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Antikigirl has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Education, Acute, Med/Surg, Tele, etc.

I have finally gotten into nursing education and I couldn't be more happy!

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  1. Antikigirl

    Going back to get RN from LPN, scared to death

    Okayyyyyy...simple question...why are you going on to be a nurse? What is it that you will take away from nursing that will help yourself mind/body/spirit and your family (and honey you can say better income it is okay with me!) that makes you want to do this??? I find that is a very good and foundational question that one must really understand in themselves and their family must understand in any time of change and...well..total schedule changes...LOL (you have kids...you know what I mean! LOL!). To understand the reasons...true honest reasons why you do something...well that gives you the actual power to do it despite all odds ....
  2. Antikigirl

    Tacoma Washington

    If you like a city with housing outside of it in a picture perfect mountian/bay type setting you will LOVE it! Lots to do and see within an hours distance! Ferries to just about all the areas of the sound and NW Canada at your doorstep....oh baby it is fun!!!!!!! The thing is the weather...but mother nature didn't make it that gorgeous without providing that green lots of rain! You will have typical Pacific NW weather...rain, cold, long rain season (we don't really know winter as in snow...we know it by extended cold rain season! LOL!)...and did I mention rain and wind? LOL~! No but really...summer does come (even though spring is a wonder to die for...so gorgeous!!!!!), and we do hit in the 100's on occasion (natives will be complaining...LOL!) but typically 80's with the ever unpredicatable sea winds (in summer not bad...you get an actual breeze!!!!!). But the days, and yes...contrary to popular belief we have sun and warmer weather about 3 months of the year on a good year...it is the most beautiful site on Earth to me! And food...oh goodie goodie!!!!!! So many different types to try from different countries and good old regional American too! You like specialty coffee, micro brews, wines, and all the different types of spirit drinks...well then, you have met your heaven! Health/interests are big time activities too...lots of biking, walking, running, snow sports (which you will be near...my Brother lived near there and had one hours drive to go snowboarding), water fun, boating, fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, and MORE!!!!!! even in rain we find a way!!!!!! There are some awesome attractions too...from zoo's to museums to the space needle and fun park just up the way in Seattle...and a close airport for travel (Sea Tac). Never a dull moment if you don't want one! And the dull calm moments can be spent watching wildlife and sipping coffee on your front porch as you plan the weekend! I love it up there...I actually live south quite a bit now...In Oregon...but I am 3 hours away...and we vacation there (lots of local camping/lodging! up there!!!!!!), and I had many relatives that served in the Navy up in Bremerton which is 45 mins away! Take a visit! I suggest late September (it is still warm and gorgeous and no tourists season).
  3. Antikigirl

    You know you have a great job when.....

    Mine was just updated yesterday! I use to work in an ALF for 4 years and went back to Med Surge for various reasons to long to tell right now (old members may remember the many reasons and helped me to choose med/surge again...I still thank you all for the support!)....well...I had a patient yesterday that I knew from that ALF... The lady was in her late 80's and getting a heart cath job...she remembered me right away by name and said how much she felt safe because I was the most proactive nurse towards her...well she called them inmates...LOL...but the people of the facility! Well that made me blush big time... Well after the heart cath...first 45 minutes just peachy..then all the sudden SVT and dyspnea...sudden and bad...long story short...coded her before she was pulseless and apnec and turned her around with the help of the code team! Her daughter came up to me as we went to her new pcu room and hugged me. She told me her mother expressed feeling so safe with me, and now she knew why! That I was her mothers guardian angel, and nothing could ever thank me for that! I said...actually you did honey! One, you came and got me right away...so you were the first most essential member of her health team! Two, you stayed yet stayed out of the way for all those people and quietly watched. Three, you remained supportive and held your mothers hand. Four...you just gave me a hug and expressed yourself...and we nurses don't get that very much anymore! So THANK YOU!!!!!! You did what I wanted to do but couldn't, and still thanked ME!?!?! (Yeah, we both teared up and hugged hard!) That was a great and wonderful moment...makes my job well worth it!
  4. Antikigirl

    Early recognition of the deteriorating patient

    Excellent and totally utterly agreed! Another odder one I would add is some people get a wierd feeling...called "impending doom". I hear patients say "I am going to die" and have learned to totally believe they might just and keep a good eye on them! Some people will actually say "I have an impending feeling of doom"...then I know for sure!!!!!! It is wierd I know...but honestly...that too is a sign that has proven correct too many times in my career for comfort!:uhoh21:
  5. Antikigirl

    Is nursing the best job ever?

