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  1. LaborRN

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    It sounds cool!
  2. LaborRN

    Perinatal Monitoring System

    I have used Phillips wireless monitoring system and I think it works great!
  3. LaborRN

    Insulin drips patients on L&D

    Anything over 100? Woah, I'm used to two over 120. Running an insulin drip with six patients sounds stressful! That sounds nice! We would use a chart and would need a double check from another RN if we maintained, increased or decreased.
  4. LaborRN

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    If you want to get your foot in the door and get some experience working with babies L&D would be a good place. Depending on where you work you may get very little or a lot of experience. It depends on how many resources you have. It sounds like you are excited about both, so I say go for it!
  5. LaborRN

    Signs of chorio?

    This is from UptoDate: A presumptive diagnosis of IAI (suspected triple I) can be made in women with: ●Fever – ≥39.0°C [102.2°F] or 38.0°C [100.4°F] to 38.9°C [102.02°F] on two occasions 30 minutes apart, without another clear source PLUS one or more of the following [1]: •Baseline fetal heart rate >160 beats/min for ≥10 minutes, excluding accelerations, decelerations, and periods of marked variability •Maternal white cell count >15,000/mm3 in the absence of corticosteroids and ideally showing a left shift (bandemia) •Purulent-appearing fluid coming from the cervical os visualized by speculum examination For treatment purposes, ACOG suggests that patients with isolated fever ≥39.0°C (102.2°F) without another clear source should be managed as having suspected IAI, as they are at high risk of an adverse clinical infectious outcome [71].
  6. What is a previn?
  7. LaborRN

    Documentation document

    As a travel nurse, when I get my two or three days of orientation I take as many notes as I can during that time on what is required as far as charting, where to find emergency items (crash cart, precip kit, hemorrhage cart), where phone numbers are, and any other vital information I may need. I feel this helps a lot since it is impossible to remember everything! For my last assignment I kept a small notebook and for this assignment, since it is slower paced, I have a Google document. As far as creating a checklist, I think that would be very helpful and I would literally just do that! As you know, every charting system is different and every unit will have different things that they will be auditing for. Maybe make a heading for each tab you are required to chart under and then just list the items to chart. Maybe have several nurses review the checklist to get some input before giving it out to your travelers.
  8. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    Thanks for your response and I agree with you. The fact that this is an expectation is ridiculous. Especially with no policy.
  9. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    Not everywhere practices this way 🙂
  10. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    It's all fun and games until something goes wrong and then the nurse is to blame. If I hook up to the patient I am the one administering when i wasnt involved in anything except pulling the med. Also, anesthesia refuses to review pump settings with me because they are preset🤦‍♀️☹ i have to have a nurse come in to the room but they "aren't allowed" to verify settings only verify correct med.
  11. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    This is Florida. I havent seen any CRNAs but they have AAs that do spinals in the OR. I would be okay with doing it IF they had a policy or if I was backed up by the BON but when I called the BON they told me that they don't have guidelines on epidurals specifically. They told me to follow hospital policy. I told them there isn't one... I don't think I should be expecter to do something that there is no policy on if the BON has no support to provide for me either.
  12. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    I guess I should clarify one thing. When anesthesia brings the pump and med into the room the pump is already running/medication started. So if I am the one hooking it up to the patient then i am administering the med is my thought on things. Thank you for responding 🙂
  13. LaborRN

    Hooking up epidural line

    Hello, I am a travel nurse working in FL and at the hospital I work at the anesthesiologist wants you to hook up the epidural line to the patient after he places the epidural. I am uncomfortable doing this since they have no epidural policy and it is against Awhonn guidelines to initiate the epidural continuous infusion. Also, I called the board and they have no specific guidelines in the nurse practice act. A couple of them downright refuse to hook it up. What would you do?