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  1. bethin

    "You take the BUS to work!"

    I'd ask him how much he spent on gas when it was $4 a gallon. In one month I spent enough on gas to make a car payment on a Mercedes! Not only are you saving money, but you're also saving the environment. I would gladly take public transportation if it was available. In some countries, especially European, public transportation is the only way to go. Think of NYC. Do you really want to drive from Brooklyn to Manhattan during rush hour??
  2. bethin

    What kind of learner are you?

    Same here. I hated being read to in school because I couldn't retain the information but I love to read. I have to see the words to comprehend.
  3. bethin

    Bad medicine - a real doctor dissects the TV doctors

    It always disgusts me that they gown up, do a procedure, get blood on the gown and then go in the elevator or speak to family members. There was one episode of ER, season 1 or 2 I think where Carol went into the elevator with yellow isolation gown on, gloves on, blood on gown, and proceeded to chart with a pen!No one with a lick of common sense would do that. Ewww!
  4. bethin

    Bad Day!!!

    I feel for you. I had a day like that last week. I left early and I was supposed to do CPR after work, but after a RN made me feel like an uneducated piece of pond scum I left (she said this after my shift was over and report given). I hadn't cried in ten years and I didn't make it out the door before it started. I cried all day and I didn't want to go back either. Then I reminded myself that I am better than that, and to never let anyone make me feel inferior again. The whole reason I was a piece of uneducated pond scum? Housekeeping was moving beds and had moved a bed under the bedside chart (little thing that pulls down where you can write). Anyway, this nurse just couldn't muster the strength to move the darn thing. She demanded that I do even though I was busy putting in I & O's and answering the phone. Her response "well, everyone else does it." Felt like telling her that if someone jumped off a bridge she should feel free to follow. Sorry to hijack. Next time you work, go in there with your head held high, smile and say good morning/good night to everyone. Trust me, they'll forget about it and something new will arise. As far as the NM, it sounds like not much can be done there, unless you get a large group of nurses to talk to her boss. If I was in your situation, I'd be looking for another job before the NM really truly hated you (undeserved of course). Good luck!
  5. bethin

    Do you wear your seatbelt

    I don't work ER but I put mine on before I start my car just in case of that freak accident where someone hits you while you're parked. It stays on while I'm in the car waiting for someone. I wear it if I move my car from the street to the driveway. I guess you could say I'm anal about it.
  6. I appreciate that you took the time and effort to put a new face on allnurses, but since you asked: I don't like it. I feel like there's too much wasted space. I think the font it too big and I liked having Nursing News on the home page but now I see that is taken up by Nursing Articles. Also, trying to find my favorite forums was a slow process. I will try, as usual to adapt. But quite honestly it seems as allnurses.com gets an upgrade every 6 months - year. That's a lot of adapting. And I just noticed there's no line above siggy lines. That could get confusing.
  7. bethin

    please help me

    Does your school have a tutoring program? My school had one, but they did more than tutor. They talked about and helped students with test anxiety which I think you could benefit from. I always get books early, I don't wait till the week before classes start. I start reading while on break so I have a head start. Good luck!
  8. bethin

    Thoughts on Apple's Mac

    You'll love it jnette! I was PC all my life until 2 years ago when I decided to go to the dark side. The support when I needed it was wonderful (and they spoke perfect English) and they were so patient. Everything runs just as fast as the day I bought it. Graphics are much much better and everything is just easier. And no, I still have yet to figure out how to do smilies and post pics in posts.
  9. bethin

    Bathroom Inservicing

    We have that too. We used to have funnies posted too but management decided that laughing while peeing is a no-no. They also used to have a LARGE poster of a man pointing his finger at with the words "I want YOU to wash your hands!". I tore that sucker down. Made me nervous. I don't mind that that kind of stuff is up. I'm in too much of a rush to read memos while going to the bathroom.
  10. bethin

    Moving to indianapolis...help!

    First, you'll have no problems finding a nursing job in Indy. Riley is part of the Clarian network which included IU Med Center and Methodist, all excellent hospitals. There's also Community Hospitals with a several scattered throughout the city and there's also St Francis ad St Vincent. The color of scrubs depends on unit policy. I've heard starting wages around $30, but I'm not an RN. Cost of living is cheap here. I would strongly recommend you contact a recruiter at Riley and see if you can get into a new grad program. Good luck!
  11. bethin

    How to get stool smell off of your hands..?

    Off topic but I also use shaving cream on patients who haven't bathed since the Millennium. Works great at cutting armpit odor.
  12. bethin

    The Wrong Place to Be Chronically Ill

    I absolutely agree. I'm glad that I have relatively good coverage, although my premiums are expensive d/t pre-existing conditions. My parents insurance doesn't pay for mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears, etc. We've (and politicians) have known for over 15 years that healthcare is in trouble. Yet it seems as if no one is doing anything. We as a people have complained but Congress and our President can't seem to get it together and do something. They said in the 90's that healthcare would get worse and it has. We say now that in 20 years healthcare will be even worse but yet here we sit twiddling our thumbs while trying to convince ourselves it can't get worse.
  13. bethin

    How to get stool smell off of your hands..?

    I use lemon juice.
  14. bethin

    Criminal Background Check on Yourself

    I've always gotten a form letter and then sent that to the address listed on the form, they in turn send it to whomever I address it to. I'd ask the school.
  15. bethin

    For the nightshifters.

    That's how I look at it. I also think I'm no more tired after a 12 than I am after an 8.