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jodyangel is a RN and specializes in L&D.

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  1. jodyangel

    How does your unit run ENDOTOOL?so...

    Exactly!!! So fellow OB nurses...how do you run your insulin?
  2. jodyangel

    How does your unit run ENDOTOOL?so...

    What? It’s the program my hospital requires with an insulin drip. We have OB pts w uncontrolled DM. Not safe in pregnancy!
  3. jodyangel

    Violence is Not "Just Part of the Job"

    Yes! #silentnomore
  4. jodyangel

    How does your unit run ENDOTOOL?so...

    So.....our protocol requires 2 PIVs for pts on ENDOTOOL. I’ve gotten pts from L&D with insulin, NS0.9 and D545 all in one PIV. I thought Insulin was Only compatible with NS?
  5. jodyangel

    IV Compatibility

    No this is a PIV. I work in Antepartum....not ICU
  6. jodyangel

    IV Compatibility

    This is a PIV.
  7. jodyangel

    IV Compatibility

    Ive been taught that ONLY 0.9 NS is compatible with Insulin....so if they need D545 patient has to have 2 IVs infusing...
  8. jodyangel

    IV Compatibility

    Is D545 and an insulin gtt ok to run on the same line? What will it do if it was run together?
  9. jodyangel

    Written Up

  10. jodyangel

    Lexington Medical Center

    What state?
  11. jodyangel

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    We do them on our Mother Baby Ante floor. Its with a program which tells you how to go up or down on the drip. You will have 4 other patients.
  12. jodyangel

    39 IOL

    its the norm at most places Ive worked. Usually 39.1
  13. jodyangel

    Survival guide for women of color

    Good question???
  14. jodyangel

    My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    Ugh I Always pull a finger off. Can't feel thru those darn thick gloves...
  15. jodyangel

    ADN L&D position

    No. Having done both...I can tell you L&D is a horse of a totally different color. I love Antepartum so that’s where I’m happy.
  16. jodyangel

    Survival guide for women of color

    Yes of course they are!

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