Nursing Dreams and Nightmares

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  2. It probably happens to every Nurse ... the dream about the constant beeping of the IV. Almost every Nurse takes their job to bed with them and dreams about some of the craziest things. Nurses can't get a break even when asleep. Is this you? Have you had nightmares? Tell us about some of the off-the-wall dreams you have had.

    (This caption provided by compassionresearcher. Our December 2016 Caption Contest winner!)

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  4. by   LibraSunCNM
    I'm sure this is very common, but dreaming that at the end of a shift, I find out I had a patient I never knew about or saw once.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from LibraSunCNM
    I'm sure this is very common, but dreaming that at the end of a shift, I find out I had a patient I never knew about or saw once.
    Oh, I've had that one!! Scary.

    Or . . . I missed giving entirely all the meds to a patient I never got to because I was so busy.

  6. by   Mary McMahan
    This is one of my worst nightmares
  7. by   BabyFood26
    Whoo! Congrats Compassionresearcher!
  8. by   compassionresearcher
  9. by   NurseCard
    I have a reoccurring dream in which I've been given a patient
    assignment, and at the end of the shift I haven't seen any of
    them, and I haven't given them any of their meds!
  10. by   sevensonnets
    I hate the dreams where the hospital doesn't even look like my hospital or it's in a mall and the patient rooms are mixed in with shops. I wander around all day looking for my patients and can't find them or their meds, and for some crazy reason I never ask for help. Or, it's time to go home and I find out I had 8 patients I didn't even know about!
  11. by   amoLucia
    I've been retired some 5 years now and I am still having 'work/job' dreams. Usually it's just that some co-workers are in the dream or that the environment is my old workplace. I find myself walking around like looking for something.

    The dream are so vivid; it surprises me that it's been so long ago ....
  12. by   jobellestarr
    They're called nursemares and I've had plenty in 35 years. Ugghh.
  13. by   evastone
    I sometimes dream that I fell asleep during my shift and woke up when the shift was almost over. I hadn't passed any meds and my charting was incomplete. In the background, there was always that incessant alarm from the IV pump. The sheer terror of the dream once had me sitting up in bed in a fright.

    I think the dream may stem from my inherent fear of sleeping through my alarm clocks. I'm a a very deep sleeper and used to use my breaks to catch up on some Zzzzzs.
  14. by   AJJKRN
    I'm pretty sure my husbands favorite, whom is NOT a nurse nor works in any healthcare related fields - he won't even touch plumbing jobs - was the one where I heard a bed alarm going off and jumped out of bed and was taken out by our dresser. He really wanted to help and see if I was ok but he was just laughing too damn hard!

    Yep, not a fan of that dream...
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  15. by   brownbook
    All of the above, except being taken out by the dresser!

    I have dreams kind of like sevensonnets where I work in a least 7 - 10 story hospital with a nightmare of a floor plan. I leave my unit or am trying to find a department and wander up and down ramps, hallways, up and down elevators, grand circular staircases, sometimes even go outside thinking if I can find the front entrance I can get back to where ever in my dream I am supposed to be.

    I don't think I ask for help either.