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  1. by   Chaoticdreams33
    I am hired for a full time med-surg fellowship where I get to work on different floors during orientation. I am hoping to find a position on a surgical, surgical tele, or cardiac surgical floor. I start June 11th too!
  2. by   MissKittyRN076
    NICU :spin:
  3. by   lna2rn
    As a new grad at my hospital we are required to orient in all depts with the exception of ICU, OR, & the ED for 4 months. I am really unsure which area I will choose.
  4. by   KckStrt
    I am working at Barnes Jewish Hospital at Washington University in St. Louis. Med/Surg, we have a 3 month fellowship and at my 1 year mark I have a position granted in the ED. Pretty nervous about starting on the floor next week, but I am sure things are not going to be as bad as I have anticipated.
  5. by   Jovichick
    Transplant stepdown unit
  6. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Quote from moongirl
    same with me. It will be June sometime before I can take the NCLEX, but I will be working under a temporary graduate license which is good for 90 days. I know I am lucky.. they offered 6 months of training for this dream job.. cant wait to get started
    I have got to know...6 months orientation to new job????? AND they took you on before your license? WHERE are you working???/

  7. by   prinzessdy
    On a birthing unit, LDRP
    Applied for an internship in the OR. If not the OR, my next choice is Labor and Delivery because I may be able to get in the OR with a C-section.
  9. by   4tnerzwife
    medical ICU
  10. by   memeRN777
    starting on a med surg unit monday !!!
  11. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Quote from memern777
    starting on a med surg unit monday !!!
    hey new grad!
    i'm still in study mode for nclex before looking for work.
    i may end up in medsurg myself to gain experience. did you do your clinical there to get a foot in the door?

    i will move to anotehr state for my career. just not sure how to go about it.

    after i get my rn tho!
  12. by   AprilRNhere
    I start next week as Med/surg and CCU unit relief.
  13. by   sassyRN73
    Working in Tele & ICU