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  1. this is a bunch of crap. in looking at the FDA statement FDA Safety Communication: Boxed Warning on increased mortality and severe renal injury, and additional warning on risk of bleeding, for use of hydroxyethyl starch solutions in some settings reg...
  2. does Burn count as ICU

    According to the AANA, yes burn ICU would count. HOWEVER, you should contact potential programs and inquire how they view your ICU experience
  3. What exactly does a nurse anesthetist do?

    i prefer words with friends
  4. How to become a Nurse Anesthetist

    even easier, there is a FAQ at the bottom of the forum page.
  5. Is SICU really the preferred ICU of choice when becoming a CRNA?

    My ICU experience was medical for ~2yrs followed by neuro ICU ~18months (both adult) prior to starting anesthesia school. You will hear and see many opinions on which is the "best" ICU to get experience in. in my class we have a good mix from ever...
  6. Valley Review question

    Anesthesia Board Question of the Day from Core Concepts Daily Free Board Question
  7. Boards - Prodigy vs valley

    i have the sweat book and flash cards from friends and did not attend the actual course. I have used the Prodigy system and find it more to my learning style - the computerized questions and practice tests are very convenient.
  8. Valley Review question

    the "sweat book" contains all the info that you will cover in the review course; you should receive it a couple of weeks prior to the live course. the memory master is the same as the flash cards, except the MM has all the questions printed out on 8x...
  9. Books r/t CRNA?

    "Watchful Care" by Marianne Bankert would be a good start. Also any book from here: Books
  10. How to increase my Chances for CRNA schools

    as you are asking for ways to INCREASE you chances of being accepted, the best thing you should do is speak to the director of any program you are interested in attending. the standards set forth by the AANA are purely minimal, and your BA GPA need...
  11. What kind of computer?

    what does Barry recommend? also, I would contact the financial aid office to see what the requirements are to qualify for financial assistance/reimbursement on your computer purchase. to answer you original question, I bought a Dell Inspiron 17in scr...
  12. Pimp Thread?

    Benzyl alcohol, a component of this product, has been associated with serious adverse events and death, particularly in pediatric patients. The "gasping syndrome," (characterized by central nervous system depression, metabolic acidosis, gasping respi...
  13. Labor and Delivery Experience with ICU for CRNA school?

    according to the AANA "The requirements for becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) mainly include having a bachelor's degree in nursing (or other appropriate baccalaureate degree), Registered Nurse licensure, a minimum of one yea...
  14. Pimp Thread?

    modern day vaporizers can maintain volatile agent concentrations over a range of temperatures and fresh gas flows the des vaporizer differs in that it keeps a higher temperature and pressure since des can boil away at STP; also des is ~5x less potent...
  15. Did you like critical care?

    in my opinion, you should look into another area besides CRNA. the process of ICU preparation and an anesthesia program may be very difficult if you are not motivated to do it. i enjoyed the ICU; i worked MICU and Neuro ICU. I also worked part time...