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  1. RN007

    nonprofit salary negotiation

    Thanks. That is exactly my situation. I accepted the offer and am very happy to be joining this organization.
  2. RN007

    Passed my Boards!!

    Just saw this, as I've been off the board for a while. Congrats! I'm studying for the exam now.
  3. RN007

    nonprofit salary negotiation

    I just received my first offer for a psych NP position with a local, nonprofit integrated health system. This is the job I want and am happy to get the offer. The salary is a little lower than I expected and wondered if any of you working for nonprofits negotiated salary. I've always done this in other positions (this is my second career). The upside is, this site is eligible for federal loan payback.
  4. Is anyone here doing the DNP program at Chatham University or University of Missouri - Columbia? I'm trying to decide between the two programs. Thanks in advance.
  5. RN007

    Family PMHNP exam prep

    Does anyone have Barkley review CDs you're interesting in selling? Please PM me. Thanks ....
  6. RN007

    Anyone in Troy DNP?

    Interested in hearing from anyone experienced with this program or who has heard something.
  7. I'm so sorry, clinicalteach, but your post made me LOL. I almost took what looked like the job of my dreams, too, until I was told about the 24/7 call. No way, Jose. I live 2 miles from the facility and could see myself being there 24/7. (Hi, Kids. Remember me? I'm your mom. What? You graduated?) Your scenario makes me itch to come in and help. I'm a fixer type. But I also know about regs and do not appreciate being blamed for others' mistakes. Who had the job before you? That person should be hung by his/her toenails until they fall off. One suggestion I might make is if you've already put thoughts together for change, put them on paper to show you've already identified huge problems and intend to take care of them. Also put together a quick education plan and schedule. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Is anyone enrolled in one of these programs or know anything? I'm looking for info about how good the programs are. Thanks ....
  9. RN007

    Psych NP - peds

    Yeah, I was just curious how people who see kids got to their jobs.
  10. RN007

    Psych NP - peds

    I started clinicals yesterday for my psych NP program. I love the system I'm precepting with, but they do not let NPs see kids. I would like to specialize in treatment of children if possible. Is anyone here in peds psych and how did you get where you are?
  11. RN007

    Psych NP/kids

    I started clinicals yesterday for my psych NP program. I love the system I'm precepting with, but they do not let NPs see kids. I would like to specialize in treatment of children if possible. Anyone here heading toward peds psych have words of wisdom? I'm going to post this in the NP forum, too.
  12. RN007


    The U of Tenn PMHNP program is excellent but all on-ground except for one class, which is offered online.
  13. RN007

    Is This Realistic?

    [color=darkslategray]the first part of the program where you work on getting the rn will likely be intense, but if you have supportive family and are not working, it should be very doable. the msn part you can plan on spending an estimated 4 hours/ graduate credit hour studying (they say). some classes are harder than others, like advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology, for example, where you have to learn facts. theory isn't so bad, except that you likely will have to write some papers. i just started a pmhnp program with family, kids in school, an elderly mother and working part time (prn). so far, so good.
  14. I know it takes what seems like forever for credentials to finally come through. What did you psych/mental health NPs do while you were waiting? Were any of you able to work in private practices? Or did you do shift work? TIA.
  15. RN007

    UT Memphis DNP fall 2010

    Good luck, triRN. I thought about applying, then decided I needed credentials sooner to earn some money. I hope to do the DNP after I start working as an NP. I've just been accepted into the mental health NP program at UT Knoxville for fall 2010, so I bet the UTCHS letters go out soon, too.
  16. I totally support the OP. I dissected a cat and frankly got zero benefit from looking at those preserved organs, if I could even tell that's what they were. I think I would have learned more by a virtual dissection, truth be told.