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  1. duckie

    Overtime rules pass House

    I have an idea that may or may not help us in this fight. I watch a program on MSNBC called Scarborough (spelling uncertain)) Country and this man, Joe Scarborough is pure dynamite. You can email him at joe@msnbc.com This is the man that got Danny Glover fired from MCI because he found out that Glover openly supported Castro. Please check your channels, watch his show and then I say we all email him and ask him to support us in this fight. Yes, he is a repubican but I have seen him rip other repubicans to shreds for not doing the right thing. If we could get him to understand the full plight of nurses and get behind us, in light of the already current shortage, I bet our voices would be heard. If you don't want to watch the show, just email him your feelings. He used to be in Congress and knows how they work. I am constantly floored by his ability to get things done. He is a real butt kicker and I think if enough of us wrote to him, maybe he would listen. It cannot hurt. Just a thought. I am going to email him right now. Duckie
  2. duckie

    Does anyone else ever get tired of "stupid" nurses?

    Tired of stupid nurses, you bet and I work with plenty of them. As for "Miss or Mr. Nurse" running off to eat their lunch to leave you doing their work, I would have showed that person a seat and told them to plant their brain....I mean rump, and get busy!!!! After all, if they cannot assess a patient perhaps they could a least do the paperwork.......okay, I'll shut up now!
  3. duckie

    Att. OB/GYN Nurses, need your help!!!!

    Between her hubby and I she finally agreed to go to the doctor, of course that was after HE had already made an appointment for her. So, I am much relieved about that. Please keep her in her prayers. Thanks, Duckie
  4. Since most of my 22 years of nursing have been spent working with the elderly, I am coming to you for help in a problem my daughter is having that I am very concerned about. I know you cannot give me a positive answer, but I am asking you for your input and will not hold anyone responsible for their input, which I am begging for!!! My daughter went off the pill on April 2, after approx. 2 years of being on it. In Feb. just prior to her wedding she had an URI and was on antibiotics. They used no birth control during this time as they were getting married in March and knew she would be going off the pill then and were aware that being on an antibiotic cancels out the effectiveness of the pill. In May she began secreting a light whitish yellow fluid from both breast. Also has frequent nausa but it subsides when she eats. Very drastic mood swings and frequent tearfulness. She is very tired and wants to sleep all the time. On the surface I would say that there is a good possibility that she is pregnant BUT she has taken 5 EPT pregnancy tests and all have been negative. IF she would have even gotten pregnant, say as far back as Feb, while on the antibiotic, wouldn't this be too soon for the secretion of Colostrum??? She is afraid to go to the doctor because she thinks her doctor will think she is nuts, I said go NOW and find out for certain what is going on. I thought about possibly a breast infection, but she swears that her upper abdomen feels differently. I would really appreciate any input, ideas, advice, whatever, that you could give me. I am trying to find enough reason to force her into going to see her doctor and not to feel stupid. PLEASE, can you help me or offer any ideas here???? Duckie EDITED TO ADD: Last month she had one week of very light spotting then had what appeared to be a mild period.
  5. duckie

    LTC Drug Addicts

    Much of what you have said I agree with as I too live with pain daily. First off, a psych. consult is not a bad idea as my MD recently pointed out that when you suffer chronic pain, you can be in depression from the attempts of daily coping and I have to agree my attitude has changed since being put back on one. I sing praises to the Duragesic patch, it has made a big difference in my pain levels. I also have Norco for breakthrough pain. To judge anothers pain level is not our job and it is very hard to know what is real and what is not. Recently we sent a lady to the ER that was laughing and joking with the EMT's that looked at us like we were nuts for sending her. She was having a full scale MI, how each of us handles ourselves are very different. I do not judge, if they say they have pain, I accept they have pain. I don't announce to everyone at work on those nights when I could hardly get out of bed that morning, or the pain I am in after lifting, transferring and the such. Perhaps she does watch that clock, just praying for a few minutes of relief, please give her the benefit of the doubt.
  6. duckie

    Nurses with disabilities

    I understand completely how all of you feel as I live with pain also from a fusion in my lower back, nerve damage in my right leg and severe arthritis in both knees. I have to take medication around the clock in order to be able to function in a fairly normal manner. My doctor recently changed my pain regimen and thankfully it has brought me relief enough that I no longer wake up every day wishing that I hadn't. This business is not a kind one once you are injured. It's is like another poster stated, a real shame that we give so much to others and yet in return we get shown that in the big picture what we do is not really appreciated because once we are no longer in perfect working order, we are so easily disposed of. My husband and I have decided to work very hard in paying off our bills so we can both cut down on our work schedules. Being in my mid 40's makes me wonder what my 60's will be like and if they will be tolerable. I guess only God knows that. Good wishes to all of you, I hope you can find a way to feel better very soon.
  7. duckie

    What's Your Nursing Home's Rating?

    Was glad to see my current workplace was rated 5 stars but this site is not up to date. Our last two yearly state inspections were not even listed and we got perfect surveys both years. The place I worked at prior did not fair up so well. I am very proud of our level of care and most of the people that work there.
  8. duckie

    Blessing in Disguise ?

