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AfloydRN has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ ICU.

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  1. AfloydRN

    New nurse who accepted a first job in ER

    I won't write a book. The most important part is being organized. Learning how to prioritize care is your best friend. I went to ER right out of RN school and I am still there. You have to be strong, stand your ground and do not get discouraged. Go home at the end of each day and think about what you learned. You will be amazed.
  2. AfloydRN

    Advice ER nurses...please

    I went to ER right out of nursing school some 14 years ago. I have tried CVOR, CVICU, ICU and ended up right back in good old ER. It's a different way of thinking that others just don't get. You can do it with the right attitude. You will be discouraged on a daily basis. You just have to want it bad enough.
  3. AfloydRN

    Question for ER nurses?????????????

    If you work in a Magnet facility, the answer is yes. Anywhere else- no.
  4. AfloydRN

    How can a ICU RN switch to ER Nursing?

    I started in ER and went to CCU. I am now back in ER. It;s a different way of thinking. ER is the quick fix. Fix the problem- usually by some sort of protocol- and get them out of there. Well- where do you think they go? To CCU. CCU, in my opinion, is more like- now their here- what all else do we need to look at. It's more troubleshooting for the next few days. You know, warding off evil spirits! If they came in w/ CP- R/O MI- STEMI , what do I need to look at for the next 12 hours.
  5. AfloydRN

    How would you summarize level 2?

    I have worked both and to be honest it's all about the designation factors and basically it comes down to the cash!
  6. AfloydRN

    Tolerance wearing thin in Triage,Help!

    The good news is... you get to go home at the end of the day.... We Thanks God- hire RN's who actually LIKE triage. I am SO glad for that. I don't mind it once in a while but it does get super old really fast. Just take a breath and think of all the crazy stories you'll have to tell your kids!!!
  7. AfloydRN

    Patient Load

    5 : 1 is the standard where I work. Yes, It sucks but noone cares! We keep doing it because we need the job.
  8. AfloydRN

    How much are experienced RN's making?

    14 years Experience between ICU and ER- 34.00 an hour plus full benes and I make my own schedule
  9. AfloydRN

    Best place to work as an NSG student in MI?

    U of M. You will see things there unlike anywhere else. You will be pushed to learn and will do so immensely.Fantastic institution. Look into it.
  10. AfloydRN

    Anyone here from Laporte indiana Hospital?

    I just recently worked there and let me tell you " Magnet" is not all it's cracked up to be. Basically there it means way too many Directors, managers, etc... making peer groups and having meetings all day long. They are FAR from an Acute care hospital. Their ER is so " busy" that I have only seen one patient in the waiting room. Educational reimbursement is a huge facade. Their pay= not so hot. Benefits= joke. I would avoid like the plague. I have seen smaller rural community hospitals with better technology and nursing staff. Just my opinion.....
  11. AfloydRN

    Sleeping during nightshift!!

    In the ICU I used to work @ the charge RN's were actually the ones asleep. They never took patients , so I guess they felt they could. It was reported several times. Noone ever did anything about it. Which is one of the many reasons I am glad I left.
  12. AfloydRN

    Patient Reactions

    My fiancee and I are both RN's and sometimes work together. It seems, in my experience, that pts w/ large families like men better. I am not sure why, but this has been my observation. I think it's because they take the time to explain things more in depth and women are very task oriented. I don't think gender would matter, except for labor/ delivery. I could see some women being uncomfortable but thats their issue- not yours.
  13. AfloydRN

    help me!

    If you are equally interested in both call the nurse recruiter or nurse manager and ask to shadow an RN for the day. Really get your hands dirty and get a feel for each place. Ask questions of the staff about likes and dislikes of the units. This is what I did when I graduated and chose ER. I worked there for 8 years and then trans to CCU.
  14. AfloydRN

    please help me

    My fiancee too was a combat medic. He chose RN school right after he got out and hasn't regretted it since. He's now planning on CRNA next year.You will have alot of pre-reqs to take. Your military time unfortunately doesn't matter to the state board of nursing. It does matter to the rest of us though.
  15. AfloydRN

    My 4 year old daughter fixing to have heart surgery

    God bless you and her. I am so sorry for the stress and fear you must have. Talk to the teacher and maybe they can all make something for her to keep w/ her at the hospital. What about chaplain services? Maybe they have some good ideas too?
  16. AfloydRN

    Pharmacy Diverting meds? (long)

    Call the pharm hotline and voice your concerns. Then, find a new one.