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Check this Nursing Dx for me...


Does this sound ok?

Imbalanced nutrition, risk for more than body requirements, R/T reduced physical activity patterns secondary to MS exacerbation.

Thanks for your help!! : )

Are they eating more than they should be? I'd usually write risk for imbalance nutrition: more than body requirements r/t .... the physical part doesnt make sense i dont think, they arent eating more because they are moving less.

good point!! thanks- it should definitely be a "risk" diagnosis. i thought that the physical part might be ok, since decreased physical mobility would lower body requirements? i don't know...maybe not.

i mean, i guess nutritional requirements stay the same, but calorie requirements would change. if the person kept their eating patterns the same, then if they suddenly became less active then they could get fat. does that make sense? i don't know...i think you're probably right!

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No. The definition of this diagnosis (Risk for Imbalanced Nutrition: more than body requirements) is at risk for an intake of nutrients that exceeds metabolic needs. Reduced physical activity patterns is an inappropriate risk factor for it. The patient has to be eating more food than is normal for them.

Thanks! I guess I agree, but I still have lingering questions in my mind about this. I mean, for "imbalanced nurtirion: more than body requirements" the R/T factor is excessive intake in relationship to metabolic need. and a defining characteristic is sedentary lifestyle. wouldn't reduced physical activity reduce metabolic need...and cause a risk for "excessive intake in relation to metabolic need"? ha! i know i must be overanalyzing this. but i want to understand. thx again... :)