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BabyFood26 has 4 years experience and specializes in Home Health, Mental/Behavioral Health.

I'm a nurse who, like many here, is a proud mama and wife. So Cal raised and initially licensed, I now reside in OH. I love learning. I'm constantly studying nursing related material. Acquiring CEUs is something I actually enjoy! I aspire to become an AP nurse in the future, specialty yet to be determined. However, as my username probably insinuates, I enjoy baby/mom interaction and would most likely pursue something along those lines. I'm a big nerd, love video games and watching movies with my wonderful husband. On the flip side, I am a huge nature admirer, historical architecture fan and enjoy visiting just about any museum. Coming home from a crazy day at work to my 2 beautifully quirky kids make all my woes melt away. I'm a natural introvert but love people. I'm an open book and strongly believe in that you are never to old to grow. I hope to someday be an old dog who begs to learn new tricks! I typically despise social media because of what has become of it, but thoroughly enjoy this community! Thanks for getting to know just a few pieces of me. I look forward to exchanging wisdom, laughter and tears alike here on AN!

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  1. Me neither!
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    Nursing Dreams and Nightmares

    Whoo! Congrats Compassionresearcher!
  3. BabyFood26

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    People are not even giving intelligent responses anymore that we can grab good feedback from. I'm unofficially claiming this thread to be dead. But, Nurse Beth, I always look forward to your articles. You're an amazing writer and your advice is always practical and useful!:)
  4. BabyFood26

    Yummy Nasal Spray

    This goofy patient I care for is particular (uncomfortable) with social interaction, personal attention and physical contact. She can have a difficult time with change, and if you're not quick on your toes, you might just catch a shiner if you're not careful! Well, we have a new medication on board. A nasal spray... Bleh!!! ... Or so I thought??? Here's the kicker, she absolutely loves it! Thinks it's hilarious. First time I told her, "Okayyy, I'm gonna get your nose, stay still OK?" ... She replies back with, "Don't move!" I laugh and say "Right, good job." I'm anticipating her to throw a fit. What does she do? Shouts at the top of her lungs, "WHOOOOA!" I took a few steps back just in case she felt the need to take a swing at me, then notice she's smiling! I ask, "You like that ya crazy kid?!" ... She says ... " Mmmmhm, yum!" Every day since the first administration, she giggles and hums (we call 'em happy noises). Lol who'da thought?! Every day is a surprise with this one. Her behavioral health and cognition have just been blossoming, it's awesome to watch and be a part of!
  5. BabyFood26

    LPN's aren't real nurses

    So well said, thanks shadow!
  6. BabyFood26

    The Blue Angel

    Thank you for sharing that. Another wonderful article.
  7. BabyFood26

    Nursing Boards control of Nurses

    Shouldn't have identified herself as an RN. It's one thing if she wants to vent about the unsatisfactory care her grampa received. She used your job title to validate her distaste, but really it's just unnecessary and unprofessional. And throwing your nursing title around after talking negatively about a nursing facility, I mean, come on ... not a smart move... That's like... if a psychologist got on his Facebook page and started venting about a family member not receiving the proper care from another clinic somewhere by a different psychologist, then saying... I know what I'm talking about, I'm a psychologist. He/she would be reprimanded too I'm sure. Profession and person need to be seperated. This was a personal issue. Should of been kept that way.
  8. BabyFood26

    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    An influx of nursing schools/programs which are attracting (in my opinion) the wrong people. Additionally, not all of them preparing students in a more practical way. New grads are just sorely under prepared for the real world of nursing. The goal of some, or most, is to herd 'em in, and make sure they graduate as many as possible to save face. A lot of individuals getting into nursing whom are not mentally or emotionally equipped to cope. Possibly a generational factor...? ... Not sure Unrealistic expectations of what nursing is supposed to be for new grads and great disappointment to more seasoned nurses of what new nurses/nursing has become, making it difficult for everyone to work cohesively. A decrease in the comradery/teamwork approach, leaving lots of new and seasoned nurses alike feeling overwhelmed. A sort of division, it seems like. Honestly, I feel strongly that it comes back to so many programs and schools making nursing look like a cake walk and attracting individuals whom are not suited for this type of work. Graduation rates are nothing to gloat about. Even statistics regarding how many new grads that got employed shortly after graduation. Like this article pointed out... Practically half are quitting after just a year. Somethings gotta change...
  9. BabyFood26

    Let's Share Little Victories

    That's a wonderful idea! I'm sure she'd love it! The snow has been steadily falling since then, but it's not sticking yet. When it finally does I'll be sure to give it a whirl, with moms permission of course, and let ya guys know! Funny you say that though because she seems to be fascinated with my water bottles I bring to work. She loves when they're fresh outta the fridge and cold. I let her play with it for a bit and she holds it to her cheek and swooshes it back and forth to make that "glub, glub" sound. Then chucks it like a quarter back lol... So I have to be careful it is not too heavy. That girls gotta arm on her!
  10. BabyFood26

