National Nurses Week Celebration

30 Days of Celebration / 8 Days of Giveaways

Join the celebration now by participating in fun nursing contests. You can win prizes valued up to $4,000! Click below to get instructions. One winner announced each day of Nurses Week. The 8th day is National Student Nurses Day. Thank you for all you do!!

Week 1
Day 1: Fill In The Blanks Contest
Day 1: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Fill In the Blank Contest

Day 2: Toon Caption Contest
Day 2: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Toon Caption Contest

Week 2
Day 3: Patients Say... Contest
Day 3: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Patients Say... Contest

Day 4: Meme Contest
Week 3
Day 5: Best Tips For Nurses Contest
Day 5: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Best Tips For Nurses

Day 6: Motivation Quotes Contest
Day 6: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Motivation Quotes Contest

Week 4
Day 7: Doctors Say... Contest
Day 7: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Doctors Say... Contest

Day 8: Student Caption Contest
Day 8: National Student Nurses Day

Student Caption Contest