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KckStrt specializes in Emergency.

I BELIEVE IN PROTECTING CHILDREN.... Please lets do this together....

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  1. KckStrt

    Seeing The Letters 'RN' With New Eyes

    You are truly an inspiration, an outstanding example of the kind of RN I want to be!
  2. KckStrt

    what nursing journals do you read as an ED nurse?

    Both of these I read as well....
  3. KckStrt

    Camera phones in the ER

    We, the hospital I work in, do have policies against taking pictures in our ED or the hospital in general. If you take my picture without my permission, watch out. I wont be pushed around by anyone. It's time nurses stand up for themselves and stop all this subservient crap.:bowingpur People have no right to push us around and treat us like their personal handmaiden. In GA if someone throws stool at you, or urine, did you know that it is assault. So take my picture at 3am and see how well that goes over. Our secruity is the greatest, besides, I am the pretty nurse and don't want my face splattered all over the internet!!!
  4. KckStrt

    ED protocols that include zofran?

    We do give it prior to MD visit. Especially if they are waiting longer after triage, we don't need them vomiting all over the lobby and spreading whatever nasty they have, plus it helps with our over all scores when they get their survey .
  5. KckStrt

    Your state's "preferred" ED credentials?

    We must have BLS, ACLS, PALS, ENPC and TNCC. Someone at work the other night used the term "Level 1 trauma center", funny thing is we have no surgeons on duty, just on call. We aren't labeled Lvl 1 but we take anything and everything.
  6. KckStrt

    Am I too old to be new in the ER?

    43 here... just started in the ed jan 08, i love it, i just hate the drive there and back.
  7. KckStrt

    Pediatric Emergency Room Nursing

    So... How did it go? I am sure they will want you, there aren't alot of ED pediatric RN's who leave and go to other ED's. I want to do peds as well in after a couple years where I am. We see a ton of kids anyway, so I have the best of both worlds. Good Luck!
  8. KckStrt

    Lavage and the GI bleed

    Do you work with me? LOL... I love this.
  9. KckStrt

    It finally happened!!

    I am a brand new RN, graduated in May 07, and new ED RN. I have been working in the ED about 9 weeks now and the other day I noticed things are starting to click. I pretty much hit the floor running at 7am. My preceptor checks my charting, if something she feels it out of my reach so to speak she lets me walk through it before finding myself in trouble. We have become an ED overwhelmed with Hold pts waiting for rooms, mostly ICU, so added to our ED duties we are also ICU RN's for most of each day. Things are falling together well. I am still unsure of myself at times, and I know there is so much more ahead of me to learn.
  10. KckStrt

    Announcement-From_RG, Any Parents or anyone else!

    Congratulations!!! :dncgbby::dncgbby: I was told by a close friend "It's not enough to be a good dad, PLEASE be a good example!"
  11. KckStrt

    Just got a JOB in the ER as a NEW GRAD SOOO EXCITED!!!

    Congratulations..... I just wish you could be more enthusiastic, especially when you hit the floor!!!:w00t: I just started in the ED about 3 weeks ago, and things are feeling a little better today.... Good luck!
  12. KckStrt

    RN license endorsement

    my bad... no need to reply, I sure she has a new license here now
  13. KckStrt

    Time Management Strategies

    I did do a med/surg job for about 6 months prior to entering the ED last month and I can't say it really helped me. I am happy I had the time there and learned what I did, but I am not a believer of that's the only way in to the ED or any specialty field, neither is the hospital I work at. There are benefits to everything... so who knows really. I think I am learning to transfer my time management skills: *Like staying focused on the task at hand and knowing that I need to finish up and move on. *Limiting my time in each room, med/surg we could spend a little longer with them. *Keeping the pt focused on the "chief complaint" when taking history. *I am trying to be a little less focused on being so organized, I used to give my meds by 9, assess and chart by 11, feed by 1230, and so on... not so in the ED. It's OK for me to know where I am going and where I have been, but I need to be aware that I may have to move onto something else very quickly. *Charting as soon as I give a med or finish any task, med/surg no one else was gonna give my meds or start that line. I hope this is some help, I am brand new in the ED too, and I guess I am writing this more to get it out in front of me so I can see it. Good luck....
  14. KckStrt

    I feel very confused....

    Thanks everyone for the great help. All of your assessments and hx taking is what we do and of course every ones hx questions are pretty much the same. I guess so much of it repetition and becoming used to how things flow and move in the ED. My med/surg exp is an asset as far as time management and being equipped to deal with certain situations, but sometime I feel like I am too organized and need to let go a bit and "change priorities" quicker. This has helped me feel more confident as well as discussing it with my Director, in which she said "I wouldn't have hired you if I didn't think you had what it takes to be a great ED RN." Tomorrow is a new day and I am still scared poop less. I will be alright, I just know it.
  15. KckStrt

    I feel very confused....

    Loganville area, working in Athens.
  16. KckStrt

    I feel very confused....

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post "Sobering first day at work..." Now I have finished my second week in the ED and I am having a tough time transitioning for the little experience I had doing Med/Surg. Plus I am less then impressed with my preceptors. I have 2 preceptors I follow and both are very disorganized and they tell me that is the norm in the ED. The whole department is very informal, but I do like the people who are there and see they perform great as a team. I feel so chaotic while taking pt history. I feel like I should make some cards with specific questions to ask; chest pain, abdominal pain, fever, SOB. I just can't seem to keep it all straight in my head and the charting program we use just confuses me more. I feel like I am stumbling over my own two feet. Will I ever get the hang of it? My wife says I was this unsure of myself my first several weeks on a med/surg floor too and then it starting clicking.... Any advise or am I where I am suppose to be? I know I sholdn't know everything, but I sometimes feel like I know NOTHING... I am told I am doing great but everything seems so foriegn to me.... Thanks for reading and for any direction.:icon_roll