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Antikigirl has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Education, Acute, Med/Surg, Tele, etc.

I have finally gotten into nursing education and I couldn't be more happy!

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  1. Antikigirl

    Ethical or legal?

    I don't know if this will help, but in my hospital we have a nurses union and they have forms to fill out when we have unsafe patient ratios. They don't take long to fill out, and go directly to the Union that goes over them and sends them back to the hospital to fix and get a plan of action... I find, however, this only works well if all the nurses on that shift complete one! We have done this several times and it is laxing a bit..then goes up...we do it again...and so on and so on...but it does help a bit!
  2. A patient has the rights to many things...smoking included! HOWEVER, that does not give the patient full run of employees to take them out or help with this endevor! I mean, would you take that diabetic patient with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues to a bakery to get her sugar/cholesterol fix??? No, that is inappropriate and against our objectives...so there is a line! The administration of the facility must become involved and a care plan with family must be made for the smoking to happen and how...OR, a plan to stop the patient from smoking, and what to do if they were to leave their rooms/facility grounds/etc to have one! All plans must be documented and the patients rights observed! That way liablity is covered and if the patient was to sneek off and get injured, a plan was in place and the patient didn't observe it...therefore not a liablity of the facility! As far as any healthcare staff taking someone out to smoke...I say no way!
  3. Antikigirl

    Where do you draw the line?

    I so understood Earls statment...only because I see what Earl is saying....no not verbatum as servant...but, sorry guys and gals...we are to a higher level then what we interpret as 'servants'. No heck no we don't get physically beat now a days (or do we?), stented with verbal abuse (or do we), or have to do our jobs only to actually be judged by the MD's or worse....the admin! No not like servants! Oh can I go on to patient care? No..we are not that way because we can quit....oh wow...that is the main difference...hmmmmmmmmm All this over someone thought and choice of wordage....well get this "I tire of prostituting my being and emotions over someone I don't know...but I still do it...and my pimp is an administration that does no6t beat me, but threatens my family by saying if I don't shut up and take it...I will have no money for food or rent! And wow....I thought I was choosing a profession! stated on blog this year!
  4. Antikigirl

    Where do you give your heparin?

    LOL...I will repeat....gut with the best fat tissue! LOL! And man I am a heparin givers best friend! LOL!!!!!!!!! (gut meaning abdomen for you newbies that don't get old school speak! LOL). WIth hep...fast hard done....and for those using most of those thick blunters of a needle system...KEEP the bubble in there...don't take that out..that is the seal system..and sadly, it is part of the COST! UHHHHHHHHH where do I go to have a bubble cost!!!??????
  5. Antikigirl

    Doctor title, Nurse title

    Oh yeah, I also call MD's by their professional title not just out of habit, but out of professional respect. It seems natural to me, and the times I have called them their first name, by accident, it was typically a friendly 'because I know you" deal, like saying when they look ill or helping on an individual level...because saying "Doc so in so...you look pale, are you feeling okay? just doesn't have the same ring as the first name...that becomes socially personal, and I use that when I am being such...AND away from the RN desk or other people when I do that!". The hardest part for me was (and is) the transition from the years I did ALF and calling people honey or sweetheart (that was preferred at that facility to establish a 'home' quality and family style trust...). I say it on occasion now automatically...and correct myself...typically with a joke or two "oh my...did you hear that...sorry, I think I may like you very well and it busted out!" or "oh now..you see that...just called you hon...dog gone it quit being so wonderful, you are making me all mooshy!"...or things like that! I don't mind if they call me hon or sweety myself...I know I have gained favor if they do!
  6. Antikigirl

    Doctor title, Nurse title

    OMG! I just did an experiment for three weeks so far on having patients and other staff call me 'nurse' and by my last name! I have been treated more professionally by patients, and since I am not on a first name basis with patients...they don't load up on me with complaints or tasks as they did when I was using my first name!!!!! I was shocked and HECK YES...I will continue this!!!!!! I call my patient by their last name and approprite title, Docs by theirs...nurses...whatever they go by by their choice....it is turning out great. Okay I get teased every once in a while, but they are seeing the benifits and thinking about doing it too! Funniest thing of all...this started happening just before I chose to go with my last name. You see...I went from dirty blonde hair to black (and yes...I pulled that off well with my complexion, I am dark brown naturally)...and patients treated me different! I can't explain why, but I noted it right off the bat! I am thinking maybe it has to do with seeing my eyes better (I have very light blue staring eyes...). It made a difference as well, although oddly! Anywhooooooo...yep, last name and dark hair from this day on!
  7. Antikigirl

    Where do you draw the line?

