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  1. Montessori Mommy

    Advanced Pathophysiology

    Talk to others who have taken the class. Ask for their advice. Talk to the professor. You'll be amazed how often they'll share bits of test insight with students who take the initiative to talk to them. Attend all classes, and pay attention. (Sounds obvious but I was amazed how many people in my class skipped lectures or played on their computers during class!) Read the text and review your notes every week. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for exams. Best of luck to you!!
  2. Montessori Mommy

    Magnet Hospitals

    I've worked for a magnet hospital and for two that are not magnet. The magnet hospital has an outstanding nurse education program, but pays much less than the non-magnet facilities and has a much higher patient to nurse ratio. Of course, this may just be my experience.
  3. Montessori Mommy

    How much do you make as an RN in Labor and Delivery where you work?

    I make $27/hour per diem in upstate NY. Other hospitals in the area pay $32 - $35/hour per diem. Believe it or not, we make LESS than the nurses on other floors because so many nurses want to work in OB. Experienced nurses from other floors take a pay cut to come to OB!
  4. Montessori Mommy

    S.O.S.!!! New grad RN interview for L&D

    I've never had a scenario question in an interview, although I always run through possible answers before I've interviewed. Be sure to ask about the length of orientation, what classes you will attend, etc. Make sure the manager understands your desire to learn everything they want you to know! A mature enthusiasm is a good thing. Best of luck to you!
  5. Montessori Mommy

    H1N1 Question for Boarding School Nurses

    I'm not sure if there are any other boarding school nurses on here, but I thought I'd take a chance. I'm wondering what other boarding schools plans are for a potential H1N1 outbreak. Obviously, the day students will be told to stay home. Will your boarding students be quarentined on campus, or will their parents be told to pick them up? We have a large international population, so we'll have to quarentine those students, as well as any US students who live far enough away that they would have to fly home. Also, are you screening everyone as they come to campus this fall? We are not only concerned about our international students, but also about the many US students who spent the summer traveling abroad. Any information of what your school plans would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Montessori Mommy

    Any L&D nurses that wanted to be CNMs and decided against it?

    I was on the fast track to midwifery until recently.... I found an online program that a well-respected coworker is attending and began the one prereq I needed to apply. I got my husband and children on board, and was working out all the logistics. All of the sudden, I took a step back and realized the hours of a midwife would do more harm than good to my family. My dream is to be a midwife, but the dream I am living now is to be a wife & mom. It broke my heart to realize that my dream has to be put away, for at least a while. Right now, I'm working part-time hours as an RN, spending lots of time with my little girls and my husband. In ten years from now, I may decide to become a midwife - or maybe not. As a good friend once told me to remind myself frequently: I do enough, I have enough, I am enough!
  7. Montessori Mommy

    a little lost.....where to go?

    Melissa, I highly recommend Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing in Troy. It's a small, hospital based program with amazing instructors. You receive a lot of individual attention because of the small size. They also have a wonderful NCLEX passing rate. I had a BS in another field, and attended Samaritan to change my career. I graduated with very strong nursing skills, and have found unlimited opportunities in the area. I can't say enough about what a wonderful program it is!! Please PM me with any questions!
  8. Montessori Mommy

    A day in the life of a CNM

    Thank you for your insightful post. I'm doing some soul searching now about whether I should apply to a CNM program or not. While my heart knows it is the right career for me, I'm concerned about the effects on my family. I'm also worried that after paying for school, I won't be able to find a position that pays enough to justify the investment and all my hard work... Thanks again!
  9. Montessori Mommy

    Do New-Grads get to choose?

    Follow your heart! Don't be afraid to go after what you really want! I knew the only two units I wanted were L & D and NICU, and had been told by instructors and nurses that I would need at least a year of med/surg before. I sent out resumes to the unit managers of all the area hospitals in January, interviewed in February and received multiple job offers- three months before graduation. I'm now an L & D nurse. Honestly, I don't think juggling 6-8 patients on a med/surg floor would have helped me care for a laboring mom. It's rare for me to have more than one patient unless they are both in very early labor. If this is what you really want, you'll find a way. Lots of persistance will pay off.
  10. I'm taking statistics, too. It's a pre-req for a master's program in midwifery. Last night I slept 8 hours! Thanks to horrible allergies and a bedtime dose of benedryl, I slept soundly all night
  11. Montessori Mommy

    Which medical dictionary??

    When I started school, I bought all of the required and suggested books. I never opened the suggested books at all - including the dictionary. Since I did all of my work on the computer, it was faster to look up terms online. There is an awesome website about lab tests, too. http://www.labtestsonline.org/index.html Best of luck!
  12. Montessori Mommy

    First week on the job

    I just bought AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing (3rd edition) by Simpson and Creehan. The nurse educator on our unit said it covers everything we should know. The fetal assessment chapter is amazing! (Gosh - I'm really a geek!) http://www.amazon.com/AWHONNs-Perinatal-Nursing-Co-Published-Simpson/dp/0781767598/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1219090272&sr=8-1 Best of luck to you!!
  13. Montessori Mommy

    Who assigns APGARs?

    I work per diem at two hospitals. At both, the RN assigns Apagar scores. Even when an RT is called to the delivery, it is the nurse's responsibility to do Apgars. The MDs and midwives always ask me for the Apgars so they can include them in their note.
  14. Montessori Mommy

    Suggested Reading

    I'm preparing to apply for admission into a midwifery program to begin next summer (2009). Can anyone suggest any reading I can do before then that will prepare me for school? I've alraedy read Spiritual Midwifery and Heart & Hands. I'm also making my way through AWHONN Perinatal Nursing. Thanks! :wink2:
  15. Montessori Mommy

    Energy Level Of "older" Student

    I graduated from nursing school just before my 40th bithday. (A second career for me.) I found that my family commitments gave me very defined times to study, so I didn't need to stay up all night. (It's like asking the busiest person you know to do something for you. You know it will get done because they are good time managers.) It's also much easier to focus as a mature adult in school than it is to be 18 and worried about friends and boyfriends. When the younger people in my class were stressing about relationships, I was studying! My wonderful husband and daughters never threatened to "break up" with me if I couldn't go out Saturday night! I'm thinking about going back for my masters in midwifery next year. I would finish just before I turn 45. You can do whatever you set your mind to do!! Best of luck!!
  16. Montessori Mommy

    Brother and Sister born on the same day

    I had a patient one day who told me the FOB wasn't going to be with her because his new girlfriend was in labor at a local hospital. His mother was with my patient and her two year old grandson. It was so very sad....