    Let's Share Little Victories

    This patient I care for 1:1 is beginning to use her vocabulary to communicate appropriately better and better all the time. She is also becoming more and more comfortable with personal interaction and there has been a significant decrease in violent/self injurious behaviors. I've previously posted a few topics in regards to some of her triumphs. So, it was a cold, COLD day. It ended up snowing in fact, so you know... it was kind of dark outside. We spend a few hours a day in her playroom each day, during that time she faces the bedroom window. She kept gazing out her window today. Normally she doesn't care much to look outside, but today she did much more then usual. I watched her eyes fix on single snowflake and follow it's slow falling path, then once out of site onto the next ... this calm and content demeanor was captivating in itself, not her norm for sure... Because of her mellow mood I decided to compliment it with some "soothing" AC/DC (one of her all time faves but definitely did not suit the ambiance at the moment!) ... not a good choice ... so I notice she is becoming agitated. I quickly begin changing out the CD for another and say, "Oops not that one, huh? Let's change it." She looks at me and says, "There ya go." (Another anomaly!) I was tickled, I laughed and said "Oh you know what you want don't ya smart girl?" She says, "Mhmmm" At this point I'm ecstatic but trying to keep my cool somewhat, I went on to say "good job!" and give her a high five, to which she willingly raised her palm to recieve and smiled. So back to the chill vibe she was looking for. She continues to gaze out the window and goes on to say softly ..."night?" I reply in a soft voice back "it's goodmorning time, look it's snow, you see? Pretty huh?" She returns with a ... *long soft gasp* and with a soft breathy tone says, "wow... look at that." Then, just like that, her head turns away from me. Her strong arm tenses up to form a fist aimed to hit herself out of either excitement or frustration. Her arm/elbow restraint goes on. And there it went... our social interaction is over... for the rest of the day. Quickly, as gently as I can and efficiently as I can provide all of her g-tube care, incontinence care, position changes/transfers, etc.being careful to look for nonverbal ques that she is becoming unbearably uncomfortable with physical contact, in which I have her restraint on standby for her own safety. She's come a long way though. Her parents and doctor confirm. It was a such a sweet simple moment. However, this ability to exchange a few sentences back and forth with understanding, to interact on a personal level even if just for a few seconds, it was just a major feat for her. Days like this, little bits of progress like this, are what I strive for.
  11. Lol that's priceless, what a fun memory!
  12. BabyFood26

    undergarment selection

    Hey there. I wear something similar to these. "Sports Briefs" is the way to go for what you're describing. Hope this helps. I can totally relate so I had to jump on this! Lol Anita Active Sports Brief Workout Underwear 1627
  13. BabyFood26

    Which is More Effective in Treating Obesity?

    I voted diet and exercise. I do believe in certain circumstances, though, that surgical intervention is a key to saving some people's life from obesity and giving them that much needed push over a dangerous hump. Of course, fundamentally speaking it still comes back to what we put in our bodies and staying active. I strongly believe in the difficult, but necessary practice of requiring a patient to lose some body fat first. It sets the individuals mindset up for what the future holds post surgery. Sort of gives the person a more plausible outlook on expectations to maintaining their progress/health. And Great paper/article by the way :)
  14. BabyFood26

    Head to Toe Assessment

    I didn't read the article completely and didn't watch the video, but I do have something to say... Juuuust kidding Thorough, but easy to comprehend. And let me just say, I commend you for finding a Head to Toe assessment from YouTube! It is NOT easy to weed through all those inaccurate, unprofessional or just over the top videos. I will be returning to school in Jan. for my RN-ASN! Woot woot! Then on to my BSN via online. Really want to obtain my MSN but I will take it one step at a time. Thanks for your article! :)
  15. BabyFood26

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I think we interpreted the intent of the OP differently. I am considered overweight. I, like some here I'm sure, also have health issues that get in the way of my weight. However, I did not feel as though there was any fat shaming going on. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings on the topic though, but as I said in my previous comment, this is a touchy subject. And that's Ok.
  16. BabyFood26

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    It's a touchy subject for some. However, this article and the author's tones are light-hearted, sincere and informative. Nothing wrong with bringing this topic up again IMO. I think it needs to be spoken of openly more often actually. I mean... I'm a size 14/16... Hips to spare. But I know being healthy is important. Especially for those of us with families at home. I'm open to the truth of my weight and how it may effect my health and how I might work to change that because it's a positive thing. It is anything but shameful (shaming). And pertaining to the patients not respecting an overweight nurse... There will always be patients that won't listen. It can go either way. If a slender nurse is giving advice to an obese patient regarding healthy living, you think he/she is gonna have their listening cap on?? Not likely... more likely, the patient will be defensive and feel as though this slimmer individual could not possibly relate. Hence, my opinion that this subject in general needs to be discussed more. I don't understand why people get so frazzled over the idea of taking better care of their bodies. That's really all that it is. Living a better quality of life. Leading fam/patients by example. Like the aforementioned comments, I do agree that an employment screening based on weight is very unlikely in the near future. There are just way too many factors that come into the mix in this light. Take it or leave it. But snarl at the helpful hands that are trying to feed you sustainable knowledge and insight... Well that's just self-destructive. Rant complete.