    I couldn't have stated this better myself. Hugs to you!! Duckie
  9. If anything I said offended you, please know it was not meant to but I was reacting based on many experiences I have encountered while dealing with families of residents in my LTC employment. Specifically, a time that immediately comes to mind was a BSN that just came right out and told me that I should not be a charge nurse because I was "only an LPN," her words, not mine, and this occurred after her meeting me for only five minutes. I have been a charge nurse for many years and work very hard to give equal treatment to all, based on need priority. Even her family was horrified at her treatment to me. As with anything there is no way to handle this that applies to all situations. Actually there are times when I find it good that a family member is a nurse, they often will control other family members that tend to get a bit out of control in their demands. I would never have offended you for anything and if I did, I am very sorry. I also have a problem with residents that are rich and expect special treatment. I have, in the past, had others employees imply that a certain person should receive special treatment because of their financial status. I always tell them, their wealth does not rate them better treatment that a poor person gets. Again, if I offended you, I am very sorry, it was not intended to do so. Please forgive......Duckie....also, you do not strike me from your posts as the kind of person I was referring to!
  10. I think frequently doctors go along with what the family wants because they know eveyone is lawsuit happy anymore and they figure if they don't and something happens they'll be taken to the cleaners in court. Let's face it, all doctors and nurses are human, we make mistakes and in any other business making mistakes isn't as critical as when you're in the medical profession. They figure if they give the "know it all" family member what they want, there's less chance of a lawsuit. I hate it when family members tell me how to do my job and act like they know more than I do just because they are a member of the medical profession. Yes, perhaps they are higher educated, but in many cases, finding the proper DX is a matter of elimination of what isn't wrong with the person. I think anyone that feels the need to tell you right up front that they are a nurse, doctor or whatever, is trying to make you feel uncomfortable and trying to make certain that you "jump through hoops" to do everything perfect for their family member and many times they feel that they will be placed on a higher priority level if you know you're dealing with a healthcare worker. I have always felt a person should receive care based on their needs and who has a more important need, such as, before I will move someone's table two inches to the left, I will take someone to the toilet. Or before I would toilet someone I would pick a resident up from the floor. I'm not going to let someone lay on the floor because a nurse wants her table moved 2 inches, priority rules in my opinion. What a person does for a living should not give them priority in the care they receive, the needs of the patient should be the determining factor. I prefer people not know I'm a nurse, I just want them to do their job and provide me the care I need or my loved one needs. What I do for a living should not rate me special care. Now there are times when a person states they are a nurse and have made certain observations that maybe a nonprofessional person would not have made but you can still pass on the information without announcing a title. In LTC we do get to know family members and it is much easier to find out their professions since we have more frequent contact with the family members. But if you work in a hospital and someone says, "My name is------and I'm a nurse and this is what is wrong with me, and this is what I want," that to me would be very annoying. Many times tests that are very expensive are ordered because a family member demanded it and it has nothing to do with what the actual DX is and the MD may have never even considered ordering it, but did simply because it was demanded by someone. I can understand how doctors would feel very threatened and concerned not to do what someone demands, that's why the cost of insurances are so high, everyone wants a lawsuit that will set them up for life.
  11. duckie

    Long term care

    Wish I had this option open to me, I'd grab it in a second. It would be great having 5 days a week off and you could always pick up extra shifts if you want. It would be like having a vacation every week........what a dream come true. I wish you lots of luck in your choice. Duckie
  12. duckie

    Are you a real nurse?

    I am so glad there are so many fields of nursing to choose from and we can each seek and find the one that it best for us. I believe to work in any area of nursing is a calling. You have to feel a passion for it, not just be there for a paycheck. In the past year, I have encountered many areas of nursing due to recent multiple trips to the ER and due to my husbands surgery. I could never be an ER nurse and I could never be an OR nurse and I hated hospital work, but place me in a room filled with elderly people needing TLC and love and I feel blessed to be their nurse. We are all important, we all matter, we all make a difference and the people we care for need us. This is not a competition, this is a profession. I recently wrote a letter to the administrator of the hospital where my husband had his surgery. Every nurse, tech, aid, and all other staff we encountered were given the highest rating by both my husband and myself. I was relieved with each caring smile, every encouraging word and every action of compassion. No one type of nursing is better than any other, it's just that some of us find our place where we excel and that's what makes us be the best we can be. And I will admit that there are nurses that are only in it for a check each week, they are the ones that ruin it for those of us that try so hard to bring compassion and caring to all the lives we touch. I love it when a nurse that is discharging a patient to my unit calls me with a report and if I am sending a patient to the ER, I call and give them the best report I can. I have spoken with some rude ones and some very informative nurses, but I also know that every person can have a really bad day and none of us are perfect, so i try not to judge. Please don't turn this thread into a " I'm better than you are because I work here" sort of thread. We are all needed and are equally as important. Duckie
  13. duckie

    Are you a real nurse?

    As a 22 year LTC LN, I thank you for your statement and obvious understanding of what we really do!!! There are all kinds of nursing for all kinds of nurses. We are all important and we matter to those we care for. Thanks Rusty!!!!
  14. duckie

    I lost my car then my home

    If I were ever to hit the lottery, it's folks like you that would be first on my list to help fulfill their dreams. I'm so sorry. Please know, I care. (((((HUGS))))) Duckie
  15. duckie

    I need an Exorcism - NOW! (pretty long post...sorry)

    Honey, all I can say is I totally understand what you are feeling right now but I won't bore you with all the details. The only way I am getting by is praying very hard every day that God helps me keep my sanity. So far, I'm hanging on by a thread and I will add you to my prayer list of friends in need of God's blessings. Duckie
  16. duckie

    Nurses Don't Accept Gifts

    I have accepted some small handmade items made by residents that they would make as therapy and their was of keeping busy and then they would give them to the staff of their choice as a way of saying thanks for being there. My biggest shock came from being named in a will and given a portion of the estate. That was totally unexpected.