    Jessie I hear you LOUD and CLEAR sister! I even joked saying that we should go back to the days of the roller girls at the old drive-in's...can't do it all unless we have a faster way of conveyance! LOL, even my supervisor said "holly cow that would make things faster wouldn't it...but then they would add more to our day!". My hospital started putting in dry erase boards in the patient rooms that say the names of the nurse and CNA. When I write my name on it, I explain (to those with a working mind) what tasks to address to who so they don't have to wait so long. I remind them that I am the nurse for 5-6 patients, and although I want to be there doing everything for everyone...alas I am just one person and people seem to like me..LOL! That has really helped! Our Unit Secretaries also ask patients what they may need when they use the call light system so they can page the approprite person for the task to save time...typically they will say "what can that person bring you" because patients didn't respond well to "what do you need?". That too has helped. We let patients know that the dietary team picks up trays for a reason of recording (eh...sometimes they do but they don't need to fret about that...LOL!), and to just leave the tray on the bedside table to be picked up when they make their rounds. We also have people fill water pitchers once every two hours along with vital signs that occur q4. And I remind them that if they want a drink of any kind except water...to call the dietary number and get it faster (we have dietary room service! It is awesome!). This has helped with time managment...even if it is just one patient that realizes the time saving it does...it is worth it! Oh yeah..and my favorite...I tell patient they CAN dump their own hat or urinal if they wish...just remember the number if they can! That has helped with the numerous calls taking me away from other tasks just to dump a toilet hat!!!!!
  6. Antikigirl

    What surprised you most in nursing school?

    Oh goodness...I still feel like an idiot on this one. Okay, so I was doing an assessment on a patient and going through the motions...when we got to urination he laughed at me and said my school wasn't doing much to teach me anything...I was quite perplexed.. You see, he is a kidney failure patient and on frequent dialysis...guess at this point SOME people rarely urinate. Okay...why in the world didn't that get discussed in my classes!?!?!? I felt like a simpleton, and knew I lost the nurse/patient relationship right there. I did thank him for that info, and said I would certainly NEVER forget that little gem! So remember, some folks on frequent dialysis do not urinate...or do very little. And some I have seen actually fill a foley with no probelm. So keep that in your minds and ask questions accordingly... Oh...and don't get to flustered over patient education. I do education only on things I KNOW about, and typically they are pretty easy things like lifting limitations, showering, taking your blood sugars and writing them down (and when to worry and what to do), diet limitations, and the importance in asking questions that arise to THEIR doctor (and which one is approprite in some cases). It actually becomes second nature after a while...don't fret it. With the newest regulations on patient teaching...most places are going to have to have specific staff on hand to do just that...now that so much documentation is going to be required (there is a whole new thing on just assessing patient learning levels at my hospital that would take an hour...even before the education which must be documented in a special place, level of understanding at each subject evaluated and why you think they understood...education material given to the patient in their own language...and the list goes on so long that a floor nurse would not even have time!!!! I am glad my hospital is seeing this, and getting specific nurses to do just education! I am not stressed about it, after time you do get use to the things you need to teach just by experience, and it really does become second nature :).
  7. Antikigirl

    What to wear?

    Typically I would go causal nice...no jeans or scrubs...something nice and fits well on you. Typically I will check out the place beforehand, and see what the other employees wear to work. Then I may go one level above that for an interview. Or I look closely at the ad and guage the professionalism of the writing and what they are asking for and try to go off that. I do find a few tricks do help in any situation...bring a brief case of sorts (doesn't have to be fancy), a pad and pen inside if anything...a resume too...even if you sent one, so many times I have gone in and they couldn't find it or something so I always have that spare one. And send a quick thank you card afterwards. I keep a nice plain one in my briefcase and write it directly after the interview when I remember everything in the car in the lot before I go. Then I swing it by the post office on my way home. I bring up a positive about the interview and thanks...that way they are remembering me positively and with that little bit of extra that can put me on the top of the list! Good luck, and even if you don't want the job...use this as practice. And like I always say...never burn a bridge, even if you plan on never crossing it again...you never know...
  8. Antikigirl

    male nurses with beards

    I have no probelms with it, and so far none of our male nurses have either. Holly cow, we have people with piercings in plain site, tattoos too, and some of us have been wearing our hair funky...so beards are no probelm! I have a nose piercing but I wear a tiny diamond chip in it and most people don't notice...some notice and say "oh did you just get that?" and I get to smile and say "yeah...5 years ago!". Most people really don't see it, and trust me when I say that mine is the smallest of the major group with nose piercings (some are huge!).... I don't know, I think I like mine a little hidden like a shiny spot if the sun hits it just right, and still keeps em guessing...LOL!
  9. Antikigirl

    Is nursing the best job ever?

