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BabyFood26 has 4 years experience and specializes in Home Health, Mental/Behavioral Health.

I'm a nurse who, like many here, is a proud mama and wife. So Cal raised and initially licensed, I now reside in OH. I love learning. I'm constantly studying nursing related material. Acquiring CEUs is something I actually enjoy! I aspire to become an AP nurse in the future, specialty yet to be determined. However, as my username probably insinuates, I enjoy baby/mom interaction and would most likely pursue something along those lines. I'm a big nerd, love video games and watching movies with my wonderful husband. On the flip side, I am a huge nature admirer, historical architecture fan and enjoy visiting just about any museum. Coming home from a crazy day at work to my 2 beautifully quirky kids make all my woes melt away. I'm a natural introvert but love people. I'm an open book and strongly believe in that you are never to old to grow. I hope to someday be an old dog who begs to learn new tricks! I typically despise social media because of what has become of it, but thoroughly enjoy this community! Thanks for getting to know just a few pieces of me. I look forward to exchanging wisdom, laughter and tears alike here on AN!

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  1. Me neither!
  2. Nursing Dreams and Nightmares

    Whoo! Congrats Compassionresearcher!
  3. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    People are not even giving intelligent responses anymore that we can grab good feedback from. I'm unofficially claiming this thread to be dead. But, Nurse Beth, I always look forward to your articles. You're an amazing writer and your advic...
  4. Yummy Nasal Spray

    This goofy patient I care for is particular (uncomfortable) with social interaction, personal attention and physical contact. She can have a difficult time with change, and if you're not quick on your toes, you might just catch a shiner if you're not...
  5. LPN's aren't real nurses

    So well said, thanks shadow!
  6. The Blue Angel

    Thank you for sharing that. Another wonderful article.
  7. Nursing Boards control of Nurses

    Shouldn't have identified herself as an RN. It's one thing if she wants to vent about the unsatisfactory care her grampa received. She used your job title to validate her distaste, but really it's just unnecessary and unprofessional. And throwing yo...
  8. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    An influx of nursing schools/programs which are attracting (in my opinion) the wrong people. Additionally, not all of them preparing students in a more practical way. New grads are just sorely under prepared for the real world of nursing. The goal of...
  9. Let's Share Little Victories

    That's a wonderful idea! I'm sure she'd love it! The snow has been steadily falling since then, but it's not sticking yet. When it finally does I'll be sure to give it a whirl, with moms permission of course, and let ya guys know! Funny you say that...
  10. Let's Share Little Victories

    This patient I care for 1:1 is beginning to use her vocabulary to communicate appropriately better and better all the time. She is also becoming more and more comfortable with personal interaction and there has been a significant decrease in violent...
  11. Lol that's priceless, what a fun memory!
  12. undergarment selection

    Hey there. I wear something similar to these. "Sports Briefs" is the way to go for what you're describing. Hope this helps. I can totally relate so I had to jump on this! Lol Anita Active Sports Brief Workout Underwear 1627
  13. Which is More Effective in Treating Obesity?

    I voted diet and exercise. I do believe in certain circumstances, though, that surgical intervention is a key to saving some people's life from obesity and giving them that much needed push over a dangerous hump. Of course, fundamentally speaking i...
  14. Head to Toe Assessment

    I didn't read the article completely and didn't watch the video, but I do have something to say... Juuuust kidding Thorough, but easy to comprehend. And let me just say, I commend you for finding a Head to Toe assessment from YouTube! It is NOT eas...
  15. Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I think we interpreted the intent of the OP differently. I am considered overweight. I, like some here I'm sure, also have health issues that get in the way of my weight. However, I did not feel as though there was any fat shaming going on. Everyone ...