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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all... Read More

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    Originally posted by ceecel.dee
    I agree with your eek and confused on that one, ceecel.dee! Before I became that disenchanted with any job, I'd move on!!
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    I work in Occ Health and we received a very attractive vase of cut flowers..it gives the clinic some color and will do so for my home.
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    Where I work, they had a buffet with a variety of food, from chips & pretzels to salads & main dishes. All the nurses got a red rose & they had a drawing of gifts depending on seniority, I think in 5 yr increments.
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    Originally posted by jadednurse
    Here's my idea for the perfect Nurses' Week celebration:

    MONDAY: The doctors perform all the bedside care, the nurses breeze in and out of the patients rooms, shake their hands, charge a $200 consult fee, scribble some indecipherable gibberish in the charts, throw the charts on the counter (where the doctors can't see them...oh, and of course don't flag them either), stroll off the unit and then ignore their pages.

    TUESDAY: Free parking in the doctor's reserved spots!

    WEDNESDAY: Administer Go-Lytely to the hospital administrator of your choice!

    THURSDAY: Install a call light inside your "favorite" patient's room, then each nurse gets a turn at pressing it incessantly...

    FRIDAY: Free massages and margaritas in the cafeteria. Hey, it is almost the weekend...
    Now I like the way you think!

    I had been at this hospital for only 2 weeks during this time, and I was given a folding travel clock with a nite light and leather case! Plus at this hospital nite shift is feed for free every nite!!!
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    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio told of working a night in the ER on Staten Island. In the morning they were given "Love a Nurse" shoelaces tied around a lollipop.
    She took hers to the office of the CEO and said, "Last night I sent a man for angioplasty. He died in the ICU later. Then a GI bleeder, father of four bled to death. I had to tell a mother her son was run over by a truck and is brain dead, do you want to donate his organs?"
    One disaster after the other with just me and one doctor who refuses to even look at the family."
    "So I am letting you know we are professional adults. Please do not insult me with a lollipop!"
    He told me I have a bad attitude.
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    Originally posted by TNcanNURSE
    Sort of ironic banner, eh?

    For nurses week we were given the honor of wearing our pajamas to work on Friday. Too bad I didn't have to work Friday, I missed it.

    Our gifts: one free nursing home meal. Yum Yum eat 'em up! ; a lunch bag with "together we make a difference" on it, a bookmark with same logo, a pin with same logo, and finally a key chain with the same logo.

    As far as the differences between doctor gifts and nurses gifts: when I worked at a certain hospital all nurses and doctors were invited to a free "Surf and Turf" dinner. Before us was a huge buffet of steaks and lobsters. Just when we thought they were going to give us the steak and lobster too all nurses were coralled into a seperate line just for us where we got a choice between fish sandwiches or hamburgers. The doctors got a buffet of steak and lobster. We got one sandwich surf or turf.
    that is so pathetic! I cannot believe they treated the rns like that!!
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    Originally posted by kcwintn
    Well, I have to say my employer goes all out for their nurses once/year at our yearly meeting which is usually around the time of Nurse Appreciation Week.
    Last year we were taken by limosine to a broadway show, with champagne on the way; this year we were taken to a day spa after hours and drew for either a pedicure or a massage; I got the massage! Plus, we had a wine/daquiri bar and a chef who cooked us our own choice of 3 entrees.
    I am lucky!
    Wow....you & a few others actually got items that weren't recycled, nor received the typical pens, pads,magnets, & lunch bags with company logo on it.

    However, it would be nice to have the respect, sufficient staffing & safe ratios..and a simple "Thank You" would be nice too,...but since that isn't happening right now....I really enjoyed this thread reading what everyone received or didn't receive! It truly made me smile & giggle!!! Thanks all! :-)
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    [i]Originally posted by Kristi2377 [ Soem bags had hand lotion, some had body gel, mine had neither (I was told that "someone" raided the bags and stole stuff out of them...gee, thanks, people...).

    Good Lord Kristi2377...so the staff was pilfering through the nurses' goodies bags?! Sheeeeeesh!

    Last year we got dinky cheap alarm clocks that broke right away, so this was a huge improvement, I admit. [/B]
    Why is it that management continues to give cheap tacky throw away junk?? I guess because they get it free..
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    Originally posted by tigger2sassy
    i guess that people tend to forget what it means to be sick and needing someone to take care of them-- i became a nurse to take care of people-- i appreciate the gift that i have been given-- nothing from the facility i work at-- the gift that i am talking about is the pride and dignity that i have gained through sharing the experiences of life with my fellow human beings-- god gave me a great gift and i pray everyday that i can fulfill the trust that people put in me with their lives-- they depend on me to shoulder their burdens in life-- for a little person i seem to have big shoulders to carry those burdens-- nurses, i salute each and every one of you-- may we all be united in our strength, compassion and love of life so that we can give back to those who have so generously given to us happy nurses week
    Let's try not to take ourselves TOO seriously,ok? I ,too believe that many of us are "called" to nursing and that often a higher power is working through us but we also deserve decent pay,working conditions,benefits and a pat on the back every now and then for doing a job that can suck the life right out of us if we let it....:kiss
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    Originally posted by ktwlpn
    Let's try not to take ourselves TOO seriously,ok? I ,too believe that many of us are "called" to nursing and that often a higher power is working through us but we also deserve decent pay,working conditions,benefits and a pat on the back every now and then for doing a job that can suck the life right out of us if we let it....:kiss

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    I admire all of yout that work in a hospital; I quit ICU in 1993 and have never worked in a hospital since. They (hospitals) don't really appreciate nurses, as nursing salaries are the bulk of their expense. I am thankful I am no longer a hospital-based nurse; they treat you like a #.
    I feel so blessed to be out and really do admire those of you that do it; I would go back to being a waitress (which I did all through college) before working in a hospital again.
  12. by   Christian Nurse
    My unit celebrated Nurses Week. We did a different theme everyday. Most of it was food. However, seeing as I work the night shift we got the spoiled, half picked over, gnats surrounding, leftovers. But I was glad to hear about the march in DC. Even though I'm a new nurse I want to be active in making changes for the nursing profession.
  13. by   cokie
    ok, we got food everyday, plus a plastic first aid box (small), a cool calculator, a pen, and a nestles crunch bar. the food was like a picnic....hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, potatoe salad.....nice, but i would have prefered sushi......too expensive i guess. we also could have gone to a live play about flo's life and gotten a free ceu....that's nice....