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  1. smartassmommy

    Why Do We Continue to Harm Patients?

    Ratios! Overloaded nurses are more likely to make mistakes.
  2. smartassmommy

    Psst....Let's Talk About Gossip in the Nurses' Station

    Not big on gossip, but it's always nice to know who has a reputation as a pen thief.
  3. smartassmommy

    For all new LPNs

    I'm getting ready to start my first nursing job. It's in a ltc facility. How can I make be the best possible orientee?
  4. smartassmommy

    Staff Nurses Who Refuse To Precept Or Teach?

    Is it wrong to pray that whoever gets stuck with me when I start my first new grad job in a couple of weeks likes having the newbie underfoot? How can I be a good orientee? I want to get off to a good start learning how to be a nurse.
  5. smartassmommy


    At what point is a person a GPN? At graduation or when they finally get their temp license?
  6. smartassmommy

    Holiday presents rolling in already!

    One of my classmates made each of us a personalized tumbler with our name and lpn. It would work well on a travel coffee mug.
  7. That the hospital has the magical ability to bring families of nh residents out of the woodwork.
  8. smartassmommy

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    I love this thread. Seriously helpful hints! Lots to keep in mind when I graduate Lon school in 3 days!
  9. smartassmommy

    Has anyone done the ATI online with tutor? And passed?

    I am not liking virtual ATI. The coach is impossible to please and not helpful at all
  10. smartassmommy

    Charting on a client at night

    Appears asleep could work. It's an option in EPIC. Grrr epic
  11. smartassmommy

    Whats your current pay n it is ltc snf rehab etc

    Sounds like the North central region of WV.
  12. smartassmommy

    What is your dream unit?

    Either a CAH ER and eventual SANE certification or my current peds unit if I could just work with the NAS babies
  13. smartassmommy

    Are We Still Holding Back Baby's Head?

    He didn't even wash his hands or instruments between pts. He had free run of the hospital now known as the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asuylum. Side note: TALA's current name is actually a throwback to it's original pre-civil war name.
  14. smartassmommy

    What is your dream job?

    ER or ICU in a critical access hospital. 6 months to go before I can work on making it happen!
  15. smartassmommy

    Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse

    How did none of us think of Starch from Trapper John, MD
  16. smartassmommy


    I hope you actually passed, however until you are licensed it's against TOS to use LPN/ LVN in your username.

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