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    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    Rating edema with the 0-4 score is something you do get use to when you start seeing edema really. There are different theories on cm's down per score...but typically most MD's and RN's don't go by that strict of scale...it is a eye thing. Say I have a patient who seems to have some ankle swelling but not too much for me to go WHOA! Just a small amount. I press one finger into the most swelling area and rate the time it takes for the pit to come back to normal and rate it according to that. Now considering it wasn't that much swelling in the first place...it proably won't be more than a 1... The biggest dx thing is the pitting or nonpitting! Make sure you document that! Then I always check pedal pulses and cap refill on all toes. Another interesting item is to look at the hair patterns on the legs! If it is patchy hair placement you have a probelm (unless they aren't very good at shaving for ladies...must know when last time they shaved), that can mean poor circulation (ie, hair not growing well!). Good hair placement usually means this maybe a newer probelm if they have edema. Big toe hair is another indicator but not always. Nails too...but in older patients it is rather hard since nails can get thick or long due to poor hygiene (if they can't reach or have help to clip toe nails...or diabetes), so I use that as another guage if indicated (again...I have seen many feet so I have that eye for it). Redness or pain in the area also is a bad sign. Follow up with that at all times with the MD. My advice is if you can have Nurses show you edema (not limited to pedal), and gain as much 'eye' experience as you can it will be a snap! Good luck! :)
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    Gift suggestions for macho guy in hospital

    ~A gift cert for a dinner out when he is well! ~A mans tolietry baskets (gotta love dollar stores!) with nice masculine deoderant, nail clippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, BACK SCRATCHER (he will love you for that!) and the like. ~ A subscription to a mans mag like Maxim (not x rated but manly) or a hunting/car/fishing one..whatever his likes are. But get him the recent issue so he can read it while he waits for the next one :). ~Tell him he is moving to a shared ward..and get him soap on a rope..LOL! ~A gift cert for a massage or foot rub (this is actually very requested believe it or not!). ~Books, word puzzles or what not to keep him entertained. or this one was hillarious when I walked in on a patient and the family bought him this so he was entertained by the nurses reactions....they have these spilled beer or wine glasses that are plastic but look so REAL! I walked in and was like HUH? Oh we got a good laugh from that! What does he like to do...start there too! Like my bro loves guitars...I would have brought his in, and got him little guitar trinkets (and betty boop..he loves betty boop) from the dollar store or a party supply store and fill a fun basket full of them! Along with a CD player and a favorite CD of his! Hope he is better in no time!
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    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    Well I learned this pretty quick being harrassed by paramedics all the time..LOL! Oh boy they really drilled in how to do a 'report' to them so that I would make even a burned out doc listen! LOL! So I have to thank them big time...it isn't just what you know..or what you relay...it is whom you are having to work with and sometimes...around! That comes with experience To this day if I don't do a good report to the paramedics..they tell my hubby and boy do I get it..LOL!!!!!
  4. Antikigirl

    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    That is what I learned originally too! BUT, you may not get a doc responding to a +1 as much as not only giving your percieved scale, but the other s/sx I mentioned. So I always tend to discribe more than just the edema scale... I have had patients with acute onset that have never had edema before...and when I say +1 to a doc, they may not be as concerned as I am...so I always mention: change of condition, new onset of pitting pedal edema, bilateral lower extemities within normal color and temp, with good blanch at 1 second, ppx4 (pedal pulses), and normal hair placement bilateral legs, resident states "my ankels are very stiff...I have never had this before", and has increased anxiety for fall. No hx of edema mentioned in chart. Please advise. See...a little more writing sure, but gives a bit more than "acute onset of +1 pitting edema bilateral extremities". (thank goodness I write fast and clearly...or at least I think clearly..LOL!).
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    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    I rate it on the pitting by how many seconds it takes to return to normal after an indent. If it takes 1-3 seconds I rate it a one, 4-6 seconds a two, more a three and after that I tell them how many seconds and say beyond a three. Now I push down till a good blanch happens, then count...and I do it on multiple sites. I also take the time since I am there to feel for pedal pulses and let my MD know if I was able to find them easily or not...and I get lucky here because I know my patients well...if I can find them normally...if not I say that I don't know if they normally have easy to find pedal pulses. Rating edema becomes natural to tell after a while I think...and with non pitting...well that is enough for me just to tell my MD's..."hey we have non pitting" and I describe skin tone, color, nailbeds, hair placement (that tells you volumes actually about circulation!), nail condition, temp of the extremity, any numbness/tingling, pain, changes in mobility...you name it (well I tell that for pitting too)! AND especially if there is skin damage r/t this! I have been told I am overly efficient by my other nurses..but the docs..they love me!!!! But edema is my game really...I work at an assisted living facility where everyone seems to have a degree of CHF, or diabetes, or other conditions where edema is just fairly normal. SO is lasix..LOL! OH those poor folks...they may not know most of their meds..but they know that one..they call it the "pee like a race horse pill"...or "little, white, peeing all night" (my humor has been transfered to my clients..can you tell? LOL). Did you know that lasix was actually made for race horses? Yeppers! It was produced to encourage lower water weight in horses so they were lighter...then a smart doc said..hmmmm fluid regulation..and the rest is history :). So when a client says "I am peeing like a race horse" tell them "yep...you are!!!!"...LOL!