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  1. stidget99

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Thanks for giving me your seat Mr. Jones. If you hadn't I might have passed out when the doctor actually respected my opinion on your case!
  2. stidget99

    Caught in the middle

    Doc and pharmacist need to talk. Inform the doc again of the situation - stressing the fact that the pharm refuses to supply the drug. I would also document the fact that you notified the doc of inability to give med due to unavailability - without further explanation. And then, when med becomes available or drug is changed, be sure to document when it is administered.
  3. stidget99

    Am I being a baby?????

    I couldn't agree more. It's really very sad. They say that nurses eat their young? Well I think some don't have a preference. They will eat the young, the old, the male, the black, the white, the.......get my meaning??? And, just FYI......my term for them is "wenchbag". For somereason, it just seems more appropriate and no one can eat me up for cussing on the job. Last I heard, "wenchbag" was not a cuss word!!! :rotfl: Hang in there. Obviously momma has literally been there, done that. Take her words of advice "watch your backside". Might even be a good time to ? find another job?
  4. stidget99

    "I'm in absolute state of panic" UPDATE

    It's a terrible thing for our pts and for us when we have a big incident like this happen. But, there are sometimes we cannot be "seers" and know what will happen and when. If we had that ability, there would never be a need for implementing protocols like falls risks. Take this as a learning experience. Also, as you said, as a wake up call. There are changes that are needed in your life and because of this once incident, you have now become enlightened. Maybe this was supposed to happen? Esp since the pt didn't suffer any dire consequences. Good luck to you. Please know that we are always here for each other. That's one of the reasons why this site is so important to so many of us. Thanks Brian for having this idea and putting it into action.
  5. stidget99

    So, what exactly IS Weekend Option?

    I think every facility has their own definition of weekend option. For me, it was working every w/e and getting every 8th or 9th w/e off. Also, as an incentive, there was a big pay increase. ($5/hour up to $13/hour, depending on the facility and I worked the noc shift only). So my work week was sat/sun and then one other day during the week (usually wed so I would not be work one or two and offone). It does get old though working every single w/e.
  6. stidget99

    You know you've been a nurse for way too long when...

    .......you write a letter to someone and they call you and ask you what it really all meant because you used so many medical abbreviations.
  7. stidget99

    How much did you make as a new grad?

    I am (and always have been) very happy to receive the pay I got. I guess I am one of those not "in it" for the "big money".
  8. stidget99

    night shift - sleep dilemma

    Give your boss your availability times. (Seems to me that working 4 days one week and then 2 the next week.........well just seems funky to me.) Tell her that working this schedule just does not work for you that you feel that you are unsafe to provide patient care. Do this in the form of a letter and carbon copy her supervisor. If the schedule does not change, then look for another place to work immediately. Accomodating a one day per week class does not seem like it would be too difficult. Just my opinion though.
  9. stidget99

    You know you've been a nurse for way too long when...

    .............when you no longer recognize your own signature or can no longer read your own writing.
  10. stidget99

    pills left by bedside when patient is in the bathroom

  11. stidget99

    dysfunctional management and workplace politics

    -->They manage w/ blinders on. See only what they want to see. -->Don't see nurses as people, rather just warm bodies. We're not allowed to show human emotion (i.e. stress, anger, fear). -->Numbers, numbers, numbers!!! -->Unfair application/interpretation of policy. (Thankfully today is my last day there with the exception of my exit interview. Should be a doosie!!)
  12. stidget99

    Quick reply needed.......Should I go to work or not???

    Last work day was supposed to be the 28th of this month. It's not so much a matter of need. I have earned that PTO time. I am feeling pretty lousy 50% of the time (i.e. head light headed, nauseated, vomiting). On that scale of 1-10 (10 being most lousy), at best I am a constant 4 and at worst (~50% of the time), I am about an 8.
  13. stidget99

    You know you've been a nurse for way too long when...

    I can relate! :rotfl: :rotfl:
  14. stidget99

    Quick reply needed.......Should I go to work or not???

    Well I just talked to manager. I told her that I had a doctor's note taking me off of work until next Wed. She tells me that if I call out......then I should consider this the end of my notice (didn't work 30 days so they don't have to pay me for PTO time ~$1500 worth of time banked). If I did go in to work, it would totally be my own liability (so if something happens to me or God forbid one of my pts, the liability is all my own). Essentially, she is refusing to let me work out my notice without putting all of the liability on my shoulders. I am really confused. Don't know what to do.
  15. stidget99

    You know you've been a nurse for way too long when...

    another one......when you see an ambulance w/ lights and sirens and, instead of saying a prayer for the person being transported, your first thought "Thank God it's not my admission!!!"
  16. I have been diagnosed w/ labrynthitis (inner ear infection). 50% of the time I am asymptomatic. The other 50%, my world is reeling or I am very nauseated. Went to the doc this morning. He took me out of work over the weekend. I have not yet told my manager about the work note. I really can't afford to be off. Also, I am currently trying to work my 30-day notice that I've given. I don't know if I should try to work or not. I want to leave the job on a good note. What should I do. Any suggestions, thoughts, etc are very welcome. (I have a call in to the manager. I plan on telling her about the note but tell her that I will only use it if i absolutely must.)