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  1. AxelNewRN86

    RN can’t find work

    So I am a newer nurse. Less than a year experience in a hospital setting. I have met a few nurses that worked in nursing home and applied to hospital for years before they finally got into the hospital I work at. Sadly it seems the longer you work at a nursing home the harder it can be to get a hospital job. At least from the few people I met in my area. One person ended up having to go from nursing home to in patient psych before she could then get on a psych unit in the hospital. You may have to apply for less favorable jobs in a hospital system and then wait till you can apply internally to get to a preferred unit.
  2. AxelNewRN86

    Feeling Trapped!

    Im sorry. I just want to say, your feelings are completely valid. I would be frustrated and feel trapped if I were in your shoes. That just sucks. I am glad your new job is holding your spot. I eventually want to transfer positions in my hospital system when I hit the year mark. And I am worried I will have this issue.
  3. AxelNewRN86

    Should I look for another job after 6 months in my SNF?

    The one year employment really more pertains to hospitals or clinics. I have met people that the longer they stay at a SNF for their first RN job the harder it is for them to get a job in a hospital. So my advice is start applying now for hospital and see what works out. Nursing homes are used to turn over. Do not tell your current employer you are applying. When you get an offer from a hospital, put in your two weeks and move on with life.
  4. AxelNewRN86

    Frustrated and Ready to Call it

    I really want into labor and delivery. It is hard to get into in my area, especially for new grads. However I had a friend that landed it as a new grad. For this person they ended up hating the hospital hour schedule and realized it was not the dream job anymore due to the schedule. They ended up leaving for a job in a clinic instead. Sometimes people can't handle hospital's schedules. I think it is important to work a few years in the hospital setting. But I admit I would love a job with better hours. I think if I lived in a bigger city with better opportunities I would try to find a speciality clinic to work in. Anyways maybe you may want to consider trying an OB clinic after you get a year under your belt.
  5. AxelNewRN86

    New grad competency - what do you think?

    So I have 6 months med surg experience (I did switch hospital systems so only a couple months at the current job). I find hospitals settings to be really too social at times. Like high school social. I don't need the drama. I just want to come to work, do my job and leave. I want to see myself become another nurse and feel supported by my peers... not judged. So socializing with peers at work in my opinion should be kept to a professional level. I mean I like having friends that are coworker, don't get me wrong. But where I currently work it is too much like high school politics that I have no interest in getting involved in social dynamics. But then again maybe that will change when I eventually switch units within the network I work. Other units seem to have been dynamics than my floor. Confidence- I think you should start to feel confident in performing your role but never too confident to ask for help or continuing to ask questions. Over confidence can be a huge downfall when it comes to performing the job. Understanding the big picture of the patient medically comes with experience. The more experience you have the more knowledge you can lean back on. That is why it is so important to always be asking questions from your peers and get their perspectives. It is a learning curve.
  6. providence. they are all over oregon, washington, montana, alaska and more. Plus once you have been there long enough you can transfer within the organization and hopefully get a job closer to the area you may prefer but is more of a competitive job market
  7. AxelNewRN86

    still getting my feet wet

    First off by not asking for help or asking questions, you are showing your coworkers you are unsafe. OF course you are not good at everything yet- you are brand spanking new. You need to be asking questions. I have been working for 6 months. I make a list of questions as I go and ask people throughout my shift for help or feedback or to help clarify. I am definitely getting better. But where I work its normal not to do many IV starts. Depending where you are at some skills are more common and all skills just take practice. Do not be so hard on yourself. It sounds like you have the number one thing to being a good nurse down- and that is compassion. You got this. The first year or two are supposed to be us just getting our toes wet. We are not expected to be great nurses yet.
  8. AxelNewRN86

    New Grad ASN RN

    From my understanding it is extremely unlikely for new grads to get a hospital job in NYC. However, I would contact a previous nursing instructor that is familiar with the region and ask their input. But in a competitive market, you may have to be wiling to relocate to a less competitive area or take a job outside of a hospital.
  9. AxelNewRN86

    Employer used my photo without my permission on social media

    Either way I would reach out to your union rep- are you part of a union? Talk about your feelings and decide what is appropriate action
  10. AxelNewRN86

    Places with most demand for RNs??

    So some of it has to do with timing too. In the spring and summer there is a huge influx of new grads looking for jobs. Fall and winter it seems to be easier for new grads to find jobs in my area.
  11. AxelNewRN86

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    Yes I am glad to be a nurse. I am newer. But do I like my job... probably not. But hopefully it will lead me to a job I do like. I mean as a new nurse I have to pay my dues to get where I want to be because some areas are more competitive.
  12. Hi everyone. So I am starting my second job in a med surg/ psych unit. Before that my first job was med surg for 5 months. I obviously want to stay at this job longer for resume purposes. But I really feel passionate about labor and delivery. I figured I would use the time to chew out my BSN and get certified in med surg while I wait for OB. So my question is can a nurse stay in a med surg unit too long before they are considered a valuable hire for labor and delivery? How long should I wait? I figured in a year I would try to get an appointment with the labor an delivery manager within my hospital organization to introduce myself.
  13. AxelNewRN86

    Port Angeles / Olympic Medical Center

    It pretty remote there on the pennisula. I dont know the salary over there but I have seen sign on bonus for one of the SNFs out there $10,000. So I bet there is a need for nurses out there compared to the Seattle side.
  14. AxelNewRN86

    Swedish Medical Center Residency December 2018

    I received the email too. I replied I accepted a residency elsewhere. The recruiter congratulated me and wished me luck. FYI it sounds like other hospitals in the Seattle area are hiring for residency.
  15. AxelNewRN86

    Swedish Medical Center Residency December 2018

    Are any of you already working as RNs as you wait to hear back?