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Euskadi1946 specializes in Medical/Surgical/Maternal and Child.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, moved to Reno, Nevada after graduation from high school. Moved back to Salt Lake City after my mom died in 1996.

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  1. Euskadi1946

    Anyone else think HIPAA rules are getting out of hand?

    It's a control issue with alot of flunkies in medical records who think they have the power to decide who can have copies of medical records even though they have the release right in from them from another hospital/clinic/instacare/dr's office.
  2. Euskadi1946

    Utah RN pay, Salt Lake City area

    BSNS and ADNS make the same amount of money in hospitals, clinics, etc. unless the BSN goes into management. The only places I know of where your BSN can get you more money is with VA, Military and USPH hospitals.
  3. Euskadi1946

    Strep - Call in or go anyways?

    If you work in the NICU PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Those poor little preemies don't need any more problems to deal with. I just got over a bout of bronchitis because a co-worker came to work sick because she thought the place would fall apart if she weren't there and I had to take 3 days off w/o pay due to my annual and sick leave used up for a recent surgery. I was not at all pleased not to mention the fact that I felt absolutely awful.:crying2:
  4. Med/Surg is definitely not a piece of cake but it is a great place to start out after nursing school. I did a year of med/surg after I graduated and I did learn a great deal which has helped me throughout my nursing career. Just take it one day at a time and look at it as another learning experience.
  5. Euskadi1946

    Seeing loved ones before death?

    Well Intern since you're such an expert on hallucinations, please do enlighten us if by chance YOU see a loved one coming for you when you pass on!!
  6. Euskadi1946

    Doctor Removes Wrong Fetus, loses license

    Although I'm not Mormon (LDS) I 'm soooo glad I live in Utah where life is respected. Just because abortion is the law of the land doesn't make it right and will never make it right. In this case it was extremely horrendous destroying two lives even if one of them has Down's Syndrome. Surprisingly, there are people who would love to adopt even a Down's Syndrome child or any disabled child for that matter. Just because this couple did not want the "damaged" baby, there are people out there who would have loved to adopt this baby. OK you Pro Choicers have at it and flame me!!!
  7. Euskadi1946


    Is their Nursing Program NLN Accredited?
  8. Euskadi1946

    Native American Reservation nursing

    Most nursing agencies pay for housing if you are a traveler working in IHS facilities. If you get hired by IHS I understand that some of the hospitals do provide housing for you.
  9. Euskadi1946

    TMCC Program

    Oh Wow; I'm also a graduate of TMCC. Graduated 1993. They have an excellent reputation and very tough nursing program with 100% passing on the Nevada State Boards. TMCC Nursing Alumni please PM me. Would love to hear from you. I moved from Reno to Salt Lake City in 1996. For that matter would love to hear from any nurses living in Reno. I lived in Reno for 28 years and I sure do miss it.
  10. Euskadi1946

    Kind of bummed...My 4.0 is ruined

    Ahhh Nursing School, such wonderful memories. You haven't lived or died til you have gone through nursing school, taken boards, etc.. Trust me, by the time you reach the end, you will be hoping and praying that you get at least a 75% since that is passing. Remember your patients won't give a fig about your GPA, but they will truly remember that you are a wonderful and compassionate nurse. Take care...
  11. Euskadi1946

    Gastric Banding to treat Type II Diabetes

    Someone please pass this information on to the health insurances. Alot of them don't cover these procedures because they feel it's cosmetic.
  12. Euskadi1946

    NCLEX is in my past

    YEAAAA CONGRATS!!!! :nuke:
  13. Euskadi1946

    Medical termination of pregnancy.

    No therapeutic abortions are performed in any Catholic Hospitals that I know of. I don't think they even sell contraception in Catholic Hospitals either. Here in Utah where I live abortions are not done in any of the acute care facilities. Women who want abortions are referred to either Planned Parenthood or a Women's Clinic. I'm not sure about other states. If you have strong feelings one way or the other, wait until your interviewer asks and if they don't ask then by all means ask them what the hospital policy is.
  14. Euskadi1946

    Russian Orphan Babies Gagged By Staff To Prevent Crying

    Gadzooks and Angelina Jolie and Madonna come under fire because they have adopted children from third world countries where they probably would not have had a fighting chance at life. Their private lives are their business but they do deserve credit for rescuing some of these children by adopting them and contribuing heavily to the charities who try to take care of these precious little ones.
  15. Euskadi1946

    Best jobs while in Nursing School?

    I worked as a monitor tech in my last year of nursing school which helped imensely in my critical care rotation. I worked on a step down tele unit with only eight patients. My supervisor told me that as long as watched the monitors often I could study at the desk.
  16. I think it really all depends on the pharmacology instructor. I was never really good in math but took a Math for Nurses course and I had a fantastic instructor who somehow made it all come together in a way that I understood and got all A's & B's. Our pharmacology instructor was the same way and I aced pharm and dosage calculations. Our instructor told us that using the ratio and proportion method would get us through some of the most difficult med/dosage calculations and I have used that throughout my nursing career and have never had any problems nor have I ever made any med errors.