to tolerate such things. This is truly disgraceful. Betweent this and the "mandating OT" thread, I am really, really GLAD I work where I do.
  12. by   CoffeeRTC
    Wow...that is just wrong on so many levels :angryfire
  13. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Folks: No one should have to hide behind caller ID and answering machines. I always pick up and when I say "no", it means just that. I don't play hidey hole games with anyone.
    While I understand your position and respect your answer, I submit that the answering maching and voicemail works better for me, because somehow I feel more in control and more prepared than if I answer the phone simply because it rang.

    Does that make sense?