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  1. Thank you, this was very helpful!!! :]
  2. Faye1

    Acid/Base Balance Question

    Thank you guys very much. I guess I was wondering if my answer was incorrect....even though it's not the BEST answer. Let me know your thoughts on this!
  3. Faye1

    Acid/Base Balance Question

    Respiratory Acidosis with Metabolic Alkalosis.
  4. PCO2 = 54 HCO3 = 35 pH = 7.35 PaO2 = 89 % What state of acid-base balance is this person in? Could you please explain your answer to me? Many thanks!! : )
  5. Faye1

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I'm so sorry to hear of Daytonite's passing- I did not realize she was ill. I was stumped on an acid-base balance problem, so I thought I'd log on and send her my question. I had no idea that she passed away, or even that she was ill. I will miss her valuable input. Condolences to her family.
  6. Faye1

    Check this Nursing Dx for me...

    Thanks! I guess I agree, but I still have lingering questions in my mind about this. I mean, for "imbalanced nurtirion: more than body requirements" the R/T factor is excessive intake in relationship to metabolic need. and a defining characteristic is sedentary lifestyle. wouldn't reduced physical activity reduce metabolic need...and cause a risk for "excessive intake in relation to metabolic need"? ha! i know i must be overanalyzing this. but i want to understand. thx again... :)
  7. Faye1

    Check this Nursing Dx for me...

    good point!! thanks- it should definitely be a "risk" diagnosis. i thought that the physical part might be ok, since decreased physical mobility would lower body requirements? i don't know...maybe not. i mean, i guess nutritional requirements stay the same, but calorie requirements would change. if the person kept their eating patterns the same, then if they suddenly became less active then they could get fat. does that make sense? i don't know...i think you're probably right!
  8. Does this sound ok? Imbalanced nutrition, risk for more than body requirements, R/T reduced physical activity patterns secondary to MS exacerbation. Thanks for your help!! : )
  9. Faye1

    MassBay Acceptance Letters??

    I received mine today, April 2nd....
  10. Faye1

    Most useful nursing pre-req course?

    Ha! That's too funny. Thanks- :wink2:
  11. Faye1

    Most useful nursing pre-req course?

    The reason I'm asking about this, is that I will be taking A&PII (all other pre-reqs are done) this fall and I'm thinking of taking one or two more classes- possibly to "freshen up." I am getting credit for a few classes I took eons ago (statistics, chem, algebra, etc)...but I thought I might repeat any of these or others that are most useful for nurses. I'm waiting (on the wait list) to get into a nursing program. Thanks for all your responses! :wink2:
  12. Hi- I was wondering if anyone could tell me (from experience) what pre-requisite courses were the most useful to them in actual nursing practice. Thanks!! :wink2:
  13. i recently went to my 3rd info session at massbay (rn day). i go once a year while i'm on the waiting list (3 yrs now), just to stay up to date on the requirements. i went this past april or may ('08). the system is totally ridiculous now. the main requirement now is that you have 24 massbay credits, at minimum.
  14. Faye1

    I don't want to work in a hospital ever...

    I have a suggestion for you, because I am thinking about the same thing. Resarch nursing. It is true that you will have to go out and work in a hospital for a year or two (probably, but not definitely) to get most any nursing job, but the need is so strong for researchers right now. They make good money, and there are many types of positions. There's a lot of tedious paperwork (computerwork) involved, but you can get a lot of satisfaction in some of these positions. You can work traveling around to sick people's homes (or just hospital rooms) to take vitals, admin. investigational meds/placebos, and stuff like that. I had meningitis one time many years ago, and the hospital contacted me about being part of an investigational drug study. A nurse came out everyday to my house, and gave me the drug, and checked on me. I thought that would be a cool job!
  15. Faye1

    Help...husband discouraging me :(

    umm...yes (?)
  16. Faye1

    Lowest of the Low

    Jeez...when I hear this stuff it scares me. Do I really want to become a nurse? I had absolutely no idea how smart nurses really are...why do they get so little respect? I mean, salespeople get more respect than this.