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Magsulfate has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Magsulfate

    Interpersonal skills during a code

    Is this an essay question?
  2. Magsulfate

    Just curious how other systems work.

    Once. They catch it if you don't scan the med. I've had to go in on my day off and take a drug test because I forgot to scan the med.
  3. Magsulfate

    10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse

    I said the same exact thing to a patient a few years ago. And he said he would hire somebody to wipe his but. Lol
  4. Magsulfate

    Is it okay for RN to ask recovery patients not to swear?

    I dropped dozens of f bombs when I was coming out of anesthesia. It didn't even cross my mind that I might have been offending someone because I hurt like crazy. I don't normally use foul language but I'll probably do it again if I'm faced with the ...
  5. Magsulfate

    Are nurses generally more attractive

    Yup. I got a hell of a lot of dates. I don't think it's because of my career but more of the fact that I make decent money and am independent.
  6. Magsulfate

    Advice needed!! Waiting on drug screen and its been 7 days!!

    Tpapn usually gives a second chance. Unless you've used up your second chance, I wouldn't give up on it.
  7. Magsulfate

    Is this a good place to work??

    Isn't it the ultimate responsibility of the nurses to make sure the residents are being taken care of? Do the best you can and the rest should fall on the nurses. Either they can straighten out the lazy coworkers or be held responsible for their no...
  8. Magsulfate

    IS TPAPN for Everybody?

    Tpapn won't drop you for one missed call in. Definitely find some legal help.
  9. Magsulfate

    Nurses smoking weed?

    What? Your "rabbit"?
  10. Magsulfate

    HELP!!!!!TPAPN referral and I'm not sure why?!

    Doesn't make any sense. If there is nothing more to this, then you're fine. Don't worry too much about it.
  11. Magsulfate

    Nurses who can't find jobs- vent..

    I live in Texas and I just can't imagine not getting hired after 300 apps.
  12. Magsulfate

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    I don't know if anyone else has said this on this thread, but my gross out is cleaning a poopy patient and having to dig in the vagina to get it all out. yuck
  13. Magsulfate

    Methadone and NAS- from a mom's perspective

    I don't understand why ANYONE would need methadone for 9 years. Someone please explain. Thanks.
  14. Magsulfate

    Is tipping allowed?

    Tipping of nurses is allowed in Mexico. I had weight loss surgery there and they LOVED being tipped. But as far as I know, in the US, it is NOT allowed.
  15. Magsulfate

    Would you report possible diversion?

    They do not see themselves as 'victims' when they're caught. I can say this because I was there once, 10 years ago. I was guilty and also glad that I finally was forced into treatment. Life has been so much better since and there's no telling wher...