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Hi all...I'm hoping you can give me some advice (and hopefully encouragement) about becoming a nurse. My husband (who is a physician) is discouraging me from becoming a nurse because he says the... Read More

  1. by   JBudd
    Okay, I'm going to play devil's advocate here. Is it possible he works or sees a place with a lot of very unhappy nurses, or hears them complaining a lot about the dysfunctional families etc.? Is it possible he is worried about your happiness, and not wanting you to be exposed to all that stress, that he is being protective?

    There was a time when the nurses I worked with, all of us were so unhappy that we ended up going out on strike, and not over money. (well, someof it was money, but not the main issue). My dh was very supportive, and protective.

    If he had met me first during that time, he would never have been able to understand that I truly enjoy nursing: drunks, assaults, puke on my new shoes and all. There are far more good times than bad, maybe they aren't all as memorable! but they are there.

    I see marriage as a partnership, if he feels that strongly against your going into nursing I would highly recommend resolving it before you go into school, because his support may make all the difference.
  2. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Quote from Faye1
    Oh, and I'm 45...maybe he thinks I'm too old (?).
    There is another post in this forum who is asking if 26 is too old!!!
    Never too old to grow as a person....never too old to stop learning...never to old to be who you want to be
  3. by   Lacie
    Dont let anyone discourage you if this is of genuine interest. Also being that your hubby is an MD it does make me wonder very much why and where he developed his perceptions of Nurses and the profession in general. I have worked with some who wouldnt lift a finger to get thier hands dirty doing what we do but I have encountered a few (very few) who dove in put gloves on and actually helped clean up a very dirty patient, suction, hold and clean up emesis, etc. They are far and few in between but there are md's who have an entirely different perception and respect us for what we do. Most of all any time I think I'm "Too Old" for anything I consider this 86 year old woman in this article ('ll be 50 next month lol)
    After reading this I am never too old to do anything!!!!!
  4. by   cookie102
    after 30 years, the good outway the bad, look at all your patients the same way, they are sick and need your help , some will aprreciate it and some will not, something you will see in every walk of life!
  5. by   mkcrturner
    Quote from TazziRN
    He's right, you will deal with the bottom of the barrell in your career. You will deal with drug addicts and alcoholics, and rude uncaring people who think you are nothing more than a servant.
    LOLOLOL, I found this funny. Reading those words took me back in time. It is how I was treated when I worked in various fast food places in my younger years. I was earning $12 hourly plus commission on net sales- almost ten years ago- managing a sub shop (took me to about $13.75/hr.)....yet the customers basically treated me like some low end $2/hr 'thing' they could belittle.
    Did I mention the 'dirty' people that wanted free food, made HORRIBLE messes in the restrooms?? etc. etc...

    I think that no matter what job you have, if you are dealing with the public you are exposed to ALL types of personalities and issues. So you might as well do something that YOU want to be doing A job that gives you satisfaction and makes you feel good about what you do!

    Go for it!!!!!
  6. by   HARRN2b
    Alot of my now exfriends went to nursing school when I went to business school. The thing I noticed is that they all married doctors. And yes, they play alot of tennis, and have their nails done. One nurse even left her husband because she was so "bored". Plus he cheated on her with other nurses!
  7. by   RN007
    Quote from Faye1
    Oh, and I'm 45...maybe he thinks I'm too old (?).
    Girlfriend, I am 47 and will be 48 when I get my RN next year. I know I am more mature and confident than many of the younger students in my class. And I'm very proud of it!
  8. by   Faye1
    umm...yes (?)
  9. by   gitterbug
    Deep down your physician husband wants your time and attention to be focused on him and the life he wants to lead away from work. He does not want to hear about the problems you face at work, he does not want to be put into the middle of politics of the facility with a working wife on staff as a nurse. There are about a thousand more reason I could name, but the bottom line is, if you really feel the need to go to nursing school, you are willing to study hard, do dirty work, be cussed, manhandled, and abused by some of the dirtballs of society, then follow your dream. After all of these years, I still enjoy many aspects of my job. It is hard, demanding, difficult at times to be a good nurse, a patient advocate, and a good employee. Go for it!
  10. by   NurseCard
    When I read your first post, I thought you were planning on becoming a psychiatric nurse. :spin:

    When I was a Med/Surge nurse working in a run-of-the-mill community hospital, I really found that my patients were more good, kind, and appreciative, than what you described in your post.
  11. by   bethin
    Your husband deals with these same messed up pts and so can you.

    And for the record (as an aide only) the good definitely outweighs the bad. When you go home and realize that you gave it your all it feels so good.

    If it's what you want, I say go for it. Or you can tell your husband you want to be like him and go to med school!
  12. by   gr8rnpjt
    Perhaps you should tell your husband that you are scrapping your plans to become a nurse, and with the money he saves in tuition you have decided to take up gambling.

    Or, better yet, tell him your new goal is to become a stripper.

    Maybe a career in nursing will look better to him after the shock wears off...
  13. by   Katnip
    Quote from caroladybelle
    And exactly who does your physician husband expect to take care of the patients that he admits to the hospital?

    Nursing can be dirty and rough, but can be very fulfilling...however, if he has such a poor (and seriously misguided/mistaken) opinion about nurses, then you have your work cut for you.
    It also says a lot about how physcians-at least this one-feels about patients.