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Have you ever been assigned to take care of a movie star, singer, etc? I never have, but I know there has to be at least one of us here who has.... Read More

  1. by   blueberry21
    A friend of mine works at a hospital here that is where the players of a local NBA team go for diagnostic tests. The hospital employees are restricted from requesting autographs. When one HUGELY popular player was scheduled to come in, someone left a sharpie pen and notebook in a restroom for this VERY TALL player to find--which he did. Not only did he sign every page in the notebook. He also signed the mirror and signed a bottle of soap/cleaner and pulled off a bunch of toilet paper and signed that as well!!!!!!!!

    Needless to say this guy has a sense of humor:chuckle
  2. by   RGN1
    I've looked after 2 famous sports stars & one up & coming. There are 3 clubs who send their injured & those needing surgery to us for treatment so I may well look after more as the time goes on. So far they've been really nice & not at all ego heads!

    I love it because one of the clubs is my favourite - so I insist on being allocated to them when I'm on shift!

    We're not supposed to ask for autographs but there are ways & means -like in the above post. The stars themsleves don't seem to have a problem with it, just management!
  3. by   Magsulfate
    I took care of a famous comedian's father. She flew in from Hollywood and was VERY nice to be around.
  4. by   katfishLPN
    Quote from TazziRN
    Um......I may be wrong but Im thinking a bit too much information?
    When I read this I thought the same thing.
  5. by   katfishLPN
    Quote from phriedomRN
    That's what I was just thinking. No more details that what I've seen put out on other posts, only difference is the pt is someone famous. As long as there are more than a couple world famous *whatevers* I don't see any reason to be concerned
    I agree!:yeahthat:
  6. by   Euskadi1946
    I got to take care of a famous country singer and the father of a famous actor who was a world renowned violinist.
  7. by   NeoNurseTX
    I had a very well-known goverment official (well known in the area) on my floor and also a former pro football player.
  8. by   Daytonite
    I used to live in a city where celebrities abound. We had famous people in and out all the time. The most notable would have been President Ford. I did not work on the unit that he was a patient in, but the presence of his security team was hard not to notice! The daughter of one of the former Presidents was one of my co-workers.

    I am hesitant to mention the names of all the various movie stars I've had as patients. Most of them are now deceased. Many of you would recognize their names instantly. I started my very first IV on a very famous television personality--and missed the first stick! My very favorite was Jackie Coogan. Many of you will remember him as Uncle Fester on the old Adams Family TV series. He was the absolutely nicest person I have ever met and so educated and intelligent. William Holden, another older movie star, was a frequent patient. Edgar Buchannan, Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction, was also our patient. I don't remember his name but we had the cartoonist who was one of the original creators of the Flintstones, as well as another syndicated comic strip writer (I cannot remember his name or the comic strip, maybe Steve Canyon?) as patients. One drew and signed drawings of the Flintstone characters for some of the staff. I recall the other artist having his work table brought in and him sitting up in bed and working for a number of hours each day on black and white ink drawings for upcoming installments of his comic strip. I didn't realize how large the original drawings had to be since when you see them in the paper they are scaled down so small! And, I can't tell you how many moms and dads of movie stars we had as patients. You get to see a different side of famous people when you see them ministering to their families. In many cases, celebrities would tell us they would have no careers if it hadn't been for sacrifices one or both of their parents had made for them.

    My mother was an employee of the Sinatra family. Every single one of the family treated the nurses in their employ like gold. I never met Bob Hope, but I did meet his wife. The Hope's had a great deal to do with the development of Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. For those who don't know the area, the Betty Ford Clinic (for the treatment of substance abuse) is part of that facility. And, I'm sure we all know some of the celebrities who have been for treatment there!
  9. by   Lisa CCU RN
    No, but I took care of a famous movie star's grandmother.
  10. by   teeituptom
    I have taken care of movie stars, even a few of the really top ones. At least from the old days. A lot of politicians, a lot of sports figures. Even a fair number of journalists, and let me tell you journalists are cruel, mean, nasty, attempt to be intimidating. Now I can't be intimidated, which is why I get sent in to take care of them, when they come in.They rate at the low end of human life forces. They are at the bottom with lawyers. Lawyers and journalists are all despicable people.
  11. by   Daytonite
    Lawyers don't bother me. You'll almost never hear them make a stupid comment like "I'm going to sue you." I can't recall one that I would say I absolutely didn't like.

    I should probably mention that one patient who was the scariest though was a very famous movie star. No one wanted to go into this person's room. They were very contrary and difficult. Was known to throw things at people when upset. Had their own private duty nurses who would come out of the patient's room periodically and you could see them breathe a sigh of relief to be out of there. I think these private nurses took a lot of verbal abuse from this person. Maybe I'm just too much of an idealist, but I used to think that a lot of it came from the chronic illness the patient had that many people of the public were probably not aware of. Then, again, you have to wonder how some of these older stars got to the top of the heap and stayed there. For some of them, I guess it took being nasty and aggressive. Add a lot of accumulated wealth to that and just one celebrity like this can give the rest a bad reputation. By and large, most all the movie stars and famous people were nice and really not much different from anyone else. The difference was really in my mind, I suppose, not theirs.
  12. by   spankie
    [quote=Daytonite]Lawyers don't bother me. You'll almost never hear them make a stupid comment like "I'm going to sue you." I can't recall one that I would say I absolutely didn't like.

    This is my first post but I had to share. We had a (lawyer) pt who loved to inimidate the staff. He was a real jerk and no one would take care of him two days in a row. It was to be my (first) time being his nurse and I had to restart his IV.

    Me: Hi Mr XXX. I have to restart your IV.
    Pt (looking down and grumbling): You better be good at this.
    Me: I usually get it in one try. I don't attempt it unless I'm sure.

    I tie the tourniquet on pt an proceed to look for the best vein.

    Pt: You better know what you are doing. I'm a lawyer, you know, and I could sue you.
    Me (never looking even looking up): True, but I'm a nurse and could kill you...that doesn't mean I would.

    **TOTAL silence until I'm done****

    Pt: You know, I never had anyone have a reply to that. I like you.

    From that moment on I was his nurse until discharge and we got along great. <VBG>
  13. by   daisey_may
    I sat with a confused patient who is the daughter of a major league baseball player. He must have played before the 1960's, though, because she was considerably older and it was no one that I recognized. I thought my confused lady was just saying things until her family came up and told me, too. It was kind of neat...we spent most of the time watching baseball games and she told me stories!