RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

  1. I've seen so many posts about nurses hating their jobs, and this is kind of scaring me from the career, but I still want to go through with it. But are you happy with your choice to become an RN why or why not?
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  4. by   Rose_Queen
    Human nature is to complain rather than to compliment. That is why you will find the negative posts tend to outweigh the positive posts. Plus, coming here to a semi-anonymous message board and venting to those who walk the walk helps- nurses understand nursing, something that family members (unless they are in the healthcare field) don't get.

    Am I happy with my choice to be an RN? Most days. Have there been days where it was absolutely miserable? Yep, like when the little 2 month old died in our trauma OR and someone had to sit in the OR with her tiny little body until the coroner arrived. When the 17 year old car accident victim (totally not the fault of anyone in the same vehicle as hers) herniated before she made it to the OR for her crani (and probably before she actually made it into the ER), then came back 2 days later as an organ donor. But in the end, it can be a satisfying career.
  5. by   CalicoKitty
    I'm generally happy with my nursing career, although I've felt uhm... "challenged" the last few shifts.
  6. by   mmc51264
    I LOVE my job! Unfortunately, we got a new manager that I do not have a great "fit" with. Getting ready to move into a more advanced role. I have been an ortho nurse for 6 years and am leaving because new manager is making every anxious and miserable plus, an opportunity has presented itself to me that is a fabulous opportunity that I can't pass up (use the MSN I earned last year)
  7. by   AxelNewRN86
    Yes I am glad to be a nurse. I am newer. But do I like my job... probably not. But hopefully it will lead me to a job I do like. I mean as a new nurse I have to pay my dues to get where I want to be because some areas are more competitive.
  8. by   hherrn
    I work with good people, get 4 ways a week off and earn a decent living.
  9. by   Nature_walker
    Nursing is a second career for me and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I'm glad I left teaching for nursing!
  10. by   NightNerd
    I like this career for the coworkers, the stories, the crazy stuff you do and learn, and the lifestyle I can live because of it (e.g., four days off per week, great salary, etc.). It is not the warm and fuzzy job I had imagined, and unfortunately I don't usually feel that what I do every day makes a huge difference; I'm more just holding the line as a bedside nurse. There is purpose in that, but I had to adjust my expectations a lot to be satisfied with the effect of my work. It is minimal sometimes.
  11. by   Chrispy11
    Quote from CalicoKitty
    I'm generally happy with my nursing career, although I've felt uhm... "challenged" the last few shifts.
    Second career for me! First job! I'm giving myself a year to not feel like a total incompetent. I have to get out of my own head. I like the job, but beat myself up every other day.
  12. by   KelRN215
    Hating your job is not the same thing as hating your chosen career. I have never actually hated any of my jobs but have grown to hate many of my past employers. When that happens, I move on.
  13. by   DowntheRiver
    Quote from KelRN215
    I have never actually hated any of my jobs but have grown to hate many of my past employers. When that happens, I move on.
    I will second this sentiment.
  14. by   Libby1987
    I'm happy with my career and it's been very good to me.

    It's easy to be impactful everyday and make something cool happen. I've had many opportunities for growth and influence with much encouragement.

    It is hard work and the first years were the roughest but after the first 5 I've been treated well by every employer. With rare exception on the worst day I have not regretted it and am glad for my career. It's truly something I'd be happy to volunteer doing on a part time basis if I didn't need to generate an income.
  15. by   silveryscrape
    It took me more than 5 years to learn to love nursing, because I felt so incompetent and stressed out. Now I dislike the barriers to good care that I push against every day: Staffing, bad planning and processes, leaders who don't remember what it's like to actually deliver the care. But I love what I do and I love my patients and their families, even the jerky ones, because they are who they are and the fun part for me is figuring out how to give them what they need even when they're struggling so hard against that. Mainly what kept me going for those first 5 years or so was the feeling that I was building a knowledge base, and quitting would invalidate all the hard times I went through. I do feel lucky to have made it to this point, though. The deck is so stacked against good nursing care, in so many ways. You have to learn to tolerate mistakes and bad outcomes *that could have been prevented* and that can be so, so hard.