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  1. Heart Attack Grill (20/20 ABC show)

    I actually saw this. The customers eat these huge greasy meals and the nurse wheels them out to their car in a wheelchair. She has on the slutty short shirt that is supposed to portray a nurse uniform. There is a sign outside that says "hiring hot nu...
  2. The Verdict's in

    Congrats!!! Did you have a 4.0 GPA?
  3. Anybody attend UF accelerated?

    NP, Are you going for the accelerated bsn? I already have a first degree so am looking at accelerated! I just do not know what the lowest gpa they accept is--mine is around 3.5
  4. Anybody attend UF accelerated?

    Anybody go here????
  5. what did you do in your former life?

    I am have a BS degree in business. My emphasis is marketing. I once worked for Ford Motor in their marketing dept in Detroit. I hated it! I travelled alot, which was fun at first but got old. I have always been in marketing in one capacity or another...
  6. question about salary in the US

    I would not want a nurse taking care of me that works 6 days 12 hours per day. NO WAY!!!!
  7. New sexually transmitted disease

    That is so funny!!!!!!
  8. Anybody attend UF accelerated?

    What did you think of the program? I was going to get an ADN from a community college, but already have a BS degree. Wondering if I can do the accelerated in the same amount of time? Would you recommed UF (or any other state college)????? Thanks!!...
  9. HURRAH!! Accepted for Spring

    Am I reading your post right? The accelerated program is just 12 months? How do they fit it all in?
  10. Ivy Tech LPN - Sit-out 1 year?

    It is true that you sit out. Actually it is 9 months. The reason is this: you start your lpn in the fall and finish in the summer the following year. You then wait until the following beginning of summer to start the transition program. You join the ...
  11. CAN you believe this! - Bad Portrayal of nurses in my local paper

    Um, I do not think I will complete nursing school if only to receive minimum wage. I can earn that at Walmart! I would like to see this writer try to complete one of the required science courses
  12. Anyone left good paying job for nursing?

    Ginger, really, I think it is our world we are living in. Sadly, it is all about the almighty dollar. When I first started in my first career (sales), it was all about the customer, as it should be. Today, the customer does not matter. I was spen...
  13. Made a med error

    Oh God, as a student this scares me to death!
  14. Anyone left good paying job for nursing?

    I left a good paying job, but I was bored to death. Plus, if the company downsized me, I knew I could never find a job that pays the same amount of money. This will give me more options. I also find I am not as tired anymore as I enjoy going to cl...
  15. Information about Marian College

    They give preference to those who take their prereq's at Marion (of course). However, most take at ivy tech. Ivy tech gives a good bang for the buck on their classes. I have taken all my prereq's there. The only thing I have left is stats and I c...