    This question couldn't have come at a better time for me, and thank you so much Pax Ramona for that link! The situation is, I work in a medium sized rural hospital that has a huge patient base due to sudden expantion and people moving in. Our hospital can't handle it all. Well, in order to try to make things better we suddenly and without proper training went to computers. I am quick at computers, and was able to do my best and get things done quickly (without time to actually see or help my patients...GRRRRRRR!). Well...not all the staff is able to handle things this way...and yesterday and the day before, I had a Doc throw a chart at me, been yelled at solid when all I try to do is help, haven't been able to do my job because of all this, and have lost the trust and relationships with my Docs and patients because I can't seem to get anything done because I am busy trying to correct probelms or unprofessional behavior from staff! My workplace is a harassment right now on every level, and although I am cool and understand that chaos is normal...well, I need to have staff that understands that as well as I do, and tries to be proactive instead of complaining and harrassing about something past! Doesn't anyone care about patient care around my place??? Harassment by patients at this time I can understand, they are getting the bare min of care due to this, and still have to pay the full cost...do I sympathize with them, and have the social skills to turn that around as quickly as I can...but staff!!!!! I shouldn't have to. WHen that MD threw the chart at me, I asked my overrun Charge nurse (who is a dear sweet gal that never gets flustered...oh she is beyond flustered and is having physical s/sx and I am very worried about her!) who I can report that too...she had no clue...I said "THAT must be changed NOW!". I have written a probelm/solve list today, will check it again tomorrow to make sure I am not being anywhere near unprofessional (I find a day later a good edit is good!)...and will submit it asking for a protocol and chain of command for harrassment reporting. If I don't get an answer, then I call the BON and State Labor Board! That link will help tremendously!!!!!! Hello JAC!
  8. Antikigirl

    I'm so mad I could SCREAM! (LONG)

    awesome babe! Yes, play it by ear...but do make sure you documented your findings...that is all you need because...in the law, anything reported by a average nurse as part of clincial findings is just..and hi ya, we all said we would so you are good. As long as you documented your findings...and dependant on what type of charting your facility does (mine is by exception...but if you are worried about CYA we document WHOM we told...good thing always actually) you are in the clear!
  9. Antikigirl

    I'm so mad I could SCREAM! (LONG)

    LOL darlin...the first thing I thought from your last post..."at least someone was!"...LOL! Hey sweety...can you do me a favor and read my post on WORRIED, preceptee. You could really help me out! THANKS!!!!!!!
  10. Antikigirl

    I Am So In Love

    It was very awesome yesterday! I had a preceptee for my first time (just for the day because her preceptor was low censused) and a DOC actually brought up honestly to this wonderful SN that...(Oh please check out post on preceptee...I need help!) "There are days where you wonder...well, what the heck am I doing here! Then, there is that smile, or that thank you...or that one time you know they will listen...and frankly that joy lasts quiet a while...keep looking for that..." He also added...LOL "don't make them MAKE you take night shifts if that doesn't fit with you...that is BS!" (had to say I laughed and said "yep, he is right!"). How cool is that to have an MD talk to a student with so much caring and good advice! I work with awesome MD's!!!! They know that nurses are their backbone, and training them is only good for them and their patients! AWESOME!!!!!!! Keep looking for those smiles dear...they speak louder than a thank you ever did...and at times...when someone can't smile or say thank you...well, there are other ways the body says it!
  11. Antikigirl

