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  1. CEUS for WV

    I know that substance abuse and veterans issues are required.
  2. Punitive culture

    Tactic may be the word you are seeking.
  3. Why Do We Continue to Harm Patients?

    Ratios! Overloaded nurses are more likely to make mistakes.
  4. A little advice please

    Especially since we are due for a visit soon. The last couple of surveys this facility has had were dismal. That's why it was sold shortly before I started working there. I have not changed the times on my meds and I won't.
  5. A little advice please

    I'm a new nurse in ltc. Yesterday my DON told me to document meds so that it looks like all were passed within the time limit. I'm not comfortable with this. Is this a normal practice in ltc?
  6. If you were hiring LPN, I'd move yesterday. I would love to live in a rainforest.
  7. New nurses without clear career goals

    I went through school knowing I had a job on the med/surg unit I was an aide on. The available schedule didn't fit my needs, so I decided to take any position that fit my current scheduling need. I am happily employed at an ltc where the work may be...
  8. Orientation for LTC Nurses

    I got a month. But I did agree one day towards the end to work a shift on my own. My DON checked on me regularly and was available for any questions or help.
  9. I'm freaking out!

    Also check your state BON site. If you passed they may have your license posted before 48 hours
  10. Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    Not big on gossip, but it's always nice to know who has a reputation as a pen thief.
  11. Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    If the "Medicaid doesn't pay enough for resident care but we can afford lobbyists " ltc industry can be beaten.
  12. Nursing pay..Check this out!

    Very true. Especially in North central WV
  13. What are Your Goals for 2018??

    Pass nclex- on. Move to a bigger place.
  14. For all new LPNs

    I'm getting ready to start my first nursing job. It's in a ltc facility. How can I make be the best possible orientee?
  15. Staff Nurses Who Refuse To Precept Or Teach?

    Is it wrong to pray that whoever gets stuck with me when I start my first new grad job in a couple of weeks likes having the newbie underfoot? How can I be a good orientee? I want to get off to a good start learning how to be a nurse.