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  1. JennNJ83

    Patients still wanting a lot of treaments

    I feel like it's more, they don't want to continue to see their own doc, they just want us to treat all other conditions, usually because they aren't ambulatory. It's easy to keep within the mindset of " only treating and managing the hospice diagnosis" but it's hard when your out there a few times a week and it keeps being insisted on by the family. Just not what I thought I guess.
  2. JennNJ83

    New Grad, 8 patients. HELP!

    8 on days is a lot, but like others have said you will start to be faster and more efficient, hang in there you will get the hang of it, I felt the same way, got sick every day before work, but you will get through it!
  3. JennNJ83

    New nurse, first job starts in a few weeks....

    Definitely focus on time management and organization, it's the biggest challenge for most new nurses
  4. JennNJ83

    Ativan...ETOH History...7mg IV last night? Too much?

    our protocol goes up to 3 mg IV or PO q2 hours, so over a 12 hour shift that's 18mg, don't worry you did fine!
  5. JennNJ83

    Fort Riley KS??

    Hello all, there is a big possibility we will be relocating to Ft Riley, KS, my husband is active duty military. I will have had approx 1 year 2 months in med surg acute care experience, anyone know if jobs are hard/easy to come by in this area? Does anyone work on or around Ft Riley? Any advice is appreciated!!
  6. JennNJ83

    Nursing Students Unite

    Take time for yourself to relax and have a good time, or you'll become like some of my classmates, cranky, sleep deprived and obsessed :)
  7. JennNJ83

    Accerlated BSN and sleep?

    once you get a routine down it's fine, I don't deprive myself of sleep period, I get at least 8 hours a night, its one of my priorities :)
  8. I'm going to finish my BSN program in December, I've been thinking about joining the Army to do nursing there. My husband is Active duty Army also, anyone in this particular situation? I'm wondering how that works with stationing and also wondering if we'd have the chance of being deployed at the same time, for child raising purposes down the road? I wanted to get some info before I attempt to contact a recruiter. Any input would be appreciated!
  9. it depends on your instructor, i did a lot of bed baths and oral care, some of my classmates in other groups did a lot of iv's caths and wound care. Good luck!!
  10. JennNJ83

    Today after clinical I broke down in Tears!!:(

    What I do is as soon as I get the MAG I look up the meds real quick with what class the drug is, reason for admin, common side effects and nursing considerations, like labs to look for, or when to do B/P or pulse prior. This way I feel comfortable giving those meds because I know what they are for and what to look for. For peds I always made sure I did the math too and made sure it was a correct dose for the weight. Good luck, talk to your instructor or classmates, ask for tips. good luck!
  11. My request form for my senior preceptorship is due tommorow and I'm still on the fence as to which hospital to choose. As an Army wife, my first choice had been WalterReed, to get some experience in the military hospitals, after I get some experience under my belt I'd like to work in one. Because of the merger with Bethesda, they are taking any "preceptees", I was told Dewitt might though (Fort Belvior). My other top hospitals were Inova Fairfax and/or Fair Oaks, George Washington, or Washington Hospital Center, of course I'm also thinking Dewitt. Should I choose the hospital I have the best chance at getting a job afterward? Anyone have any insight as to which would be best for my preceptorship, I chose oncology and medsurg as my top 2 picks unit wise. Any input is appreciated!!
  12. JennNJ83

    pulse deficit and BP?

    Pulse deficit is a discrepency between the peripheral and apical pulse, mechanical factors would most likely be a cuff too big or too small for the patient's arm, hope this helps.
  13. JennNJ83

    is it bad that...

    I still don't have a CLUE where I'd like to work after graduation,rapidly approaching, everyone I got to school with pretty much has a solid idea of where they'd like to work, whether or not they do is a different story, and I still have no idea. Anyone in the same boat??
  14. I'd double up by wearing a tampon and a pad and spanks or something to hold it in place, luckily we wear dark blue pants
  15. JennNJ83

    When you have students on the floor...

    wow, i'm still in school and i'd never dream of doing this, although I know that some of my classmates had clinical instructors who often left the floor and they gave meds by themselves, i agree with your statement about being clear about your expectations in the future. Sorry this happened to you!
  16. JennNJ83

    Is it hard to find an RN job being military wife?

    question to you wives that have interviewed, do you disclose your husband's military status? I haven't worked as a nurse yet ( I graduate in Dec), but I know that in the past interviewers always ask what brings me to the area when they look at my resume and my wide variey of work experience and schooling in different states.