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Poll to see where new grads are working these days: 1) Med surg 2) Critical Care/ER 3) Other... Read More

  1. by   mercyme128
    graduate May 18th!!!!! Going to work in step-down pcu/telemetry
  2. by   gradRN2007
    will be working in an intermediate ICU right outside of the heart unit
    orientation for 6 months starting may 24, wish me luck!!!!
  3. by   ltvixen
    I start in the ER on May 22!
  4. by   fiestygirl
    Medical ICU
  5. by   RN_Jen
    OR starting in July
  6. by   tx2007
    I just started Ortho/Neuro the day before graduation. I did all the hospital and nursing orientation and today was my first day on the floor as a GN!! I take NCLEX next week and I hope I pass so I can keep this job, it seems like a great fit for me.
  7. by   Aimee03
    3 other- OB
  8. by   pinksugar
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  9. by   Anjann
    I work on a MedSurg/Ortho/Bari/Onc floor, and I wish I could find a program that would take a new grad straight into an OR or PACU! What a great opportunity you guys have! Hold on to it!
  10. by   hopeless
    Hi to all of you.. Im just wondering how you guys applied for GN? I heard about GN after I graduated (2005, foreign grad) and till now im still struggling to pass the RN boards. I have my ATT and it is valid till Aug.. Am I still allowed to apply for GN? if Im allowed.. may I know the process how to apply and should I look for the hospitals here in NY if theyre accepting GNs?? Please advice me... Thank you!
  11. by   Montessori Mommy
    To get a GN permit in New York State, you must already have a job lined up. The facility where you will work has to sign the permit request form, verifying that there are nurses there who will be directly supervising you.

    Best of luck!
  12. by   jodyangel
    NJ doesnt recognize GNs. They make you wait until you pass boards. I took a job in Delaware and they Do recognize them.

    Quote from MiaNJ
    Did you take the NCLEX yet? I haven't found a place yet which will hire new grads without the RN license. You are lucky to be able to start right after you graduate.
    The school I went to (and others I heard about) takes over month to submit the credentials to the Board of Nursing, before we can even take the NCLEX.
  13. by   tlynnesmith
    I am working in a med/surg split unit. 1/2 acute care and 1/2 restorative care. I began working there as an aide 2 years ago after clinical rotation. Take boards in 2 weeks but began orientation last week. I am so fortunate to be with a wonderful staff. They have encouraged and supported me throughout school. Hopefully this will make the transition from student to nurse a not so terrifying experience.....