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Anjann is a RN and specializes in M/S/Ortho/Bari/ED.

second career RN

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    Current issues with Nursing today...

    The passing of the torch from the oldies to the newbies. Our floor flat out eats their young , who are truly eager to learn and try their best, but we have repeatedly said to our management as one new grad drops off the radar after another that unless the mentoring and encouragement don't change and get up to speed with the times, the med-surg floors will be left hanging high and dry when the baby boomers go to retire in the next 3-7 years and are overflowing the ER's and tele floors with broken hips, knee replacements, chest pain and uncontrolled diabetes. This is a serious nursing issue, as well as a patient care issue and a hospital crisis issue in the making...I have been trying to rally up a board to address this issue head on before it gets out of control, with no luck. Good luck with you research though! Angela