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  1. gitterbug

    Ohio Board of Nursing....HELP!

    I feel your panic but please calm down, attempt to call the OBON on Monday, speak to that person, and refresh their memory. I was having some problems, spoke to a real person and they were so helpful and nice, I was ready to go in less than 5 days. I wish you luck on the boards.
  2. gitterbug

    pre-op and hearing aid?

    I can only speak for what we do here. We leave the hearing aide in place until the patient is given anesthesia, it is then removed, placed in a container that is clearly marked with name and room number, it stays with the patients chart until the patient regains a LOC that the hearing aide is needed. The chart has a note attached to the front alerting anyone that patient needs/has a hearing aide, we sometimes write on a piece of tape and put it on the patients gown hearing aide in place to R or L ear, just a a gentle reminder to the OR staff. When OR calls for the patient we verbally tell them the patient has a hearing aide too. All of this is charted, so there is a chain of knowledge and protocal. We used to give them to family members but it was found that patients were too disadvantaged in PACU without their hearing aides to respond approiately to commands or instructions.
  3. gitterbug

    Witchy Nurses *Rant*

    Puggy, Great story and a very insightful one too. Like everyone else has mentioned, clinicals are a learning experience. You will learn that some places and their staff are toxic, others are great. Learn to go with the flow, it will come in handy when you are a nurse. Have a blessed day.
  4. gitterbug


    Overall my experience with our group has been good. They are competent, caring, and well educated. One left, his ego was just too big to be here. He was such a handsome man, so well educated, so wealthy and refined he needed to be somewhere he was appreciated (his words exactly). I guess he found what he was looking for in Mississippi cause West Virginia sure was not for him. LOL!
  5. gitterbug

    Just Plain Nasty Mean. What Would You Do?

    I agree with letting this person know you will not participate in the childish and mean behavior. Tell them to call you by name, if they persist in calling you names, make a copy of the harrassment policy, see the HN and report this behavior, giving her a copy of the policy, if the HN does not take action, go to HR and file a complaint. Even if you are changing jobs, others will be staying and they do not need to be subjected to this type of behavior. Prayer does help, so does counselling, and it seems that this employee needs some of both. I wish you a blessed day.
  6. gitterbug

    Is it me?

    On any given day, on any shift, on any unit at any facility gossip can and often does rear its ugly head. It is practical to learn how to do a good job, be kind, caring, competent, and quiet. Learn to count to ten before speaking, it saves a lot of foot in mouth problems. I wish you luck and hope you have a blessed day.
  7. gitterbug

    Ever had an ex-boyfriend, or someone you didn't like as a patient?

    Several times over the years I have been assigned to care for family members and ex-inlaws. I attempted each and every time to request a switch but I was denied every time except for twice. Seems their medical problems were such that an experienced nurse was really required. I made the CN and HN come into the room and listen while a plan of action was set into place. Thank goodness no problems ever came up. I did chart this whole situation in the chart and was later told I was not clear in explaining the relationship between myself and these patients. What is so hard to understand about this is my aunt, my ex-SIL, my ex-FIL? I attempted to act in a professional, kind, and caring manner. Guess it worked, I still get some ex relatives assigned to me, and they refuse to take another nurse. LOL. Stress is my middle name on those days.
  8. gitterbug

    Poll: How many of you have been fired from nursing jobs?

    Is it possible for you to work in another area part-time? Is week-end an option? How about a state job? This is a difficult and stressful situation for you I am sure, but visit the local employment office, sign up and start looking. Good luck.
  9. gitterbug

    Moving to Nevada

    Agree with Kizzy, no one can give you the answers you need but the board. But why would you have to retest if your license is reinstated in NJ? I wish you good luck in returning to practice.
  10. gitterbug

    Possible strike at MGH

    Hi RB, Yes it did sound very bad to me too. I know there were rumors about a year or so ago that over 12 million dollars was missing from the Laird Foundation fund that was set aside to help the facility keep the doors open when times were rough. In the past 2 administrators were let go under strange circumstances. A person would think that a 12 million dollar deficit would cause a lots of press and comments but in this area it seems normal. We are used to hearing about big money coming to the area for improvements but by the time the money passes through many hands, we are lucky if much gets done. Living in the hills, got to love it! LOL! Have a blessed day.
  11. gitterbug

    Possible strike at MGH

    I spoke today with an employee of this facility who will be directly effected by this strike if it happens. He said some issues have been worked out, but the wage freeze for 3 years and the increase in insurance rates and copays are the main sticking points right now. He says the facility has wanted to borrow money from the union to keep the place going, but that may be a rumor started by both sides in this dispute. Everyone is holding their breath, waiting to see what will happen next.
  12. gitterbug

    court ruling affects all RN'S

    I would hate for some of the managers who I have worked under to actually have to work on the floor. Talk about dangerous, they were very dangerous and had no true understanding of what was necessary to manage some patients. It does not take long to know that too much rocking the boat will get a nurse fired no matter how competent that nurse is in their nursing practice. Reality of life is, take some things that are unfair and do the best you can, guarding your tongue so you can work to pay the bills.
  13. gitterbug

    Nashville New Grad Jobs ?????

    Hang in there, keep contacting facilities, something will come up.
  14. gitterbug

    Am I incompetent?

    I would ask for a reason, but not be surprised if there was a lot of "passing the buck" on this issue. Sometimes, agency nurses go into a place and are so bent on doing a good job, they actually make the regular staff look bad. I wish you luck on your next assignment.
  15. gitterbug

    court ruling affects all RN'S

    As long as nurses have or are perceived as having no power, then wages, working conditions, and safety issues will always be a problem.
  16. gitterbug

    getting sick of it.

    Why not just say because the personal rewards were greater for me and the family. I agree that it will take a long time for the public to accept male nurses as common rather than rare in the hospital setting. But, take heart, as more males enter the field, it will get better. Anyway, many of us like you guys, think you do a great job, and we are more than happy to share the load. Keep smiling, and have a blessed day.