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  1. Haunted

    Communication class needed for license?

    More of this "educational deficit" baloney I have been dealing with for 2 years! I was just told I need a Speech 102, something like a critical thinking communication course. I am also dealing with a community college so am really getting bargain basement help from the advisors there. Good luck to you.
  2. Haunted

    LVN-to-RN Program - Santa Ana College

    Take a few pre reqs while your waiting. Just make darn sure you get your degree and your diploma before you complete the 2 semesters. Also, be visable from time to time on campus. It really helps if they know who you are.
  3. Haunted

    LVN-to-RN Program - Santa Ana College

    I graduated from there and am still waiting for my diploma. I had a great experience and suggest you keep your cell phone handy as they go down the list during orientation and may just call you if someone drops. Loved the program, the instructors were all great, Becky Miller is a gem and the reputation is wonderful. I had the chance to work with students after I graduated and they rotated their clinicals to facilities I was working. Great students. Super confident and they new the modules thye needed to focus on. Keey Terry in your mainline list. She is the department secretary. Make sure she has your contact numbers. You'll be in before you know it.
  4. Haunted

    Depressed RN

    That's why I say "Nursing shortage my A$$". I am starting to believe it's not what you know but who you know. I agree that registry would get you some shifts and it's a great way to learn about different facilities. I was always interested in Kaiser (that was before I did my homework) and discovered that there was only 1 registry that they used in Orange County. I joined up with them and went to Kaiser for over a year. Throughout that time I was endlessly recruited to work there, become permanent staff. They promised me the sun, the moon and stars. Thank God I declined because I have never seen more horrible practice and policy. I notified my agency I would never go there again. Keep a record of your job search, contacts and follow ups. Go to conferences and job fairs and get to know staffers. Stay connected in nurse web sites. Take a class or volunteer. Don't give up.
  5. Haunted

    It's 6:59!!! For pity's sake!

    Eliza, if you allow this bullying to continue, the terrorists have won. The day shift nurses are just jealous because you are new and you most likely have everything under control. It's NICU sweety. It's their own personal nirvana. You will grow stronger and YES YOU CAN VENT HERE. Please do. Don't EVER let that deter you from expressing yourself. You are doing a wonderful job.
  6. Haunted

    Question for Female Nurses

    Look at us!!!!! Too funny. Buddy Boy, guy nurses are SMOKING HOT. I don't care if they are straight, gay or in between. They have got all the great qualities that we are all looking for as a friend, boyfriend, partner etc. Every male nurse I have met has his feces together and they are awesome guys. Same goes for the women but I am totally biased, being a woman and a nurse. My husband would agree to that. Go be smoken hot and love whatever you decide. How cute are you!!!!!!:heartbeat
  7. Haunted

    It's 6:59!!! For pity's sake!

    That is compassionate and I am sure the oncoming nurse is grateful that you went that extra mile. You sound very proactive in providing patient care. And I am sure that the patient appreciates your actions. If that's the way you are, I LIKE IT!!!!
  8. Haunted

    It's 6:59!!! For pity's sake!

    That's very noble of you, but sets a sad precedent. Nursing is a TEAM effort and your job is done when the oncoming shift arrives, receives your report, asks their questions and you can chart briefly that you reported off to such and such. If you stayed after I received report and continued providing care for my patient, I would ask you to stop. Somebody, including myself, recognizes that I am competent to "get what needs to be done, done" so I would feel that you were being intrusive.
  9. Haunted

    What's up with TN ????

    Guess not.
  10. Haunted

    I graduated from Nursing School today!

    Very cool!
  11. Haunted

    What's up with TN ????

    I'm currently researching the current statistics on Tennessee crimes, ok not so current, it's dated 1999 but even then there were almost 2000 sexual assaults reported during that year in the Metro and surrounding Nashville area. The stats on assaults, violent crimes and prosecuted cases is TRAGIC!!!!! Coming from California I worked in a very well organized and well funded SART organization. Nothing at all like it here. There are available Federal funds and with the increase in population and demographics there is certainly a need. Anyone else want to work on this with me? I have a few established contacts in the loacl medical profession who are assisting with this.
  12. Haunted

    Tennessee RN Requirements

    If only that were true.... but all States will NOT issue you a license simply because you were licensed in another State and have a clean record. And your check doesn't bounce! There are educational requirements, for example, the TN BRN required me to complete a Music Appreciation class which I just finished before they will issue my license. I am currently licensed in California and must travel there to work. It will take a while before my paperwork gets processed, usually about 6-8 weeks here. They also do not automatically issue a temp permit unless you have an employer request. I'm also sorta shaking my head about that comment "she should know this".... but it's true, nurses are generally super smart people. We know where to go for informational resources!
  13. Haunted

    Transfer of license?

    It took me about 4 weeks to get a response. My home state of California is slow in processing info and that seemed to be the major hang up. If you have your info, transcrips, diploma etc. it may be faster to take them directly to the Nashville office. You can download the application from their website. They accept check payment. They will provide a list of fingerprint and background check facilities. Do all of this before you submit your application. Anything incomplete tends to get lost in the shuffle. Good luck.
  14. Haunted

    What's up with TN ????

    She and her children are continually thriving. She is going to court today to get a protection order as her husband has been bothering her at work and calling and leaving threatening voice mail. Her kids are finally getting some counseling and everyone is finally calming down. My neighbors are filing a formal complaint against the PD for their failure to act. Thanks for asking.
  15. Haunted

    What's up with TN ????

  16. Haunted

    What's up with TN ????

    El, no not Nashville proper. I agree with you. When I was living downtown the law enforcement were very proactive and a wonderful representation of what the city had to offer. The mounted officers were gracious and accomodating towards the "stiffs" and tourists but they also went out of their way to show kindness towards my old dog who has a horse fascination. During the time that we lived downtown it became a ghosttown on week ends. My dog and I could always count on the kind officers who would patrol the river front and I never saw any act of hostility towards the many homeless "another hot button issue of mine". Perhaps it is the suburbs and the warm fuzzy cloak of cable TV and the insulation that surrounds this region. Maybe it's simply the tap water. Ironically, Johnny Cash has his home not too far from me, I wonder how he would feel if he knew what the local PD was NOT doing for women and children suffering and enduring abuse at the hands of those they should be trusting the most. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful reply to my thread. Safe journey to you.