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  1. blueberry21

    Baptist Scholars Program

    I saw one of my old instructors and she told me that Baptist was not going to be doing it anymore. Maybe you could call the scholars department.
  2. blueberry21

    Baptist Scholars Program

    I heard they were discontinuing this program
  3. blueberry21

    CNOR study tools

    Thanks for the information. This is exactly what i was looking for! How long did you prepare for the test?
  4. blueberry21

    CNOR study tools

    If your have taken and passed the CNOR can you please outline your study prep. What specific flash cards, books etc.. did you use? How long did you study before taking the test? Did anyone take Zander prep course? Essentially, what I'd like to know is which ones are worth it and which are not. Thanks!
  5. blueberry21

    What do you love about the OR? & what do you hate?

    Thanks for the links. I can definitely see that there are negatives to working in the OR from reading those links. So I would like to hear the other side of the coin now: :dncgcpd::nmbrn::rckn: TELL ME THE GREAT THINGS, THE POSITIVES, THE REASONS YOU REALLY ENJOY WORKING IN THE OR......
  6. I have a couple of yrs experience in cardiac unit and Im considering a move to the OR. I think I would like the OR setting, I enjoyed my time during clinicals when I was able to observe in the OR. The hospital is offering "periOp 101" training thru AORN. My current job isnt bad, lots of good and some bad. Sometimes we are floated to med/surg floors, which I truly cant stand. But I work with some great people and Im somewhat reluctant to leave, Im leaning toward applying for the transfer..... So tell me what you really like and what you really dont like. Thanks!
  7. blueberry21

    South Miami Hospital

    As far as the patients go, yes you will have some that dont speak english, but there is always someone nearby that does. The floor you are talking about is full of a nice group of people from what Ive seen in my clinical rotations. Very helpful and welcoming nurses, nurse managers, and pt care techs. Some speak spanish and some speak no spanish. Spanish is not a mandatory tool to survive at this hospital. That cant be said about some hospitals in Miami...I like SMH, it is a nice atmosphere. Good luck!
  8. blueberry21

    Have you ever taken care of a famous pt?

    A friend of mine works at a hospital here that is where the players of a local NBA team go for diagnostic tests. The hospital employees are restricted from requesting autographs. When one HUGELY popular player was scheduled to come in, someone left a sharpie pen and notebook in a restroom for this VERY TALL player to find--which he did. Not only did he sign every page in the notebook. He also signed the mirror and signed a bottle of soap/cleaner and pulled off a bunch of toilet paper and signed that as well!!!!!!!! Needless to say this guy has a sense of humor:chuckle
  9. blueberry21

    MDC- any one waiting?

    Have you tried calling the medical campus? They can tell you when they are going to start sending the letters out. When I applied in May for the fall term, I got my letter June 14th. My GPA was 3.75 Good luck.
  10. blueberry21

    **RING** Cellphones in class...

    This reminds me of the TEACHER I had once, whose cell phone would ring at least once or twice and sometimes more per class. Then we would have to wait while she took the call outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She would just return to class and offer an apology and then ask us where we left off. ?!?!?!!!!!!?! Yep, Im glad that class is over.
  11. blueberry21

    Girls Talking during class is making me mad!!

    This problem should have been handled immediately by the teacher. If she can hear them, then she should handle it right then. If you had to bring it to her attention because she was not aware of it, then she should have addressed it at the beginning of the next class. It really should not be up to the student to have to deal with these clowns. The teacher is the boss in that classroom. She sets the rules/limits--just like kindergarten--(unfortunately that is no different from what you are talking about here)--the teacher needs to take control. The teacher is the authority here, part of the job of the instructor is to provide an environment that is conducive for learning. Good luck, I know what it's like..... :wink2:
  12. blueberry21

    Would becoming bilingual be useful in nursing?

    Si!!!!!! In my neck of the woods -Miami, FL--- more people than not either are bilingual or speak only spanish. I can understand a bit more than I can speak it. I have some tapes that I listen to in my car--"learn spanish in your car"" tapes--I dont know how they came up with that name-- They are helpful. I also noticed the same course that Nurseterr77 noted--spanish for healthcare workers-- I think i might be taking that class after I graduate.
  13. blueberry21

    uniforms are killing us

    i personally won't wear the prints- they are not my style. i think i would wear something cutesy if i worked peds. i wear solids now-im still a student- but we can wear whatever scrubs we want to class--(all white for clincals) i look around at all the colors in my class and laugh to myself! we have blue smurfs, barney the purple dinasour, cucumbers, celery, limes, [color=lightblue]lemons, lemon-limes, oranges, bananas etc. our classroom looks like fruit basket or a box of crayola crayons!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could find some hospital quality scrubs like i used to have years ago--lasted forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. blueberry21

    Anybody buy their own private insurance?

    I have health insurance thru NSNA--(Nat'l Student Nurse Assoc) It isnt the greatest--only covers accidents and illness--no preventative (routine office visits, mammo, etc). The premium is about $1200/quarter for my husband and I. But I would rather have this than nothing at all. I did a lot of looking around and settled on this because you dont have to be prequalified and whatnot. Im over 40 and in Dade County, (Miami) Florida,==Insurance of ANY kind is unbelievable here. Cant wait till I have decent insurance through my future employer
  15. blueberry21

    Problem with recurring cellulitis

    Sorry to hear your having this problem. You didnt mention what type of doctor is treating you for this. My husband had cellulitis a few years ago and his GP totally missed the dx. He prescribed topical creams, then a week later-oral antibiotics. Finally, my DH got a 2nd opinion from an infectious disease doc--who admitted him to the hospital for 3 days of IV antibiotics. A total of 2 weeks had lapsed before we got the 2nd opinion. When I called the Infectious disease doctor, they got my husband in right away because of the signs and symptoms he was having. Im afraid to think what would have happened if we didnt get a 2nd opinion. Good luck and keep us posted
  16. blueberry21

    My husband won't let me do bed baths

    Just curious........Have you mentioned to your DH the nurse's role when it comes to fecal impaction?