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  1. Also, if I'm not mistaken, a pharmacist has to check off each and every drug filled by a pharm tech prior to it being "dispensed".
  2. How do you deal with angry/upset with patients?

    This! The OP may want to clarify if needing tips on how to handle reasonable customer service recovery or what healthcare workers have been experiencing more and more, which is perfectly oriented patients and family members from all walks of life ver...
  3. Death at Work

    I live and work in the good ol state of Illinoid too. At my facility two nurses can pronounce per hospital protocol. We have to call the doc, coroner, gift of hope, etc too. The attending signs the death certificate. Since I work at a teaching hospi...
  4. Possible career ending injury

    Look into steroid injections. I have only needed two in five years (C6-7). They have saved my career as I was told that if I had an ACDF and continued to work the floor that I would just herniate in a different area simply because of the way my spine...
  5. I know many are saying go to management or HR but in my similar experience (as a new nurse), I was not believed or even entertained by my manager and since she did not keep my struggles in confidence, I was just treated even worse by the peers making...
  6. MA rant

    Many employers are like this. They don't want to pay up front and they end up paying more in the long run. Sigh.
  7. Accept the job that hires you and pays your bills...and with any luck it will turn out to be your dream job.
  8. Klone, my area has a glut of new grads to choose from and we've been offering sign-on bonuses for years (not when I graduated years ago though but...sigh). We have an issue that everyone wants to initially work at our hospital and get that golden yea...
  9. You may want to go back and reread the comment...it was "liked" so much because of the sarcastic twist that the OP added about being able to sue for being a male and being "discriminated" against... At least I think this is the post you're referring ...
  10. I bet you just unintentionally hit a nerve like when people say to us nightshifters that the patients just sleep all night. Oh man that has not ever been the truth for me! She might have just thought that you thought that working with one patient at ...
  11. ACCN Emergency dilemma

    Yep, my hospital offers all of those and more like trauma nurse certification, etc. It's a perk of working for them.
  12. Charge nurse

    I've been in the float pool for years and have been doing charge for years which is an expectation for many of us in the float pool. Not enough experienced nurses on the floors most of the time. I get a full patient load most of the time, maybe also ...
  13. This link may clear up some of the confusion... Nursing School Accreditation || RegisteredNursing.org Hope you find an accepting school especially in this volatile "nursing shortage"...smh...
  14. PCCN vs CCRN

    My boss told me this as she has both certifications... She said the PCCN was actually harder for her because you have to take the test in the mindset of a nurse with the knowledge of a step down nurse without using your knowledge of a ICU nurse, if t...
  15. job offer but not until December

    As long as you get it in writing, I would wait and work a non-nursing job until you start. Continue to read up on concepts to help prepare you for when you do start but getting a job as a nurse somewhere else will require that somewhere else to sink ...

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