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  1. sphinx

    Arrrgghhh, get the smell off!!

    Sometimes I feel like certain stronger odors are clinging to my nose hairs, lol!
  2. sphinx

    Help! Manager won't let me off night shift

    I was in a similar position a few years ago. Except I did D/N and wanted D/E. meanwhile night shifts became harder and harder and rotating just made things harder. I was so stressed and was then diagnosed with RA. I *did* get. Note from my doc saying...
  3. sphinx

    Barrier Cream on a Skin Tear?

    We cleanse with saline and use Allevyn Gentle Border change Q 5 days and prn. Technically with a skin tear with no drainage we can put on only a tegaderm but I have never liked tegaderm on skin tears, they tend to pull on the open areas when removed....
  4. sphinx

    Staffing tool

    it is not part of a chain :)
  5. sphinx

    Staffing tool

    I am in New York state :)
  6. sphinx

    Staffing tool

    hi, i did a search about acuity based staffing tools but didn't find exactly what i was looking for. i work at a nursing home with around 700 beds. most are general ltc, a few "locked" units for severe dementia, a comfort care unit, and my unit which...
  7. sphinx

    Do You Announce That You're a Nurse?

    It really just depends. As a patient myself, I try not to mention it. I have found that once a Dr knows I am a nurse they change towards me......they will talk to me as a professional, when that is really not what I need. For example, when I was bein...
  8. I have to laugh because when I was still in the hospital, they were doing this stuff-a good 2+ years ago. They had some outside company come in and inservice the entire staff. They didn't have the hourly rounding, but everybody, I mean everybody was ...
  9. sphinx

    profore question

    Well, she comes in Mon, Wed, Fri.......Monday and Friday are her shower days and she showers and they sprays her legs with a hand sprayer. Afterwards they dry with a towel (pat dry) and loosely put an adult brief on her leg just for the trip down to ...
  10. sphinx

    Nurses not responding fast enough-VENT

    Well I've been on the "other side" plenty of times, but never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time, and when I or my loved one had put on a light at least someone would pop their head in to make sure we were not in serious trouble...or answered...
  11. sphinx

    profore question

    We have a patient who has profore wraps......she has venous stasis, but her legs are like none I have ever seen or come accross. She struggles with edema, but is also simply overweight. Her knee and just below her knees are very dry and bumpy. Below ...
  12. sphinx


    I was just throwing that out in the ring, not thinking it as a primary cause. I only mentioned it because it is not widely known, and that it can be "reversible" by stopping the offending medication. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to find...
  13. sphinx

    Foul Smelling Urine

    A lot of times UTIs have no symptoms at all. Although the elderly often show behavioral changes. Sometimes if the urine smells nasty and there is no UTI present, if you change the bag, the smell goes away. The cleaning should help, but I'v found that...
  14. sphinx


    A lot of times the grinding can be caused by stress...but I have to mention something that a lot of people are not aware of. In some people, certain SSRIs (esp Zoloft) can cause you to grind your teeth. I did it horribly on Zoloft, to a lesser extent...
  15. sphinx


    When I was in Surgical ICU, even though there were residents, it was a closed unit and the residents could only round and make suggestions. We had Intensivists (sp) who took over and oversaw all their care in ICU. There were also PAs who worked only ...