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Antikigirl has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Education, Acute, Med/Surg, Tele, etc.

I have finally gotten into nursing education and I couldn't be more happy!

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  1. Ethical or legal?

    I don't know if this will help, but in my hospital we have a nurses union and they have forms to fill out when we have unsafe patient ratios. They don't take long to fill out, and go directly to the Union that goes over them and sends them back to t...
  2. A patient has the rights to many things...smoking included! HOWEVER, that does not give the patient full run of employees to take them out or help with this endevor! I mean, would you take that diabetic patient with high blood pressure and choleste...
  3. Where do you draw the line?

    I so understood Earls statment...only because I see what Earl is not verbatum as servant...but, sorry guys and gals...we are to a higher level then what we interpret as 'servants'. No heck no we don't get physically beat now a days (or ...
  4. Where do you give your heparin?

    LOL...I will repeat....gut with the best fat tissue! LOL! And man I am a heparin givers best friend! LOL!!!!!!!!! (gut meaning abdomen for you newbies that don't get old school speak! LOL). WIth hard done....and for those using most of t...
  5. Doctor title, Nurse title

    Oh yeah, I also call MD's by their professional title not just out of habit, but out of professional respect. It seems natural to me, and the times I have called them their first name, by accident, it was typically a friendly 'because I know you" de...
  6. Doctor title, Nurse title

    OMG! I just did an experiment for three weeks so far on having patients and other staff call me 'nurse' and by my last name! I have been treated more professionally by patients, and since I am not on a first name basis with patients...they don't loa...
  7. Where do you draw the line?

    This question couldn't have come at a better time for me, and thank you so much Pax Ramona for that link! The situation is, I work in a medium sized rural hospital that has a huge patient base due to sudden expantion and people moving in. Our hospit...
  8. I'm so mad I could SCREAM! (LONG)

    awesome babe! Yes, play it by ear...but do make sure you documented your findings...that is all you need the law, anything reported by a average nurse as part of clincial findings is just..and hi ya, we all said we would so you are good....
  9. I'm so mad I could SCREAM! (LONG)

    LOL darlin...the first thing I thought from your last post..."at least someone was!"...LOL! Hey sweety...can you do me a favor and read my post on WORRIED, preceptee. You could really help me out! THANKS!!!!!!!
  10. I Am So In Love

    It was very awesome yesterday! I had a preceptee for my first time (just for the day because her preceptor was low censused) and a DOC actually brought up honestly to this wonderful SN that...(Oh please check out post on preceptee...I need help!) "Th...
  11. Preceptor Training

    Thank you so a tear there honestly! I teach that you may organize different because your brain is unique! I teach my skills because I write everything down, and finally learned to do it after about 5 years in something that someone could a...
  12. Scrubs to tight? How do you tell someone?

    If someone dared to leave me weight loss advice, oh man...I will not going into my personal and professional implemenations on letting them know that was less than compassionate or HUMAN! And believe me, they would be feeling WORSE then they left me ...
  13. Okay I am going to be brutially honest here...I do not necessarily appreciate the Administrative nurse that hasn't gone "into the trenches" as they say (in other words...worked in the arena they are overlooking and making choices for). I feel that i...
  14. Preceptor Training

    I would love to be a SN teacher! But not going to get my masters so kinda blocked there...LOL! I didn't have very many if at all...good teachers, so I learned on my own. So I teach how I learned. I took a situation that was not proactive and told ...
  15. Define Nursing in 3 words

    Multitasking Chaos Effectively! or if you read one of my grimmer posts from a bad day... Sympathetic Prostitution of Compassion (seasoned nurses will think and get that one) LOL!