    Thank you so very much for the comment on me writing...and my first reaction in my head is one I tell my patients from time to time when we talk about charting and paperwork. "If I knew I had to write so much, and deal with so much paper...I would have taken my chances as an Author!" LOL! Yes, I do wish to write, but I get down to do it and 'duhhhhhhhhhhhh' settles in...LOL! I have some ideas, mainly light hearted nursing books on the funny side of nursing...you know, almost like a chicken soup for nurses! LOL! I think that would be a great start! I hear you about moving to CO. gorgeous! I too want to settle down on my farm in Oregon (just a 2 acre plot, but lots of lovely potential). I started raising pheasants...which is cool, I love birds. So things are starting slowly towards a path to get out of nursing before it gets me so jaded that I won't be able to stand talking to people anymore...LOL! I am so fortunate that on my floor, all us nurses get along and know the importance of teamwork and moral! We lend eachother a hand, vent about the same things but also try to find new ideas to ease them (including our charge nurses and management), brainstorm ideas, and give eachother hugs when you just are running too hard and fast! No catty stuff or complaints to the point of making work uncomfortable...or of course to the point you want to strangle the complainer..LOL! I went agency till I found this place...and that was a super move for me...found my niche!
  10. Antikigirl

    Scratching your head in wonder!

    LOL! Most of my patients would have added vodka to that lemon statement! LOL!!!!!!!! Oh that is just too crazy! I don't know what I would have done when I saw that...but I know I would be laughing!
  11. Antikigirl

    To all the "Old School" Nurses

    YES!!!!!!! With the advent of the internet...many laymen feel they are savy in medical and question EVERYTHING you do! Not to mention that trends have gone towards hotel or even home like atmospheres for looks and comfort...but didn't think about making the distinction that those people working in them are trained professionals! The advent of the customer is always right really killed us in medical...NO the CUSTOMER is typically wrong in our field, that is why they are HERE! But that logic is gone by the wayside somewhere...somewhere hidden behind a mist of customer service to the sacrifice of employees because of the all mighty dollar! People don't seem to have common sense anymore...they let healthcare staff treat things most people would treat at home sucessfully because of fear and lots of media hype. They are told to watch every move and question everything...yet let them do everything for you because you are forking out lots of money!?!?!? Ummmmmmm contradiction there...and can we nurses speak out...NO, that would not be proper to the saintly nurse role that has also been assumed to be a natural occurance in signing up! Has it changed? I have been a nurse for only 10 years, watching nurses for a lifetime...known some of the greatest nurses I could ever imagine walking on the earth today and heard their stories...YES..it has changed...changed for the heart breaking worse! But can it be fixed...yep...and each and everyone of us can in our own personal way every day...take some time to think about that...
  12. Antikigirl

    Students not charting...If it isn't charted..who did it?

    Sorry...but I feel the same as the OP. I will chart what I found, did, and everything...and if the facility chooses not to put it as a perm part of the chart fine...but that is a lawsuit in the makes! If a facility lets me render ANY care of another human being in their liablity...then they BETTER expect me to document what I did for the record. Not only does that protect them...but me as well...so I don't get some lawsuit or trouble when someone says "oh the student must have done it". I would be talking to my college supervisors about it...and sorry, but yes I would make waves to the BON as well...since that can't be their stance on it!!!!!! Smart question!!!!!!! And remember...ALWAYS document, and know where to keep those documents (can't take them home...most places can't take them out of there...so you need guidance as to where to keep them for record!!!!). And if they won't let you...honey, you really need to either stand up, or decline that clinical...it is up to your choice according to situation. The college should stand up for their students...if they aren't...ummmmmm what are you spending money on again????
  13. Antikigirl

    Am I Just a Cynic or Is nursing a poor career?

    Actually...it is kinda funny. Take a look at two of my posts from today. One had to do with something that makes me question why I am a nurse...a family that asked why we nurses were giving their loved one clear blood (see "scratching my head")...and wouldn't take a nurses word for the truth of the situation that was pretty much common sense to most people....to the joy of seeing a little girl smile at me with the biggest grin I have ever seen thinking I was a doctor (but to her that was just a title, she saw a woman with fun scrubs and a neat steth on her neck...) and how much that moved me!!!!!!!(sunshine in a hospital cafeteria). Nursing is like that! One moment you are preoccupied by trying to do all things for everyone...only to be disappointed in the realization that you are one person and can't do that...or are doing most of it but the people that are judging you are idiots or too self centered to be realistic anymore (which happens in times of trouble)...then the next you see something that floors you with joy...something simple, like a childs giggle in the drab mood...or a hand touching yours in thanks from a elderly lady who really appreciates your kindess...or that doc that gives you a half sarcastic look when you are right and mutters "thanks"...LOL...it is that dynamic! I was told when young to find your own joy...make your own joy...and others will follow if they are worthy and atuned. I think nursing is a prime example of that in solid form!
  14. Antikigirl