    Preceptor Training

    Thank you so much...got a tear there honestly! I teach that you may organize different because your brain is unique! I teach my skills because I write everything down, and finally learned to do it after about 5 years in something that someone could actually read and understand (thanks to this site!!!!!!!). Oh before...my notes..oh Lordie..LOL! I do try to teach a basic plan for organization but am open to learn myself to newer approaches, but so far...LOL, even the nurses on my floor have adapted mine (which kinda sucks because I use to be able to find my clipboard by my markings...LOL, now I have to look harder when I loose it...LOL!). Thank you again so much...I appreciate this advice very very much! I want to be the preceptor I never got!!!!! Like I said to the student yesterday...if I didn't learn 1-3 things new in a day...I am sorely missing something important and need to recheck everything I did! LOL
  12. Antikigirl

    Scrubs to tight? How do you tell someone?

    If someone dared to leave me weight loss advice, oh man...I will not going into my personal and professional implemenations on letting them know that was less than compassionate or HUMAN! And believe me, they would be feeling WORSE then they left me feeling...and that would be very very sad! As I said, it is NOT anyones place to make the choice on dress code except for administration! If you choose to make a statement...think of how you would broach the situtation to a patient or even an MD! (I would prefer the MD one!). Casual helpful non-judgemental acknowledgement is good "see some skin here hon" or if it bothers you so very much and you choose in your busy day to take on that challenge...tell the charge nurse (and hope the grapevine was either not there or cut!). I do not judge, I do not rate someone on how they are dressed...that is my JOB as a nurse! I care, and am compassionate, and helpful as I deem fit for not only social dynamics and ramifications...but thoughtful of the choices I make in those challenges!!!!!! (some challenges are not worth my efforts at the time, or ever!). And I agree...you can leave yourself open for all sorts of harrassment charges!!!!!!!
  13. Antikigirl

    Could any one discuss the Administrative job aspects of nursing

    Okay I am going to be brutially honest here...I do not necessarily appreciate the Administrative nurse that hasn't gone "into the trenches" as they say (in other words...worked in the arena they are overlooking and making choices for). I feel that is not helpful or representitive of the staff you are charge for if you can't even appreciate what it is they do or strive so hard to achieve! One needs to know the employees they are working with, and unless you have been there...well frankly, anyone with common sense will see you as "administration" vs anyone that will help in cases other than fiscal or hard nosed reality based hospital/clinical management....in other words..."the ones hard working folks fear when seen!"... Now, before people get all upset over that...I was in administration. It was the biggest eye opener for me! I have always been a employee based believer...wanting to know what "our team" was thinking and based choices on them...okay anyone in administration knows that that is ALMOST impossible now a days...and to do your job you can't be anyones buddy or friend...or even be liked on some descisions...so I get that...but seeing it again, after being one, from "one in the trenches" I do know...you haven't been there...you can't complain, run or do anything that will benifit me or staff in any significant way that I will truely trust... With that said...you may want to at least spend a bit of time "in the trenches"...it is a humbling experience, and the actual HEART of what it is we do! Very important!
  14. Antikigirl

    Preceptor Training

    I would love to be a SN teacher! But not going to get my masters so kinda blocked there...LOL! I didn't have very many if at all...good teachers, so I learned on my own. So I teach how I learned. I took a situation that was not proactive and told myself...well, I need to make it proactive myself...so I did, and did suceed with many hardships and frustrations along the way...I don't ever want anyone to have to do that if they can learn it through me first (some things you have to learn on your own, but most of the things I dealt with....well, I should have had guidance, and I didn't!). Thank you so much! I do want to teach, but I want to teach fairly and right...it is that important to me to make sure someone learning from me not only looks at is as enjoyable, but practical and benificial too!
  15. Antikigirl

    Define Nursing in 3 words

    Multitasking Chaos Effectively! or if you read one of my grimmer posts from a bad day... Sympathetic Prostitution of Compassion (seasoned nurses will think and get that one) LOL!
  16. Antikigirl

    I Am So In Love

    AWESOME!!!!!!! You have insight into yourself and the honor it really is to be there and holding a hand at the end! Good for you!!!!!! I tell students to understand their own feelings of death and dying so that they may help others in a way that will make the experience honorable in their hearts! You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even know you and I am so proud of you! This will be the best thing...and help in every other arena in nursing...