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  1. jodyangel

    ADN L&D position

    No. Having done both...I can tell you L&D is a horse of a totally different color. I love Antepartum so that’s where I’m happy.
  2. jodyangel

    Survival guide for women of color

    Yes of course they are!
  3. jodyangel

    Survival guide for women of color

    Sorry but I’ve not seen racism in my unit. Most of our population is black and many with multiple health issues. I work in Antepartum. I didn’t hear about Kiera but I’ll research.
  4. ....I’m told it’s because resp. Monitoring is required for 24 hrs. so that doesn’t seem like a good reason not to do them. They give all CSpts a PCA without any pulsox monitoring? In My experience, the moms Do So well getting OOB ect That I’d love to see them trialed!
  5. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    I'm going to request not to be assigned to her anymore...
  6. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    I've only contacted her OB who says I need to just draw up the insulin, take it in and jab her without speaking. I'm not doing that.
  7. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    Making decisions still means I would have to forcibly inject her. Sorry I'm not doing that. Her parents aren't even involved with her.
  8. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    Apparently they've made her parents in charge of her care. But they got this over the phone....they don't come in.
  9. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    No. I've done all that. She grunts, yells NO and covers her head. So you think it's ok to try and pull her covers off and just stick her? I don't and when I go back in, if she's still there I'm asking to not take care of her. I don't want to be involved in any of this... Tell me how I would get her to take PO meds? Make her? Exactly how??
  10. jodyangel

    Forced meds?

    So...if a patient who is an adult but has the mental capacity of a third grader refuses her Insulin and po antibiotics...and the doctor says just Go in there and give her the insulin without saying anything to her...would You do it?
  11. jodyangel

    Is this folklore or an old wives tale?

    Ok so I was going to give my 2 day old csection her water pitcher so she could take her pill. She said "OH Im not allowed to drink with a straw, my nurse told me". I'd never heard of such a thing so I told her it was fine and she swallowed her pill. Now I went to the desk and asked the charge nurse about it and she said Oh Yeah you have to swallow all that air before the water comes up. So you get gassy. Funny thing is I've never heard this before, even in L&D, where we recovered csections. So how long are they not allowed to use a straw...forever?
  12. jodyangel

    What time do you do vitals at night on mother baby

    Called sepsis protocol. Vitals q4
  13. jodyangel

    Made the dumbest mistake last night!

    Vitals every hour? So the mag patient gets no sleep.
  14. Klone, Tell us more about this. HOW did this program get started and where does the funding come from? ...comprehensive case management program for pregnant/new moms, which includes postpartum home visits within a day or two after hospital discharge for all women in the program (which is 90+% of all the women who deliver).
  15. jodyangel

    Rh + and - and Coombs and blood types

    Yes so a positive Coombs means there was blood mixing at birth and the baby has developed antibodies. So mom gets her Rhogam to protect her next pregnancy and baby gets a closer watch of it's bili.