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Signs of chorio?


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Can an OB pt get chorio w/no fever?

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I’ve googled and not found an answer yet?


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This is from UptoDate:

A presumptive diagnosis of IAI (suspected triple I) can be made in women with:

●Fever – ≥39.0°C [102.2°F] or 38.0°C [100.4°F] to 38.9°C [102.02°F] on two occasions 30 minutes apart, without another clear source PLUS one or more of the following [1]:

•Baseline fetal heart rate >160 beats/min for ≥10 minutes, excluding accelerations, decelerations, and periods of marked variability

•Maternal white cell count >15,000/mm3 in the absence of corticosteroids and ideally showing a left shift (bandemia)

•Purulent-appearing fluid coming from the cervical os visualized by speculum examination

For treatment purposes, ACOG suggests that patients with isolated fever ≥39.0°C (102.2°F) without another clear source should be managed as having suspected IAI, as they are at high risk of an adverse clinical infectious outcome [71].

jodyangel, RN

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Thank you for your response 😃

yes. maternal fever is one of last signs of chorio. signs to watch out before are change in color or odor of fluid if the pts water has already broken, FHR higher than WNL, maternal HR higher than WNL, general discomfort not reported before, pain along the top of umbilicus especially when palpated. in my experience, those sx were usually reported/found before a maternal fever over 100.4.