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  1. pinksugar

    Never driving to work in snow again

    It must be a Maryland thing, but one of the only reasons why my unit has stayed open during some snow storms was because patients that were written for discharge couldn't get rides and cabs weren't running.
  2. I have tried everything - all of the tricks in this thread - and I still gag left and right in patients' rooms. I try to hide it as much as I can. I gag just watching something gross on TV. I have tried mouth breathing but that makes me gag even more and I can still smell things just as strong.
  3. pinksugar

    Never driving to work in snow again

    I noticed the OP says she lives in Maryland. We got slammed with a lot of snow a lot earlier than all of the weather people had predicted - we expected to wake up to a dusting on 1-26 and already had several inches on the ground. We were supposed to get 1-3 inches total and ended up getting about 10 in some areas. There is no way that the OP could have predicted that - none of us Marylanders knew we were getting hit that hard and fast, including weather forecasters.
  4. pinksugar

    New grad/bad economy, bend over and take it?

    i agree with you that the thread should not have been titled this way, and i get the impression that the op regrets that, too. i just see no reason to keep berating someone when they have already recanted their original position. this thread is an example of why i do always try to read an entire thread before posting (if not i will usually state that i did not read the entire thread). communication and conversations evolve quickly. many of the harsher comments being posted are now relatively obsolete in light of the direction that the thread has turned. ftr i agree with you hiddencat and i love your gifs.
  5. pinksugar

    Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    My parents paid for my bachelor's degree (I had scholarships that paid for a good portion of it, they paid the rest). After that I was on my own. My bachelor's degree is non-nursing, so I had to pay for my own nursing school. Community college (AA in Nursing) is very inexpensive and is IMO a very good alternative to taking out 100K worth of student loans to get a job that you can (easily) land with a cheap 2 year degree. In fact, in my area nurses with a 2 year degree have an easier time getting jobs than those with BSNs because it is well known among the local hospitals that the 2 year degree programs have more rigorous clinical training.
  6. pinksugar

    New grad/bad economy, bend over and take it?

    I am one of the ones that suggested that the OP take a night job if that is what is available - as a new grad I worked nights and I still do a rotating schedule with lots of on-call (hardly fun or desirable). However, I think that maybe some of the posters that are jumping on her need to read the entire thread before they continue to do that, as she has explained her original posting and seems to be much more reasonable about getting a job, taking what is available, etc. The thread has changed since it was originally started, I see no reason for some to come on and keep making their rude comments without reading what she has posted since the first post. Some of the comments being made simply aren't applicable any longer.
  7. pinksugar

    Student Loan Defaulters ONLY

    You aren't a bad person, but you asked for advice and people are giving you good advice - it just isn't what you care to hear/read. I find it hard to believe that you would be worse off working full time than PRN. If that is the case then perhaps you and your husband need to sit down together and figure out where you can cut your budget - you already stated that your housing is free (a true luxury that I assure you most folks do NOT have) so you should be able to figure out somewhere to cut costs so that you and your husband can get ahead and you can pay these loans off without having banks, etc. breathing down your neck 24-7. I wish you luck.
  8. pinksugar

    New grad/bad economy, bend over and take it?

    I agree. Some people need to give the OP a break already. Those of us with a few years of experience under our belts know how the nursing culture works, but our nurselings don't and it is up to us to help them, just the way that more experienced nurses helped us when we were new to this game.
  9. pinksugar

    Nurses: Do the patients often try to talk to you about politics?

    Sometimes they do. Usually they are ranting and raving about why all of their health care should be free and how much "I" am charging them. I try to redirect them. This conservative doesn't care to get into health care debates with patients, especially ones that think that they are entitled to snort as much coke and shoot as much heroin as they want to, but not pay for their own health insurance. :)
  10. pinksugar

    New grad/bad economy, bend over and take it?

    exactly. at eight months pregnant i wager that i feel worse most days than most of the patients, who run to the er to get admitted every time they feel that they are entitled to some iv dilaudid. to the op - i would take the job. even before the economy went to the pooper most new grad positions were night shift. get your foot in the door, get some experience, and put your name on the list as someone who would like to move to days. when a day position opens your manager will look to you first before hiring someone new because you are already employed on the unit. good luck! :)
  11. pinksugar

    How many of you do rotating shifts? Day and night?

    I rotate all of the time, often several times in the same week. I feel blessed that I am able to do it so easily. I know others have difficulty rotating.
  12. pinksugar

    Nurse: 'I was fired for refusing flu shot'

    Our facility mandates flu shots as well. You can get permission from your PCP not to get one and they will excuse you, otherwise you are fired. I think it is silly to require employees to get flu shots but I was going to get one anyway this year because I am pregnant and it isn't worth it to me to lose my job over this (at least not at this time). I pick and choose my battles (and I am gearing up for one so I didn't want to waste my energy fighting getting a flu shot).
  13. pinksugar

    Young people winding up in nursing homes

    I feel terrible for these folks. I wish I (or anyone) knew what to do to make this better.
  14. pinksugar

    Started new job - how do I bring up time off for vacation

    Sorry, you might be out of luck. Generally people mention a planned vacation during the interview process, whether to the manager or HR, before getting hired.
  15. pinksugar

    People in healthcare should speak Spanish, she said

    I agree with you. One of our nurses (who speaks Mandarin as her native tongue) was written up for not using the language phone to speak to a patient that also spoke Mandarin, even though her Mandarin is perfect. Our managers maintained that the medical consent forms the patient signed weren't valid because she didn't use the language phone and instead spoke to the patient herself. That nurse now refuses to speak Mandarin to any Mandarin speaking patient at any time, for any reason. Like I have stated several times before in this thread, there is nothing wrong with using the language phone instead of learning a new language. In fact many facilities prefer (or mandate) their nurses to use the phone to protect themselves from liability.