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Chaoticdreams33 has 6 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Psych, substance abuse, MR-DD.

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  1. Chaoticdreams33

    2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Has anyone ever heard of a Tier 2 NP being awarded?
  2. Chaoticdreams33

    Is suicidal ideation always an emergency?

    very true and very important. I should have been more clear that I was referring to my specific experience and in my state of CT. However I Am not aware of any state in the US where an imminent risk to self or others is not grounds for some type of i...
  3. Chaoticdreams33

    Is suicidal ideation always an emergency?

    I work in an ED and we do all of the psychiatric consults to determine level of care, and like others have mentioned, the presence of suicidal ideation does not always require an inpatient hospitalization. There are a lot of factors that go into this...
  4. Chaoticdreams33

    Link between schizophrenia and psychic ability???

    I have not had this happen with a patient. But on a somewhat related note, there is a psychiatrist at a local mental health agency who doesn't believe in treating psychosis/hallucinations with medications. instead he runs a group teaching patients ho...
  5. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    SO I keep meaning to update and I keep forgetting! I passed the exam on 5/23/13 and got my license on 6/10/13. This is what I wrote to my professor when she asked me about the exam- I feel like I was well prepared, I used the ANCC book, ANCC practi...
  6. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    Thank you MeganK! I will definitely post again here with my test experience! This year the ANCC is allowing you to take the test with just your grades in, but they won't send you your cert until they get the degree conferred transcript, but yes the p...
  7. Chaoticdreams33

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    Interesting thread! I personally chose psych NP because I love psych but I do not love working nights and weekends and holidays. I also liked the idea of working with clients all over the spectrum of mental illness, not just the sickest of the sick w...
  8. Chaoticdreams33

    Ancc adult psychiatric np exam

    Ellen NP, thanks for your reply. I feel semi-confident that my program and my experience have prepared me well enough. But then I get worried that I am too confident and that I will fail! Haha. I hope to take the exam the first week of June, if my sc...
  9. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    Thanks Mookiebsnrn! I took the first one last night and there were some things on there that I honestly never heard of! I copy and pasted everything I got wrong so I can study it more. Now I know where to focus so that's good. Megank5183 no problem...
  10. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    I agree, even the ancc book and fitzgeralds have essentially the same info in them, just organized a little differently. I did do the ancc questions on their site a few months ago before I really even started to study and I didn't feel that they were...
  11. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    Hi MookieBSNRN! Congrats on your graduation. I have been waiting for the Barkley DRT practice tests for months! I hope they come out soon, I feel like I am ready to take a practice test and see how I am doing and where to focus the rest of my studyin...
  12. Chaoticdreams33

    Ancc adult psychiatric np exam

    Now I am scared!! My friends who have recently taken it have said that it was vague and very general, but they all passed. It seems that the new test that comes out this summer is more clinically focused and almost makes me want to wait until then to...
  13. Chaoticdreams33

    PMHNP certification questions!!!

    I am using the ANCC book, the ANCC practice questions, and the Fitzgeralds book and audio CDs. I am so nervous!! But I am glad to see that the ANCC study materials helped people to pass. Any new tips from anyone?
  14. Chaoticdreams33

    Anyone studying for the PMHNP exam?

    HI there! I just finished up my course work and will be graduating in a couple of weeks. I have started studying for the board exam and I am using the ANCC book and I also bought the Fitzgerald's program including the book and the CDs. I am listenin...
  15. Chaoticdreams33

    best psych NP program.

    Hi there. I don't have first hand experience of either program but I have heard good things about Columbia. Sometimes if you interview at a school they have former or current students that are available to talk with you about what it is really like t...