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  1. stidget99

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Thanks for giving me your seat Mr. Jones. If you hadn't I might have passed out when the doctor actually respected my opinion on your case!
  2. stidget99

    What can I do with my BSN?

    I am expecting to graduate from Winston-Salem State University next month with my BSN. I have been a nurse for 20 years now and thought it was time to get my BSN. I have been attending online now since January of 2010. Now, I am really stumped about what I want to do with it. It appears to me that ADN and BSN prepared nurses make essentially the same pay...or at least that is my experience. But now that I have it (almost), I am wondering what else I can do with it or should I go even further? MSN or further is not in the cards for me as I cannot complete those online. But I am wondering if I should consider something along the lines of Healthcare Management? If I do that, what are the opportunities for me? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. stidget99


    I have worked two different types of schedules..... Five 8.5-hour shifts per week = 40 hours per week Three 12.5-hour shifts per week = 36 hours per week (but more often than not, I end up working 13 hours/day on these shifts)
  4. stidget99

    When a baby is born....what does your hospital do?

    At my last place of employment, they played the lullaby also. It was very soft....barely noticeable. But when we did hear it, it was a wonderful thing to know that life was brought into this world instead of all of the pain/death. I never did think about the feelings of parents who just lost a baby/child.
  5. stidget99

    Has anyone ever been assaulted by a patient?

    I used to work in a state institution for the developmentally disabled. Most residents were profoundly MR. I have been assaulted more times than I can remember. Everyone who worked there had scratches, scrapes, scars on their hands/arms/legs because of residents attacking (scratching, biting, slapping). Before being hired, and annually after that, we all took a self-defense course on how to deal w/ these types of residents. However, the training that we rec'd was focused on resident safety and not necessarily our safety. It's a shame that we have to deal w/ these situations in nursing but we do. It's all part of it. The best thing that we can do is to buy and use our own personal emergency alarm. But that is JMO.
  6. stidget99

    Questions about going back into hospital nursing

    I think that you won't know the job availability unless you try. There really is a nursing shortage....worse in some areas than others so your chances of getting hired are pretty good as long as you are in good standing w/ the BON. I would say that you should go for an area that you most enjoyed and have most experience with (Neuro/Rehab). If you must "do your time" on a med/surg unit, then you should only need a short time and then you could transfer to Neuro/Rehab. Whatever you decide to do........good luck to you.
  7. stidget99

    Report Sheet

    I have one that I made up. I would be happy to email it to you if you wanted me to. I have one for day shift and one for noc shift. Just let me know.
  8. stidget99

    I Am Now An Lpn!!!!

    Congrats!! :balloons: :hatparty: :cheers: :smiley_aa :icon_hug:
  9. stidget99

    Nursing Uniform Policy

    There are a lot of threads on here re: color coding. My opinion has (and always will be).... #1 Pts don't know the difference. Anyone (housekeeping, dietary, PT, OT, CNA, RN, LPN, lab.....)who enters a pt room is "my nurse". #2 It is my opinion that color coding is just another way of robot-izing all of us. I comply simply because I have to bring in that ever so important paycheck. It would be very cool if the hosp that I work in would provide scrubs. I would have more of a problem wearing a scrub that was embroidered w/ hosp logo that I had to pay for. That'd just stink but if I loved my job enough, I would do it. I just make darn sure that I kept all receipts and claim on my taxes. Now am having to buy a new color. Going from navy blue to purple. Now instead of looking like a blueberry, I can go into work being a grape. Now if I was in a bad mood, would that make me sour grapes????:roll :roll :roll :roll
  10. stidget99

    Prayers needed please

    My prayers are with her and her family.
  11. stidget99

    your very own personal crusade

    After moving from the north to the south, I have seen a huge cultural difference re: how to address other people. I once had a pt complain about me for being rude and "overly professional/abrupt". They complained that I never used the "terms of endearment" like honey, sweetie, etc and always referred to them as "Mr". I hail from the midwest and was taught that you always address someone as "Mr" or "Ms" until given permission to do otherwise by the patient. This particular pt never gave me express permission to call him by his first name. I have now started calling pts by those terms of endearment simply because it is an expectation down here in the south. I also was mildly offended when I first moved down here by being called honey and sweetie and dear. It took me a while to realize that no disrespect is intended. It is a way of the south.
  12. stidget99

    Unsuccessful IV stick.

    I went to the ER 1 1/2 weeks ago. Had a nurse (with at least 21 years ER experience) who stuck me. You can still see the bruise. It's not as purple anymore but it's still there. She REALLY nailed me hard. My point in sharing this is that we all miss. But give yourself a break. You will get them w/ time and experience. Good luck to you.
  13. stidget99

    Med error,I'm suspended,I need advice,please!

    After spending the last ~2hours reading through this thread I have just a couple of comments. I agree w/ the OP who said that you were courageous to share your story with us. Even though I have been nursing for over 12 years now, reading your story has once again put the fear of the BON in me. Something so seemingly innocuous turns into something so hideous. I am sure that most people reading this have had their eyes opened...whether they be new grads or well-seasoned nurses. Take the time needed to decide what is best for you. Do what you have to do to make yourself right. I do hope that you don't give up on nursing. We need as many of you as we can get!! My best to you. :icon_hug:
  14. stidget99

    your very own personal crusade

    Nothing bothers me more than seeing an elderly person w/ terribly dirty eyeglasses. Even when visiting at a nursing home, if I see dirty glasses, I wash them! Not only is it a safety issue, it shows the owner of the glasses that you care! Another huge issue for me.........unshaven men. Now if a man has worn a beard/mustache his whole life...no worries. But it is the responsibility of his care givers to ensure that it stays neatly trimmed and please make sure that there is no "midnight snack" left after eating. Also, if an elderly man was clean shaven his whole life then he should be shaved daily. (The shaving issue might be contraindicated if they are on blood thinners.)
  15. stidget99

    Please help with this question on my transfer application

    I am looking for an opportunity to expand my knowledge base and skills and I believe that I would be a positive part of the team.