    Patients who are too lazy to open their own splenda packets

    Oh MAN...one of my worse lazy person that wouldn't lift a finger for herself story takes a gross cake award! Seems this lady..yes obsese...had chronic yeast in the folds because she wouldn't lift a finger to do ANYTHING for herself, and still felt she needed to live in her own home alone! She wouldn't go to any sort of facility, and had CNA's come in on the tax payers dime to help twice a week...but was so innapropriate that none ever came back after one visit!!!!! This woman had cats...lots of cats...and litter boxes filled with no emptying...rotten food, and even EMS had called Adult and Family services 6 times..even the police and NOTHING was done to have her moved out! A rather 'large' situation that slid through the cracks..and that crack she slipped through time and time again must be huge (protocol speaking...not size). Anywhooooooo...I get this urgent call on the call light that my patient needed 'immediate nursing attention"...so I ran there...only to find out she wanted me to shave her pubic area because it was itching..but first to just itch her vulva! WHAT!?!?!?! She was serious! She wanted me to itch a very personal sensitive spot of her privates without gloves ("oh will you just do it...you can wash your hands!" I was told). Okay...professional persona and absolute horror took over...not only did I NOT do any of that...but gave her a cool wet cloth to ease the itch and a warm one for cleaning. I told her if she could not wipe herself than she had NO reason to ever go back home, and needed daily assistance, and I would insisist on it...and she would certainly not be moving back home for her own safety! Needless to say cleaned herself, and I suppose took care of her 'itch'. I don't want to even even think of what she may do at home to resolve itching or shaving certain areas for comfort in that house of hers! She still lives at home that I know of...no family, and proably the same probelm with caregivers.... I let my recomendation stand for assisted living....
  15. Antikigirl

    You Know the patient is going bad when...

    One of my favorites was in RN school. I was going to witness a cardioversion done by this very top notch doc. Okay I was told as nauseum that I was to remain perfectly silent, blend into the walls, and do not move, breathe or anything. I understood! So all is set, the patient is given valium...probes are set, pads on, RT standing by...and there I was...silent and pushing into the wall as if to blend in physically...LOL! So the RN and MD and PT are talking and looking at the machine. They didn't realize like I did that all the sudden the patient was NOT breathing anymore! I waited looking in total astonishement...nope, not breathing! But I am to remain silent right? LOL! I happened to be against the wall with a bag valve mask just above my left shoulder. I took it down and said "RT"..and tossed it to him. Okay that got their attention towards their non-breathing patient. Seems they pushed some meds to fast or something...but needless to say they got him breathing again without difficulty and were able to do the cardioversion in a few moments and it was sucessful! I remained silent and part of the wall the whole rest of the time. As I walked out after it was done, I was near the RN desk..and that MD..who is not known for thank you's or any sort of kindess towards patients or staff alike...patted me on the back and said "when you are done with RN school, call me, I have a spot for you on my team!". The nursing desk attendants were all gaped mouthed! LOL!!!!!!! I just smiled and went onto finding my RN to see what was next! (full knowing it was better to act as this was typical than jump up and down with excitement like I wanted too...LOL!!!). But yeah...not breathing patient is a bad thing!
  16. Antikigirl

    Am I Just a Cynic or Is nursing a poor career?

    I hear you sweety! I said the same thing! But a wise nurse once told me in RN school...you are a baby nurse till 5 years in, so experience the good and bad and learn from it till then and by year five you may really honestly have a clue to whats going on and what to do to make it better for yourself. I thought she was nuts...she was 100% dead on, and 5 years went by fast...didn't seem so at times...but yes..it went fast. Look at your options carefully, look for opportunities realistically according to your experience level, and set realistic goals to achieve things in your job you desire. Say for instance you are doing what in my neck of the woods is called the GRIND...Med surge. Not that that is a bad thing...it is just what we call it because you grind your gears learning and experiencing things that can be different from moment to moment! Okay you have done this for 3 years and really don't like the potpourii of cases, and find that you like cardiac more...well, why not take some time and learn telemetry on your own if need be, or express some interest in someone in "the know" that can help you and appreciate that desire. (to be honest..with the right teacher telemetry is easy to understand and experience! Not as tough as folks make it out to be!). There...you just took your first baby step into a broader horizon...then keep it up from there! You can do this with most of the interests in medicine...find the right goal..the right people to help...and the right motivation. Then it is up to you to formulate your personal goals to achieve it. Heck, we all did that in RN school...we can do it now! Good luck hon, and keep a journal of these experiences like I did too...it is great some days to look back and laugh at the stupidity of things I USE to take personally or bothered me so (typcially the stupidity of patients, staff, or patients families I endured! LOL!). SURE helped me!

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