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  2. We all know that the way Nurses on television are portrayed is wildly inaccurate and at times even insulting. With that being said, though, watching those shows can also be a guilty pleasure. Think of your favorite television nurse of all-time and give us a bit of an explanation as to why you chose your favorite, submit it in the comments below and you'll be entered to win a $250 gift card!

    Winner will be announced May 16, 2017

    UPDATE May 19, 2017
    The winner of the 2017 National Nurses Week Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse is user JenYRN who selected:
    Zoey Barkow from the TV show "Nurse Jackie"

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  4. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Carol Hathaway from ER.

    - never afraid to advocate for her patients/stand up to physicians (frequently educated and offered constructive criticism to Dr. Carter during his early days, for example)

    - empathetic but firm bedside manner (on one episode, she told a young woman contemplating having an abortion "it doesn't matter what I think" when asked about the associated morality)

    - owned up to mistakes (accidentally gave the wrong type blood to a patient who subsequently died; was offered the chance to cover it up but instead reported the error)

    - got a near-perfect score on the MCATs but chose to remain a nurse

    - founded a free clinic within the ER

    - overcame numerous personal struggles (the pilot features her nearly dying from a suicide attempt)
  5. by   Davey Do
    Not a TV Nurse, but a movie Nurse- Mary Beth Hurt as ER Nurse Constance in the movie "Bringing Out the Dead", who confronts Patients on their behavior:

  6. by   Guy in Babyland
    Jesse Sallander- Code Black
    Dixie Mc Call- Emergency
  7. by   Zyprexa

    Nurse Bokhee from Grey's Anatomy.

    They would be lost without her, although she never says a word.

    I read somewhere that she is actually a retired scrub nurse
  8. by   wasjustkilled
    nurse kitty from 'that 70s show
    She speaks her mind, provides excellent sex education, keeps some MDs from killing people, AND has a 'real life's where she is pulling double shifts, still cooking and cleaning for her family to make ends meet
  9. by   JGROVERN
    Hot lips Margaret Houlihan from MASH.
    She was calm under pressure.
    Tough but with a gooheart
  10. by   risashmich1
    Marisa, RN

    Even though nurse Jackie was a drug addict, she was a kick butt nurse.
  11. by   kitkat260
    Carla from Scrubs. She always advocated for her patients no matter what she had to do or who she made angry by doing so and she demanded (and received) respect from the doctors for herself as a nurse.
  12. by   Kkt1031
    Nurse Joy, the nurse that takes care of all Pokémon. She is calm and pleasant in all situations.
  13. by   smartassmommy
    Samantha Taggert- ER
    She had to struggle her way through nursing school and never really stopped trying to expand her skills.
  14. by   CelticGoddess
    Dixie McCall from Emergency
  15. by   HippyChick30
    Merideth from Greys- Strong independent who isn't afraid to go above and beyond her duties.