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CMCRN has 28 years experience and specializes in L&D,Lactation.

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  1. CMCRN

    Anyone here an RNC?

    My employer, too, offers a financial incentive of $100 per month. I think they do this if they are going for magnet status, which means they are giving a ton of money to ANA
  2. CMCRN

    PO Vitamin K?

    IV? that must be a typo We do have a protocol for po Vitamin K. Double the IM dose orally but it does require 2 follow up doses and is somewhat hard to find outside the hospital setting apparently. Compounding pharmacies can make it up for you though.
  3. CMCRN

    Frustrated new L&D nurse

    I think you did fine. I agree with the other posters, I do not necessarily turn the Pitocin off first, the goal is to get delivered, I acess the whole situation and try the interventions you did. I have been an L&D nurse for a long time, but not so much postpartum, last week we had to keep a c section, twins, mom in L&d for 24 hours because of bleeding. I had only that patient and she kept me completely busy for 8 hours! And she wasn't on Mag! I had to give blood, teach pumping, manual expression, try to get 2 near term babies on, try to get her up, after she got the blood and could sit up without fainting, etc, etc, etc. I agree that newbies should take the difficult pts, that's how you learn, but your assignment was too much and you should have gotten more help from your co workers. JMHO
  4. CMCRN

    Taking RNC Inpatient Obstetrical EXAM HELP ME

    I think you sound prepared. I took it 6 years ago and realized afterwards I had overprepared. If you have a number of years experience then you allready know this stuff. Many people I work with have taken it since then and most of them passed, some took the review class. I think you are right in your statement about test taking skills. Reviewing a practice test helped relieve my anxiety by letting me see basically how questions were worded. Good luck!
  5. CMCRN

    Prioritizing Patients - Please Help!

    I think this is an impossible assignment. In California it is definately out of ratios! What position is the ruptured 28 weeker? If baby is any position but vertex, in my facility, she requires continuous fetal monitoring. As does the preeclamptic, and to add a fresh post op on top of that... I'de be on the phone to my charge nurse, while doing everything that everyone else suggested above.
  6. CMCRN

    constipation and contractions

    Yes, constipation can cause uterine contractions and exacerbate preterm labor.
  7. CMCRN

    Recovery for vaginal delivery

    We do 2 1/2 hour recoveries. We are a level 3 facility doing 500+ deliveries. We have 18 labor rooms and 6 antepartum rooms. Our Csections recover until they can lift their hips. But we do baby vs, assesment, meds, skin to skin breastfeeding and bath. We don't shower the mom though, most of them cannot walk well enough. MB has 4 couplets, and about 52 beds on 2 floors.
  8. CMCRN


    We do not dilute, although I sometimes pour it over ice, I think it is more palatable cold. I tell people to be prepared for the taste, like liquid sweet tarts...
  9. CMCRN

    Everything I do is wrong!

    I agree with the above poster, at least she was able to focus on a task that needed doing rather than freezing up completely. The baby nurse sounds like a drama queen wanting to make herself look important. I've oriented lots of people, hang in there.
  10. CMCRN

    Any help w/ station?

    +5 in the Nursery
  11. CMCRN

    Do You Want Universal Healthcare?

    GlennCoCo-Are you under the impression that it is not screwed up now?
  12. CMCRN

    Do You Want Universal Healthcare?

  13. CMCRN

    What do you do?

    You might want to investigate being a Medical Assistant. They are usually the ones in the offices, not RNs. This is a shorter program and you could work while you continued with school if you wanted.
  14. CMCRN

    L and D Job Concerns

    Bravo to NurseNoras' post! Loved it. Kudos also to RN mama 05. I too am beginning to wonder how much longer my body can take it. Had a discussion the other night in the break room with another L&D nurse, (YES, we were getting actual breaks!) and asked her why she thought the job was so stressful and she said unlike other jobs we are giving physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually all shift. Most jobs become somewhat rote and you can function with half attention but I have to mentally be present 100% of the time as lives depend on it. It is exhausting! But those f us that do it have to be loving the adrenalin rush of not knowing what is walking or being pushed through that door!
  15. CMCRN

    L&D Staffing Ratios

    Where are you working? I am in California and I have 1 active labor patient. We have central monitoring but not in the rooms, so if I have 2 patients when I am in with one I have no idea what is happening with the other, so in active labor (greater than 4-5 cm) they become 1 to 1. What you are doing sounds downright scary. Do the babies stay in? So you can have responsibility for a newborn and be doing another delivery?
  16. CMCRN

    mandated Nurse to patient ratios

    CNA web site is www.calnurses.org Very informative web site.