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  1. MissKittyRN076

    Busy morning

    We had 13 admits from L&D, one set of quads, a set of trips, and then a 2 sets of twins, and 2 singles. The next day we got 6 admits in 1 hour but one was a set of quints! We went from no census to understaffed in 24 hours! Its baby time.....
  2. MissKittyRN076

    New grad doesn't like new job!

    This reminds me of time I was in nursing school and an instructor told our learning community that "even if you work night shift, make an effort to do your hair and make up so the families dont think your a slob". Because you know those 24 weekers care if their nurse has on lipgloss. Liz
  3. MissKittyRN076

    Survey: New Grad Pay

    Holy Moly I'm moving to Wisconsin!!!! We start at $24.40 for the New Grad program and then got a raise to $24.80 after orientation (a whole 40 cents!) but we are a small Children's hospital and not a conglomerate like Banner. Liz
  4. MissKittyRN076

    When they're giving out assignments . . .

    When I first got off orientation here I would regularly get "3 baby" assignments, one night I even had a "4 baby" (set of trips and a single). Granted they were "feeder/growers" and two were on pump feeds but it was still a handful. Now a year later 3 is a walk in the park, I watch the new grads just off orientation run around like crazy with two babies. We have one that won't tell us she hasn't eaten lunch and we have to force her off the unit. It's all about time managment, my preceptor taught me the "work your butt off for the first rounds" rule, that way if your night goes to h-e-double hockey sticks you dont have to worry about falling behind. As of yet I have not had to stay after report to chart..knock on wood. It will get easier....... Liz
  5. MissKittyRN076

    Parents and Firing Nurses

    Our unit uses primary nursing for all of the potentially chronic kids that come in. We also have "conflict lists" that either the parents can put staff on or we can put ourselves on. At anytime we can refuse an assignment, and be ressigned to someone else. The neuro and GI kids tend to be "cycled" after awhile, this happens when the infant is extremely irritable and it would be unfair to have the same nurse dealing with it for three nights. Most of the time we have the same assignment all three shifts but I have also worked 4 in a row and had a different assignment every night. Yeah and let me tell you how great it feels to have a kid scream 12 hours staright (even with Morphine and Versed) and then have day shift tell you "I never had to give him/her anything, they were a perfect angel' I want to say "Yeah cause he was up all night screaming for me"! Liz
  6. MissKittyRN076

    Morphine Administration of very small doses

    Where I work we do the serial dilution 0.1 med with 0.9 NS. Some nurses feel that it dilutes the med to much but it probably isn't much different then putting in the top of the tubing and doing a 1ml flush behind it. Liz
  7. MissKittyRN076

    Question from a new NICU nurse...

    Hi all! I just started as a new grad in a great NICU program and have a question regarding the "pecking order" I have felt during these first few weeks. Many of the nurse's in my unit have been there 10+ years and the ongoing joke is that no one will move up unless someone in management dies. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful but most of the time I feel like I am "the baby RN" on the floor and get a lot of pats on the head. I count my blessings that I am in an area that i love and have such a great supportive staff but I am used to being listened to by my peers or faculty and now it's more of a "seen but not heard" environment. No one has been mean or put me down but when I come up with an idea I get that "oh, how cute, the new grad has an opinion" look or its like I didn't even speak. Is this normal for such a specialized area? I luckily am one of those people that doesn't get to worked up about this kind of stuff and I have had a few nurses tell me "It's all about knowing your role right now". I have only been on the unit for two weeks. Liz
  8. MissKittyRN076

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to ASU (Arizona State) and during the entire program we had to take these ERI tests called N-CAPS, they basically tested us NCLEX style on the info that we learned that semester, this helped us determine what we needed to review. Our last semester we took 2 RN-ASSESS exams which are NCLEX style tests, this was supposed to tell us if we would pass or not. After we graduated we had a week long review sponsered by this ERI company. I also used the KAPLAN book (not the class). I think the most important book to have with all of the delegation and priority questions is the LaCharity text everyone has talked about. We had to use it in SR2 because the faculty had heard that delegation and priority would be huge this year. I did 2000+ questions during school for a contract grade assignment and then at least 1000 questions after graduation. The best way to study is questions, questions, questions. Remember Maslow, ABC's. Look over disaster priority, I had 3 questions about disaster victims. Good Luck! Liz, RN, BSN
  9. MissKittyRN076

    New grads....where do you work?

  10. MissKittyRN076

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I found out today that I passed :monkeydance: and i only had 75 questions. I also left feeling like I had failed. Liz, RN, BSN (finally I can put that after my name!)
  11. MissKittyRN076

    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :monkeydance: :monkeydance: After 24 hours of torture and even posting that I was sure I had failed because my license wasn't up..........I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons: :balloons: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: Do the funky monkey!!! I never have to take that stupid test again!!!!!!:smiley_aa :smiley_aa :w00t: :w00t:
  12. MissKittyRN076

    Tested today 5-31-07

    Well, after freaking out and being sooooo sure I failed (I even went to Amazon looking for the Saunders book).............. :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :monkeydance: I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :monkeydance: Liz (Now I don't have to change my username!)
  13. MissKittyRN076

    Tested today 5-31-07

    Well, I'm pretty sure I failed...... Here in AZ the board usually posts your license # 24 hours after you take the test. I have been checking pretty much every hours since I got up at 7am and there is still nothing. I have already had other people from my class email me and tell me how sorry they are I failed. This goes to show that you can graduate with honors from nursing school and still fail the NCLEX. I had a 3.5 when I graduated, every ERI test I took came back with flying colors. All 3 RN Assessments (which according to ASU is 95% predictable of whether or not you will pass) all came back with passing numbers, and I still failed. At this point I don't really know what to do to prepare better next time, it was not test anxiety, I was fine going in to the test. If I took reviews and they all said I was ready how is taking more review going to help me? I am going to try Suzanne's test plan and see if that helps. I still have a glimmer of hope that the girl who updates the records just isn't in today, or maybe there are a lot of people who took the test and it will take a little longer. I have promised everyone that I will not officially concede defeat until Pearson posts my result but as of right it doesn't look good. What sucks the most is that I had 75 questions which means if I did fail I realllllllyyyyyyy failed and I honestly didn't think I was that incompetent. Liz
  14. MissKittyRN076

    Tested today 5-31-07

    I had two select all that apply and a math question..... There has to be an easier way to determine our competence without going through this stress! I won't know until tommorrow morning (AZ is fast like that) if I passed, I feel better after reading all the posts of people who passed w/ 75 but then you have that one person that knows people who failed. I would think that if you only have 75 questions its a good chance you passed because that is a little early to predict competence. All I know is that was the hardest test I have taken in nursing school and I don't recall the questions ever "getting easier" as I went through it. Liz
  15. MissKittyRN076

    Finally Passed NCLEx-RN

    Awesome!! Congradulations!:balloons: :w00t:
  16. MissKittyRN076

    How many got only 75 questions?

    My computer shut off at 75 and almost every other question was prioritizing! I cried in the parking lot and then on and off until i got home and found this website, I already am feeling better. Just wish i had found it when i started nursing school. Liz Graduated May 2007 Arizona State University-CON