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all the moderators get notified of all reported posts. we look there and the first dozen posts are wonderful, helpful,really good. then on occasion a little bickering between posters, totally off... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    rofl jon, my husband, who retires from the Air Force in just 3 years says that too...Walmart greeter, handing out stickers and shaking hands of the lil old folks on the benches at the front of the store. After more than 20 years in the military, this sounds good to him. I can't argue that. Me, I may wind up at the Outback or Olive least I can get a NICE TIP for bending over backward to please people. sounds simple huh?
  2. by   JonRN
    The greeter is a binary job, either the customers wants a cart, or they don't. Simplicity itself. Good luck to your husband, and thank him for his service for me. I bet old uncle Wally's sounds pretty good to him.
  3. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by RNPD
    BTW, I do think it is a good idea to remove posts that degenerate into bickering and name calling. When there are strong debaters who still offer useful info it should stay but if the purpose of the post is to inflame or name call-I say pull it!
    I agree-and I find that when one resorts to taunting and name calling it is because they have run out of intelligent things to say......
  4. by   Youda
    Thank you, Cargal, for saying what I erased.
    One poster can change the entire tone of a thread. Usually, it's because they come with a judgemental, hyper-critical, non-empathetic attitude. When someone takes offense (can anyone blame someone who does?) then there is a snappish response. The war has begun! Eventually, the judgemental poster gets all self-righteous. "Well, I was just stating my opinion! Can't you allow for another viewpoint?" Or, even more sick, "I was just trying to help!" they whine. (Big Sigh). There's rarely an understanding or acknowledgement that maybe their critical post was offensive or inflammatory. And, soon, the Adrenaline Queens jump in to help mob and nit-pick every little thing. I've been called by someone for using the word "suck" in a post and calling it an obcenity. I would sure look at my wording if I didn't later see that same person using "suck" in several other threads. The point is, that the issue wasn't what word I said, but finding something to blast. The objections aren't real, at that point. It's a matter of finding something to nit-pick from a line out of an entire post, to a word, to an opinion or viewpoint.

    I've had to learn that at allnurses, some people just are too abrupt, dogmatic, abrasive, opinionated for me to ever respect or get along with. For that, SmilingBlue Eyes, I agree entirely! The Ignore feature has been very helpful.

    I would also like to suggest that we, as a collective group, begin to recognize that first post that changes the tone. We don't have to respond. Just hit the "report to moderator" link. No matter how justified, or provoked you feel, responding to the attack only esculates it. These people are far too good at what they do for you to ever successfully defend yourself. And these people do not have the ability to be insightful enough to understand how they offend people. So, just put them on the ignore list, report the post, and save yourself the aggravation.

    (Learned from the school of hard-knocks here at allnurses.)
  5. by   nightingale
    Originally posted by cargal
    This online bullying serves no purpose except to erode the posting atmosphere, where those backed into a corner feel great frustration and inability to post in a manner that is constuctive and respected even though they may differ in opinions.

    There are times when some who use their debating skills to belittle others to not posting, and if they dare continue, incur the wrath of those with greater debating skills.

    We are not all master debators, and while I appreciate the opportunity to enhance my skills, verbal bullying, even in an articulate manner is still just bullying. In other words, the ability to exert verbal prowess does not make you right or contributory.

    I find that stating one's views in an articulate passionate manner while listening and respecting the other posters" view and right to state it to be most productive. When online bullying starts, the thread is usually reduced to taking sides and the original content is lost and nothing is gained.

    Ditto and WOW to all that you stated. I just reread your post and am needing to comment that I am so proud and pleased to be in such fine company... thank you for articulating what I have felt frustrated with...

  6. by   duckie
    I'd sure like to know which thread this post is referring to and I pray to the dear Lord it had nothing to do with me. Could somebody PLEASE tell me what this is all about???????
  7. by   ptnurse
    I am with Duckie! Somebody pm us and let us in on the conversation. Got noooo idea what is going on and I check this board every day!!
  8. by   Q.
    I think too, with regards to verbiage, that we all need to remember that it's not certain "words" alone that are taboo, but, how they are used. For example, I call my dog Fattie, but certainly wouldn't use that to refer to a member here who was trying to lose weight. It's not the WORD Fattie but how it is used. This is just common sense.

    There is a major difference b/t stating "My job is shytty" to saying "You are a shytty person!" Again, it's not the word shytty but how it was used in context.

    I'm sure we all know this but just in case...thought I would mention it.
  9. by   night owl
    I haven't a clue either. To tell you the truth,
    I don't want to know. It's probably just the usual
    stuff that happens every so often of which I've grown accustomed to, but never get into. So carry on folks and I hope this thread doesn't take up too much band width. Have fun!
  10. by   sjoe
    My solution:

    When I run into flame wars, I post a simple explanation of how to use the "ignore" feature, for those who don't know about it.

    Then I put those who get sucked into the flame war on MY ignore list. I'm not interested in reading foolishness (unless it is my own).
  11. by   Gomer
    Duckie....I'm as confused as you are. I miss one day of reading treads and don't have the foggiest what's happening.
  12. by   Stephen_K
    I'm afraid that I might be one of the guilty ones this go round. Trying to rally the troops in response to a news release I went a bit over-the-top with my lead-in and found out so,me were not so thrilled at my attemp to whip up some nursing passion. So, I went looking for my original thoughts in an attempt and dress it down, but the powers at be ripped ( for lack of a better term) out of nursing existence ( actually much better in the long run I suppose). I felt bad for my over zealous approach and sent a apologize to an offended member.

    I like the idea of free speech but not at the expense of others. I will use this as a learning experience and set my sights on a better way to invoke my felt passion.

    God, my first rebuke and not ever through my first semester.


  13. by   duckie
    I would like to thank the people that sent me PM's so that I would know I wasn't one of the involved persons of which you are all speaking. I would rather cut off my fingers than to type something to hurt any of you. You are all my BB brother's and sister's of which I care for and appreciate.